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Academy Acrylic Colors

by Grumbacher

Grumbacher has reformulated the original Academy Acrylic line, and added 24 new colors to form the improved 48 color line. All colors now carry an ASTM lightfast rating of 1 - excellent; they are highly pigmented and have superior tinting strength. The colors have traditional masstones, authentic tints and true undertones for easy, accurate mixtures.

Developed with a single student-grade price, professionals will also find that Academy Acrylics perform as well as, if not better than, many professional grade acrylics currently on the market.

Academy Acrylic Colors are available in 3-ounce (90-milliliter) tubes.

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Academy Acrylic Colors

by Grumbacher

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ArtAlan from Skaneateles New York says:

What a great surprise to find Grumbacher paint at such a terrific price. Prompt delivery, well packed, love this site! Thank you..

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  Item# Swatch Image color
Manufacturer Number List Price
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Academy Acrylic Colors alizarin crimson
Zoom Image
alizarin crimson C001 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off Email When In Stock
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Academy Acrylic Colors burnt sienna
Zoom Image
burnt sienna C023 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors burnt umber
Zoom Image
burnt umber C024 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium orange
Zoom Image
cadmium orange C025 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium red deep hue
Zoom Image
cadmium red deep hue C026 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium red light
Zoom Image
cadmium red light C027 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium red medium hue
Zoom Image
cadmium red medium hue C029 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium yellow deep hue
Zoom Image
cadmium yellow deep hue C031 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium yellow light
Zoom Image
cadmium yellow light C033 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cadmium yellow medium hue
Zoom Image
cadmium yellow medium hue C034 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cerulean blue hue
Zoom Image
cerulean blue hue C039 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors cobalt blue hue
Zoom Image
cobalt blue hue C049 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors deep violet
Zoom Image
deep violet C252 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors dioxazine purple
Zoom Image
dioxazine purple C094 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors Grumbacher red
Zoom Image
Grumbacher red C095 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors hooker's green hue
Zoom Image
hooker's green hue C105 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors iridescent white
Zoom Image
iridescent white C214 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors ivory black
Zoom Image
ivory black C115 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors lamp black
Zoom Image
lamp black C116 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors lemon yellow
Zoom Image
lemon yellow C118 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors mars black hue
Zoom Image
mars black hue C134 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors mixing white
Zoom Image
mixing white C248 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors Naples yellow
Zoom Image
Naples yellow C146 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors neutral gray
Zoom Image
neutral gray C082 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors pale pink
Zoom Image
pale pink C253 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors payne's gray
Zoom Image
payne's gray C092 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors permanent blue light
Zoom Image
permanent blue light C257 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors permanent green light
Zoom Image
permanent green light C162 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors process cyan
Zoom Image
process cyan C258 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors process magenta
Zoom Image
process magenta C251 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors process yellow
Zoom Image
process yellow C254 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors Prussian blue
Zoom Image
Prussian blue C168 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors raw sienna
Zoom Image
raw sienna C171 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors raw umber
Zoom Image
raw umber C172 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors sap green
Zoom Image
sap green C187 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors thalo blue
Zoom Image
thalo blue C203 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors thalo gold
Zoom Image
thalo gold C079 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
Add to Favorites
Academy Acrylic Colors thalo green blue shade
Zoom Image
thalo green blue shade C205 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors thalo silver
Zoom Image
thalo silver C195 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
Add to Favorites
Academy Acrylic Colors thalo yellow green
Zoom Image
thalo yellow green C210 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
Add to Favorites
Academy Acrylic Colors thio violet
Zoom Image
thio violet C211 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors titanium white
Zoom Image
titanium white C212 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors turquoise green
Zoom Image
turquoise green C309 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors ultramarine blue
Zoom Image
ultramarine blue C219 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors unbleached titanium white
Zoom Image
unbleached titanium white C218 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors vermillion
Zoom Image
vermillion C224 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors warm gray
Zoom Image
warm gray C091 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off
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Academy Acrylic Colors yellow ochre hue
Zoom Image
yellow ochre hue C244 $6.20 $3.53 43% Off $3.04 51% Off

Use color swatches as a general guide. Actual colors may vary.

