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From $10.01

Document Repair Tape

by Lineco

Repair rips and tears

From $2.56

Bookbinders Needles

by Lineco

Bookbinding essentials

From $30.45

From $4.39

G-S Hypo Cement

by Beadalon

Strong cement for fine detail work

From $0.69


by Advantus Corp

Non-toxic Mylar glitter

From $8.95

Gesso Spray

by Krylon

Cut prep time in half
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Crafts is a wide-sweeping term used to describe a great variety of art. What exactly is a craft? Well, crafts are usually classified (informally, of course!) as a piece of art that is functional or serves some utility. Crafts are traditionally thought of as decorative arts, especially when they are made with natural media such as wood, clay, glass, textiles, and metal.

In reality, though, the term "craft" is used to describe almost any form of creative expression or hobby in which works or objects are created by hand...
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