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Face Paint

by Palmer

Child-safe, non-staining, non-permanent liquid paints; lab-tested, cosmetic-grade face-paint. Whether you're decorating faces and bodies for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or your favorite sporting event, this smooth high coverage paint is the cat's meow!

Palmer Face Paint comes in 2 oz. (59 ml) and 8 oz. (236 ml) bottles.

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Face Paint

by Palmer

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Charlotte E. from Cedar Park, TX says:

I have ordered Palmer Face Paint for a number of years and we are very pleased with the price as well as the ease of use. It stays on well after it dries and retains the color. I especially like the 2...[more]

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Face Paint black 8 oz. black 8 oz. 56012 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint black 2 oz. black 2 oz. 56000 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off
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Face Paint brown 8 oz. brown 8 oz. 56014 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint brown 2 oz. brown 2 oz. 56002 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off
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Face Paint green 2 oz. green 2 oz. 56003 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint green 8 oz. green 8 oz. 56015 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint magenta 2 oz. magenta 2 oz. 56004 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off
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Face Paint magenta 8 oz. magenta 8 oz. 56016 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint orange 8 oz. orange 8 oz. 56017 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint orange 2 oz. orange 2 oz. 56005 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint pink 2 oz. pink 2 oz. 56006 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off
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Face Paint pink 8 oz. pink 8 oz. 56018 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint purple 8 oz. purple 8 oz. 56019 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint purple 2 oz. purple 2 oz. 56007 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off
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Face Paint red 2 oz. red 2 oz. 56008 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint red 8 oz. red 8 oz. 56020 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint turquoise 2 oz. turquoise 2 oz. 56009 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off
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Face Paint turquoise 8 oz. turquoise 8 oz. 56021 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint ultra blue 8 oz. ultra blue 8 oz. 56013 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint ultra blue 2 oz. ultra blue 2 oz. 56001 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off BEST SELLER
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Face Paint white 2 oz. white 2 oz. 56010 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off BEST SELLER
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Face Paint white 8 oz. white 8 oz. 56022 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint yellow 2 oz. yellow 2 oz. 56011 $1.69 $1.22 28% Off $1.04 38% Off Email When In Stock
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Face Paint yellow 8 oz. yellow 8 oz. 56023 $3.69 $2.75 25% Off $2.36 36% Off Email When In Stock