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Product Questions and Answers

Ask a Question
Ask a Question

What is the average drying time required before being able to seal the painting with acrylic sealer?

- Asked by Mike H. on 03-Oct-12

Drying time for Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Colors will depend a lot on the amount applied. Still the drying time of all acrylic paints are very fast. Allowing the paint to dry for an hour or two for heavier applications is a safe time period to wait.

- Answered by MisterArt on 04-Jan-13

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Customer Product Reviews
Write a Review
Write a Review
Rated by: ArtAlan in Skaneateles New York
What a great surprise to find Grumbacher paint at such a terrific price. Prompt delivery, well packed, love this site! Thank you..
Rated by: Colorsplashme in Seattle WA
Very happy with my order. Arrived very quickly. Great price!
Rated by: Dennis in Iron Mountain
Very good acrylic color, works very well, blends very very well also.
Rated by: smooches in phila., pa
I purchased nine tubes of this paint in pretty basic colors. (this review is for all nine) A great price for the size tube. The colors are rich the texture is creamy. You could stock up and save...there was a pkg. problem, but there was no hassle with correcting the problem. i would recommend this product.
Rated by: Mariel G in San Diego, CA
Excellent color and rich pigment. If you want to paint with acrylics, this is where you start. I ordered a huge selection of paints from this website, and it is much better as compared to other art stores, online and conventional in price. My order came within 4 days. It is best to buy a membership, because then the savings really add up.
Rated by: Sue K. in Palm Bay, Fl
I use this apint all the time and was so happy to find this site. I am very pleased with the service I receive at this site. Items are always as described, excellent prices and prompt service. Who could ask for more?
Rated by: Susan C in Monterey, CA
Great paint, fabulous price, fast shipping!!!
Rated by: Roz Lund in Minneapolis, MN
I love Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Colors. The colors are vibrant and rich. The consistency is great and the price is right!
Rated by: Patti in Monterey Peninsula, CA
I really like the Grumbacher Acrylic Academy paints. I used to paint in oils a long time ago. Just started up art lessons with these acrylics and love them. Great coverage, colors dry beautifully, and apply smoothly. Great price also!
Rated by: good paint in brooklyn
Really good paints for a reasonable price!
Rated by: chi p. in dubai, TX
I've always used grumbacher academy acrylic colors because i like it's consistency. It retains it colors and doesn't dry too late or too soon. Misterart's delivery timing was perfect!
Rated by: Sally N. in Nevada, OH
I have been using Grumbacher acrylic paint for many years. MisterArt.com's prices are amazing for these! I have saved so much money by shopping this site!
Rated by: jake g. in los angeles, CA
Grumbachers academy acrylic paints are bright and vibrant, it is a huge tube and lasts a very long time. If you like to paint thick you can do that with these paints, if you like no texture you can use these also. These are great paints.
Rated by: Margaret C. in Red Oak, TX
These Acrylic paints are of the best quality, smooth and creamy. Excellent paint.
Rated by: Aaron M. in Sidney, NY
Great product, great price. Thank you Misterart.com, I will be back.
Rated by: Leah B. in Pawtucket, RI
I loved the smoothness of the acrylics, similar to some oil paints! Very impressive. What I did not like was the odor of the paint when it was still wet. All in all a great product.
Rated by: Carol G. in Austin, TX
Great colors, great price.
Rated by: John G. in Mays Landing, NJ
Very well, but I was expecting thicker
Rated by: Jeanie N. in Seattle, WA
These paints are great quality and store for several years after you open them. I have some acrylic tubes from other companies and they all dried up, while these were still wet and ready to go.
Rated by: adria W. in streamwood, IL
It is very good, it goes on like butter
Rated by: Ben W. in Provo, UT
Very fast turn-around and shipping. Good products.
Rated by: Katie L. in Ketchikan, AK
Thank you! Living on an island in Alaska, it is not always easy to get the art supplies I want. I was very impressed with the options you have and the speedy delivery!
