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Super Sculpturing Compound

by Sculpey

A ceramic-like sculpturing compound that is shatter and chip resistant. Just place in your home oven at 300 degrees F and your project will be permanently hard in less than 30 minutes. Similar to regular Sculpey but bakes to a ceramic-like hard finish. Excellent for miniatures and tiny details. 1 lb. box.

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Super Sculpturing Compound

by Sculpey

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Cheryl W. from Brookfield, WI says:

I buy Super Sculpey by the case to make models for my fledgling art business. It's a soft clay that's easy to mold without a lot of kneading (easy on my hands). It cracks less than other firmer brands....[more]

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Customer Product Reviews
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Rated by: Cheryl W. in Brookfield, WI
I buy Super Sculpey by the case to make models for my fledgling art business. It's a soft clay that's easy to mold without a lot of kneading (easy on my hands). It cracks less than other firmer brands. MisterArt.com provides the best price on the 1 lb. box and shipping is super fast. This clay has been known to burn more easily in my oven (you need to watch it the first few times), but it cures just fine at 250 F. Highly recommended.
Rated by: Anita M. in St. Louis, MO
I enjoy making minatures and have found dolls for them unrealistic and decided to fashion my own. Working to scale makes small parts vunerable to breakage and find that you need to fashion wire armatures for them. The clay is very workable and meets my needs as this is still in the experimental stage.
Rated by: Melissa M. in Tuskahoma, OK
When I first bought Sculpey, it was Sculpey Firm. Now that I've tried this, I can see the virtues of both. Super Sculpey is great for organic modeling - for my most recent piece, I used Super Sculpey for the flesh, and Sculpey Firm for the clothes. Works really well! I like that you can even mix the two with no problems, to get just the right consistency. Recommended.
Rated by: judy m. in lucerne valley, CA
Perfect clay for our work. Excellent product for our Dusty Acres Miniatures.
Rated by: Holly P. in Milford, DE
I love the Super Sculpey! My only criticism is that the company does not make the super sculpey in white, so I have to mix the Super with the original white Sculpey. This works, but neither the white nor the mixture gives me the same firm, strong surface that the Super Sculpey alone does on which to do my image transfers. If I could use the Super Sculpey for every single project, I surely would. Manufacturers, please make it in white!
Rated by: Veronica S. in NYC, NY
I love this clay! A little goes a long way and it's easy to work. Great product.
Rated by: Judy C. in Thornwood Hollow, MO
I have used super sculpey for about six years and love it. I sculpt fantasy figures and teach classes at a local technical institute. When I run out I can always depend on great service from Mister Art. My recent order was shipped extremely fast, was in excellent condition when it arrived. Very fresh and ready for immediate use! Thank you for such great service with my orders!
Rated by: Cemre O. in los angeles, CA
great stuff. very easy to model. but you need a pasta machine to make it playable. it's too hard when you open the box. it's kind a expensive, good for small sized works. after the baking it's like a stone with no crack.
Rated by: Nolita W. in San Francisco, CA
It's a terrific value. Of course that's because it's a one pound block. Still, there's a tremendous savings. MisterArt.com has an excellent price. Very competitive. Super Sculpey's great as is, but is also mixable with the company's other lines of clay. Since I like making dolls, one of my favorite things to do is mix it with Sculpey 3 untill I achieve desired tone and shade. To keep it from burning, invest in an oven timer. To keep a sculpt from falling apart, support it with some polyfill. It doesn't stick to or mar the clay, and can help to keep extra tiny bits from scorching. Definitely, use a wire form, or bake as you go. That way a piece is less likely to break or crack. Thorough conditioning is especially good for preventing moonies. So I just knead it untill it's very soft, then knead it some more, till I can't knead anymore. Really people are too harsh about mooning. Similair problems can occur with earth based clays if they aren't properly pounced, and all of those little air bubbles aren't beaten out of them. So I don't think folks are fair to polymer clays when it comes to mooning. If you get lost, & can't figure out what to do to fix a problem, just run a websearch. Then another, untill you find the fix. Every polymer clay problem has a solution, you just have to look for it.
Rated by: cemre o. in los angeles, CA
good clay but it's allways expensive.
Rated by: cheri o. in syracuse, NY
I use super sculpey to make clay figures and cannot seem to get it anymore at my local craft stores. I am so pleased to find a web site that is easy to use and quick sending my order to me.
