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Woodcraft Markers

by Zig

Transform unfinished wood pieces into colorful art with these easy-to-use waterbased ink pens. They are lightfast, opaque, permanent and xylene-free. They’re also waterproof and bleed resistant.

Zig Woodcraft Markers are great for painting, decorating, or lettering on wood. Two sizes are available:Chisel Tip (6 mm. line), for creating thick strokes and fine lines, and Big & Broad Tip (15 mm. line), for covering large areas quickly.

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Woodcraft Markers

by Zig

Average User Rating: Based on (21 Reviews)

5 21

Ron J. from Redwood City, CA says:

One of the best paint markers I've encountered. Thick body allows for easy handling. These pens leave clean even lines and have not clogged, run or broken their nibs as others often do.

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  Item# Swatch Image color
point size Manufacturer Number List Price
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Club Price
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Woodcraft Markers antique metallic (dark champagne) chisel
Zoom Image
antique metallic (dark champagne) chisel PWC-50-123 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
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Woodcraft Markers arctic white chisel
Zoom Image
arctic white chisel PWC-50-000 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.86 21% Off
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Woodcraft Markers arctic white big squared
Zoom Image
arctic white big squared PWC-120-000 $8.24 $7.43 10% Off $6.47 21% Off
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Woodcraft Markers black big squared
Zoom Image
black big squared PWC-120-010 $8.24 $7.43 10% Off $6.47 21% Off
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Woodcraft Markers black chisel
Zoom Image
black chisel PWC-50-010 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers bluebell chisel
Zoom Image
bluebell chisel PWC-50-345 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers brick red chisel
Zoom Image
brick red chisel PWC-50-204 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers bright green chisel
Zoom Image
bright green chisel PWC-50-040 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers burnt sienna chisel
Zoom Image
burnt sienna chisel PWC-50-621 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers burnt umber chisel
Zoom Image
burnt umber chisel PWC-50-624 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.86 21% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers buttercup chisel
Zoom Image
buttercup chisel PWC-50-622 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers cabernet chisel
Zoom Image
cabernet chisel PWC-50-844 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers carnation chisel
Zoom Image
carnation chisel PWC-50-025 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers country blue chisel
Zoom Image
country blue chisel PWC-50-340 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers crimson chisel
Zoom Image
crimson chisel PWC-50-020 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers desert cactus chisel
Zoom Image
desert cactus chisel PWC-50-444 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers English cucumber chisel
Zoom Image
English cucumber chisel PWC-50-446 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers flesh chisel
Zoom Image
flesh chisel PWC-50-711 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.86 21% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers forest green chisel
Zoom Image
forest green chisel PWC-50-441 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
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Woodcraft Markers forget me not chisel
Zoom Image
forget me not chisel PWC-50-343 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
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Woodcraft Markers gardenia chisel
Zoom Image
gardenia chisel PWC-50-501 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
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Woodcraft Markers glacier blue chisel
Zoom Image
glacier blue chisel PWC-50-346 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers golden yarrow chisel
Zoom Image
golden yarrow chisel PWC-50-623 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.86 21% Off
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Woodcraft Markers green apple chisel
Zoom Image
green apple chisel PWC-50-445 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers harebell chisel
Zoom Image
harebell chisel PWC-50-342 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off Email When In Stock
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Woodcraft Markers honeysuckle chisel
Zoom Image
honeysuckle chisel PWC-50-712 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers jubilee cherry chisel
Zoom Image
jubilee cherry chisel PWC-50-203 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers marigold chisel
Zoom Image
marigold chisel PWC-50-713 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers metallic gold chisel
Zoom Image
metallic gold chisel PWC-50-101 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers metallic lime chisel
Zoom Image
metallic lime chisel PWC-50-121 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers metallic rose chisel
Zoom Image
metallic rose chisel PWC-50-122 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers metallic silver chisel
Zoom Image
metallic silver chisel PWC-50-102 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers metallic teal chisel
Zoom Image
metallic teal chisel PWC-50-125 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers metallic violet chisel
Zoom Image
metallic violet chisel PWC-50-124 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers moss green chisel
Zoom Image
moss green chisel PWC50-442 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers peacock chisel
Zoom Image
peacock chisel PWC-50-031 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers periwinkle blue chisel
Zoom Image
periwinkle blue chisel PWC-50-344 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers primrose chisel
Zoom Image
primrose chisel PWC-50-502 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers pumpkin chisel
Zoom Image
pumpkin chisel PWC-50-070 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.86 21% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers rust chisel
Zoom Image
rust chisel PWC-50-060 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers salsa verde chisel
Zoom Image
salsa verde chisel PWC-50-447 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers sedum chisel
Zoom Image
sedum chisel PWC-50-443 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers slate gray chisel
Zoom Image
slate gray chisel PWC-50-941 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers strawberry chisel
Zoom Image
strawberry chisel PWC-50-202 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers true blue chisel
Zoom Image
true blue chisel PWC-50-030 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers Victorian blue chisel
Zoom Image
Victorian blue chisel PWC-50-341 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers violet chisel
Zoom Image
violet chisel PWC-50-080 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers wild heather chisel
Zoom Image
wild heather chisel PWC-50-843 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers wild rose chisel
Zoom Image
wild rose chisel PWC-50-201 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers wisteria chisel
Zoom Image
wisteria chisel PWC50-842 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off
Add to Favorites
Woodcraft Markers yellow chisel
Zoom Image
yellow chisel PWC-50-050 $3.64 $3.28 10% Off $2.85 22% Off

Use color swatches as a general guide. Actual colors may vary.