Rated by: valerie d. in Klamath River, CA
Your products are great and shipping time is excellent. Everything comes wrapped very well, with no damage to the product. I'm very happy with the Web site and tell my friends and will order whenever I need painting materials. Thanks to you all at MisterArt.com.
Rated by: Shannon H. in Kaaawa, HI
I love the grumbacher acrylics. They blend well, and have great color. They are smooth and evenly textured. They are wonderful to work with.
Rated by: Alexander W. in West Lafayette, IN
I started with academy acrylics when I needed coloring for customized model horses. They dry quickly and don't clump. Its the brand I look for whenever I buy acrylics.
Rated by: Rebecca P. in Rota, Spain, AE
I love these paints, I use them all of the time. They are smooth and mix well. They have a great sheen and dry quickly. Highly recomended.
Rated by: Melina W. in Provo, UT
These acrylic paints are great, and they hold their color really well. This is a top-of-the-line brand at a modest price.
Rated by: John A. in Brooklyn, NY
They work very well for the price.
Rated by: Robert L. in Hamilton, TX
best paint for the money hands down.
Rated by: Shannon H. in Kaaawa, HI
I enjoy using these acrylic paints. They are very good for a beginner artists. I use them when teaching new students. They blend well, and they have a good color range. slh
Rated by: effie V. in North Hampton, NH
Your acrylic paints are very good the colors are great, the coverage great, I mix a lot of my own colors and find they blend well
Rated by: Stacey W. in Metairie, LA
These are the only paints I use; they are an excellent consistancy, the colors are vibrant, the cost is not outrageous, and they can be used by novice and professional painters. Highly recommended.
Rated by: Robert L. in Hamilton, TX
great product covers and blends well
Rated by: Robert L. in Hamilton, TX
excelent colors and mixing, easy to thin if needed
Rated by: carolyn o. in sweet home, OR
wether you are a student or a professional these paints are wonderful to work with! The colors are vibrant and mix well. Easy open and close caps.
Rated by: Juan P. in Winston Salem, NC
They are excellent! you can do whatever you want on high quality!
Rated by: Angela T. in Santa Rosa, CA
These acrylic paints are smooth and easy to mix and apply to canvas or paper. Great for the beginner or the professional.
Rated by: Anatoly S. in Washington, DC
I use this economical, quality paint without frustration and waste mostly for mixtures. The good consistency and control as well as variety of colors makes this product useful to experiment with different techniques in Acrylic painting.
Rated by: Jack B. in Kennewick, WA
excellent quality at a great price. I was pleased by this purchase. Grumbacher is and always has been recognized as tops in their class.
Rated by: Mary L. in Huntington, NY
Needed a good acrylic on a budget- these are fine, the body is still a little loose, but the colors are great. PS- was comparing price with Galleria thinking these were more expensive- but then realized the price is really the same- these are 3 oz tubes!
Rated by: Renee . in Holly springs, MS
Not my fav acrylic paint( which cost 3xs this)..but my fav in this price range..good color load and consistency. When I have to ecomomize this is the best.
Rated by: Abbey O. in Bethany, WV
Great product!! Very nice paints, I would recommend them!!
Rated by: Roselind K. in Tampa, FL
Excellent quality paint. Easy to use and high quality. Some of the best paints I have used.
Rated by: Terri C. in Myrtle Beach, SC
I use Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Colors all the time for most of my works and love the texture and versitility. I started with Grumbacher many years ago as a student and find their quality consistant.
Rated by: Linda F. in Selma, OR
I love GRUMBACHER Academy Acrylic Colors! I especially love their THIO VIOLET - I use a lot of it in both portraits and landscapes. It blends perfectly with so many other colors, and even other brands. When I need THIO VIOLET, I choose Grumbacher Academy Acrylic.
Rated by: Beth O. in Boston, MA
I love these paints! The prices are extremely reasonable for such a high quality acrylic. The wide range of colors available are excellent, - beautiful tones, plus it took really well to the canvas.

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