Rated by: Brooke B. in Franklin, NY
I use the sculpey to make all kinds of miniature objects. Vases, bowls,masks,vegetables,fruit,etc. After it is baked it is really hard and durable and can be painted,sanded,etc.
Rated by: Libby W. in Alpharetta, GA
A must for sculpting dolls. Very strong and holds details well. Little fumes when baking. Easy to condition.
Rated by: veronica i. in cheyenne, WY
this product serves it's purpose very well. thank you
Rated by: Diane G. in Tucson, AZ
I love the texture of Sculpey, the ease in which I am able (I am very arthritic)to knead and work the 'clay'. It stays soft and flexible, allowing me to work it easily. Sculpey is just a great product!
Rated by: Gina B. in Star City, IN
My polymer of choice when making art dolls. It seems to have only one draw back, you have to watch the moisture content, because excess moisture causes the clay to "moon" when baking. Leeching is a must with this polymer, yet the end results are worth the effort.
Rated by: Susan M. in South Lake Tahoe, CA
I would highly recommend this product. I used this product exclusively to sculpt Christmas gifts for friends and family. It sculpts easily, it's not messy, and you don't need to add water. If the Super Sculpey seems hard to work with at first, just warm it for a couple of seconds next to a lightbulb. The only problem I've had with it so far is that large peices don't cure in oven as well as small ones. MisterArt.com has great competitive prices on Super Sculpey.
Rated by: Mr. T. in unknown, MI
This is a great product, I use it all the time, it's the ONLY clay product I use because of eas and strength. some suggestions, it's a lot stronger if you use a wire form. and you CAN cook it many times, like if you are wanting to make it in steps.
Rated by: Gayle M. in Grants Pass, OR
This is a great product, your prices are the cheapest that I've seen. Very prompt shipment and I'm extremely happy with my dealings with your company...You guys are the greatest. Thanks so much for being there.
Rated by: Joseph L. in Arlington, VA
Great Price! Fast Shipping! Buy from these people, professional in every way.
Rated by: Doralyn J M. in Fayetteville, AR
I'm not sure if it became too hot during shipping (July), but it was very, very, very hard to condition. However, it was very easy to work with after the first conditioning. More instructions on its usage or recommended sculpture dimensions would be helpful from the developer -- my first sculpture (a human figure) with this material was developed over the course of a week, and the arms literally fell off before I could bake it. I don't know if it was because of the height or that it took so long to finish. Definitely needs a wire frame.
Rated by: Heather F. in Sacramento, CA
Super Sculpey is, by far, the best modeling compound you can possibly buy. It holds its shape like nothing else I have ever tried. I mainly sculpt hands, and with other products the fingers begin to droop or sag before I can even bake it. But with super sculpey, this clay holds its shape exactly, so that as it bakes and hardens you finished product will look exactly the way you wanted it to. I will NEVER use anything else!!!!!!!
Rated by: Dee D. in Medford, MA
I have yet to find *anything* as wonderful as super sculpey for small to medium sculptures. It warms up to just the right resistance in my hands and holds incredible detail. After baking (providing I don't screw up and burn the poor thing), it resists chipping better than regular sculpey or other compounds, and is easy to paint with ordinary acrylics.
Rated by: Cynthia R. in Millsboro, DE
This was most first time using Sculpey and it was fantastic! I'd only worked with clay before which is messy and needs a kiln to cure. I can't wait to try all the other Sculpey products!
I only use Super Sculpey for my figures as it is the easiest to sculpt and bakes to a hard pocelain like finish. I think it enhances my work greatly. It also accepts makeup very well. William
Rated by: Jamie G. in Lakewood, WA
This is great stuff! Easy to soften, and there's a decent quantity. It was a little dark for what I was trying to do, but a little white Sculpey mixed in fixes that very well.
Rated by: Deb R. in Wisconsin Dells, WI
This product is excellent for creating human sculptures. I have been using it for several years to sculpt doll and likenesses of my grand children, and have even won a few awards. I also makes a great base for molding felt and fabric for doll heads.
Rated by: Terri N. in Saint Helens, OR
I use Sculpey clay in several ways - making molds to use with papier mache, unique necklace embellishments, head and hands for dolls, taking impressions of ornate carvings that I can paint and use to accent frames and craft projects, etc. Sculpey is great for such a variety of uses I am constantly thinking of new ways to utilize it in my various projects. Plus, my teenage son enjoys making projects with the clay and this gives us something we can do together.

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