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Product Questions and Answers

Ask a Question
Ask a Question

What size are these markers?

- Asked by Ron Smith on 30-Dec-12

According to the ZIG pen company, these markers are only available in Chisel Tip 6mm and Big & Broad Tip 15mm.

- Answered by MisterArt on 02-Jan-13

Would these Zig woodcraft markers work on tiles and plastic as well as wood?

- Asked by Jane on 16-Oct-12

These markers are specially formulated for wood surfaces.

- Answered by MisterArt on 16-Oct-12

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Customer Product Reviews
Write a Review
Write a Review
Rated by: Ron J. in Redwood City, CA
One of the best paint markers I've encountered. Thick body allows for easy handling. These pens leave clean even lines and have not clogged, run or broken their nibs as others often do.
Rated by: Marty B. in Plainwell, MI
I'm a professional artist, reviewing specifically the CHISEL point Zig pens. I paint murals (in homes, schools, and businesses), "recreate" furniture (owned by clients who want but can't afford a new look without breaking the bank), and make multi-media mosaics for homes and gardens. I exhibit, do art fairs, teach classes, and have won many awards. My work sells through shops and online, through my website. I've received excellent magazine and newspaper coverage, but "word-of-mouth" can't be beat. I know my paint, grout, and adhesive products better than the maufacturers (in certain aspects), due to the experimental combinations I've created for unusual effects (DO NOT do this)! I've used chisel point Zig pens for well over a decade. They outperform the competition in opacity, coverage and ease-of-use, and are perfect for detailing furniture and murals (the "flesh" is great for painting people). Their portability saves time and "joint damage," while traveling to mural locations. When it's time to paint the final details I don't have to pack paint cans, brushes, tarps, and water jugs--just the box of pens and a rag! The paint dries very quickly. In fact, if you've planned a protective varnish coat, give the Zig paint MORE than enough time to dry. Test your protective product on a small, inconspicuous area and completely dry (again...more than enough time). Then try to smear your paint. One time I had to switch my varnish product after my "Zig Metallic Gold" had disappeared! HINT: A quick correction can be made using spit and a rag!
Rated by: Rachel C. in S. B, ME
Beware to anyone wanting to use these with your acrylic paints! I bought these to add small details to my acrylic, painted wood crafts. They look great, but when I went to put a varnish over it the zig paint started to run and ruined the whole thing. The same thing happens when you try to paint over it. This was very frustrating after reading all of these great reviews.
Rated by: Nancy L. in Greenfield, TN
I have found these pens to be great the first or second time you use them, then they want to leak. I have become so paranoid about following the specific instructions about using them that it is almost not worth the effort. To be fair most extra fine paint pens I have used have the same results.
Rated by: Frank P. in monterey park, CA
great pens that need a fluid amount on the label...paint goes too fast where's the refills?
Rated by: Douglas H. in Hastings, NE
Great product for doing line work on unfinished and finished wood. Took polyurethene well after finsihing project. Great for someone like me who can't draw a straight line.
Rated by: Jenny H. in Rockwall, TX
These pens are amazing. I used them on stained wood plaques and they were opaque (a must) and easy to use. And the color selection and price are great.
Rated by: ellane d. in bellingham, WA
the woodcraft markers are a great product. Their the only ones in the industry that are opague
Rated by: Debra B. in Derry, NH
Hold me back. If it isn't moving I could decorate it with these quality markers they work on all surfaces I have tried them on. Don't be afraid to purchase...another GREAT Mister Art quality product.
Rated by: LORRI C. in PALMDALE, CA
Rated by: Jan M. in Morris Plains, NJ
I use these pens on fabric, I LOVE them! the paint is very opaque, even light on dark. I only wish they had more colors to choose from.
Rated by: Terrie M. in Houston, TX
Great! These work on all kinds of wood surfaces plus plastic, cardboard and lots of others. Good coverage and bright colors plus better control and less mess than paint and a brush. They work really good with stencils.
Rated by: Michael G. in Sunnyvale, CA
Worked well on both bare and finished wood; marvelously opaque.
Rated by: Jennifer H. in Los Angeles, CA
Good, but different than what I expected.
Rated by: Jan M. in Parsippany, NJ
These are REALLY opaque! When I'm painting on dark fabric and need white I know I'll get total coverage. The other colors are just as amazing.
Rated by: SUSIE L. in STEARNS, KY
Rated by: Shirley E. in Akron, OH
Nice fine point. Exactly what I was looking for to help with lettering on pins.
Rated by: Cathy A. in Las Vegas, NV
We use the woodcraft pens ALL the time and love them. I am thrilled that we have found a place to order from regularly! Thank you so much!
Rated by: Monica M. in Dallas, TX
I'm new to Zig's woodcraft markers. Have been using them on MDF and am very pleased w/the results...and now need to order more colors! :)
Rated by: Claire L T. in Hudson, NH
These markers are GREAT!! They are perfect for someone like me, who just cannot control a paintbrush. I am doing my projects MUCH quicker and they make me feel like I have SOME artistic qualities. Thanks
Rated by: DONNA F. in tulsa, OK
I was very pleased to find your website. We are a middle man company that sells orings gaskets etc. We have to color code our orings for different customers. The only markers that our warehouse manager likes are the Zig markers and we have not been abe to find them until now. So now that I have found your website I will be back. Thank you.

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