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Customer Product Reviews
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Rated by: Charlotte E. in Cedar Park, TX
I have ordered Palmer Face Paint for a number of years and we are very pleased with the price as well as the ease of use. It stays on well after it dries and retains the color. I especially like the 2 oz. bottles for school-wide face paintings on Field Day.
Rated by: Karie M. in Torrance, CA
This face paint was AWESOME, it is very thick and covers really well!
Rated by: Deborah S. in Lynnwood, WA
My husband & I are huge football fans in Canada. We dress up and paint our faces for each game and as well we go to Grey Cup and are usually painting our face 3 to 4 days in a row. This is the BEST Face Paint we have used, it dries completely, the color is bright and to wash it off, we just get in the shower, as soon as the water hits the paint its starts to come off, and the best thing it doesn't bother our skin. Thank You
Rated by: Kim L. in Southgate, MI
I purchased theses paints for the kids to use at their school carnival. They worked great and the colors were very bright. They were thicker than I was used to and could not do much detailing with them, the pink and purple left a color stains on the skin that was hard to get off, but they were a great value and the kids loved them and they really did A LOT of faces with them. Very ecnomical for a large group!
Rated by: Tammy E. in Huron, OH
Our cheerleaders used these face paints to do a "blue man group" act in the 2009 pep rally. They looked great and lasted through the show but felt "dry" so the girls washed it off after 1 hour. Washed off easily with water. Served its purpose and will use again!
Rated by: Jean L. in Cape Coral, FL
My school used the face paint for our Spirit Day celebration! It was awesome! Hundreds of kids painted their faces with our school colors and we only used 3 large bottles of 2 colors! The product worked well, arrived on time, and was economical. We would definitely order this item from this retailer again! :)
Rated by: Cassandra N. in San Mateo, CA
We used these paints for my daughter's Princess Party and had my sister who is an artist paint the kid's and adult's faces. They turned out fantastic. However, my husband had to go to work the next day with a green stained face! My daughter had bright pink stained circles all around her eyes for days. So they are not non-staining like they claim. Beware!
Rated by: loree f. in Biloxi , MS
My boys and there friends use it for football games to paint their bodies. The paint was thicker than expected, but was so easy to get off their skin and bath tub. I will buy this paint next year for the games, and try the glow in the dark paint too.
Rated by: Ellen N. in Springville, AL
The face paint was applied with cosmetic sponges as recommended, but it badly stained the hands of the adults using it. It did not wash off with soap/water, or with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, cold cream, etc. The same thing happened to a number of the children who wore it on their faces. The Palmer company never returned my call regarding help with removal.
Rated by: Susan R. in Ft Myers Beach, FL
I've used the Palmer Face Paints at various functions with my Art League and find them to be a good quality product and very easy to use. I would recommend them highly.
Rated by: Patricia H. in Dallas, TX
A fantastic product. I bought several colors for my three grandsons. Great for Halloween, and a fun party project. Highly recommend.
Rated by: Esperanza M. in San Diego, CA
Palmer Paint colors are vivid! I use them in little puffer bottles especially for fine accent lines and details, this helps keep the skin off the paint while your customers are waiting in line. This paint holds up really good in humid weather too! No melting!
Rated by: Carol C. in Onancock, VA
I have a Face painting business (6 years now) and most of my customers are young children. Palmer paints have caused no adverse effects on kids' skin or mine! I've had no complaints from customers and with my own sensitive skin having it on my face up to 12 hours I have had no adverse reactions! It dries! That has been the biggest plus! I even use your glitter products over it and the kids just love it! I am a HUGE fan of Palmer products! Awesome products!
Rated by: charlotte e. in leander, TX
We used the face paint in a station at our annual Field Day. The volunteers that used the paint thought the squeeze bottle were much easier to use than the little tub paints that we used before. The price for the paint was totally reasonable.
Rated by: Nedra B. in Chatsworth, CA
Our experience with the Palmer Face Paint was excellent. Product provided more than adequate amounts. Results were outstanding... kids were happy!! Thank you
Rated by: Monika B. in Fairfax, VA
Used for an elementary school carnival and we had no professional painting experience. I ordered these since they only came in small sizes at the local craft store and I wish I had only ordered this size from MisterArt.com. Went on smooth. Just squirt in the inexpensive mixing dishes and off we were, processing 20 or more children in line. All children were happy. If we wanted a bit thinner coverage, we just used a touch of water.
Rated by: Stephanie P. in Raleigh, NC
Fantastic product! Colors are vibrant & cover well. Red and orange don't wash off as completely as other colors, but not really a problem. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend!
Rated by: Danielle W. in Pasadena, CA
I used these face paints at a Fall Festival and hundreds of faces later we had soooo much paint left over. The paints go a long way. You cannot find better paint for the price :)
Rated by: Melodious J. in Atlanta, GA
I just bought the Palmer Face Paint 12 pots to use at a local daycare for Halloween. I have not used this product before therefore I performed a patch test on myself of all the colors. I found that the red and purple paints leave a pinkish stain on the skin even after dilution. It takes alot of scrubbing to get it out. Ouch!!!
Rated by: carmen r. in reading, PA
I was very pleased with these paints. I was using the paint pots which were quite a pain. You had to mix them because they separated and they would dry to fast. These paints are very nice to use. You don't have to stir them and there are many more colors.
Rated by: Dawna M. in Rainier, OR
It mixes great, dilutes well, and blends well. Washes off like a dream. I just wish it didn't develop a "skin" while I was waiting for customers at the 6 hour long event I was doing. That probably can't be helped though or else the kids would smear their paintjob before it was dry. All in all a great product and i'm glad, for what i am doing anyway, that I bought the larger bottles which should last me a good long while. one glob of each of the primary colors and black and white got me through the day (ok so it was slow and I only had 15 customers, but I had lots left over if I could have just kept it from drying out.)
Rated by: K D. in Fort Campbell, KY
Great product. Stands up in the heat. Great value for the money!!
Rated by: Amy S. in North, FL
Paint works great - However - I accidentally used the red paint straight from the bottle on a recent 'spiderman' and so it will take ALOT more soap and water to get the paint off skin. Reminder to DILUTE!
Rated by: carol c. in Onancock, VA
I've tried several different types of Face paint and this really is the best! I have sensitive skin and sometimes have the paint on for 11 hours at a time and have NO problems at all. My customers (mostly kids) have expressed the same delight with your product! Thanks a Bunch!
Rated by: Angela G. in Dundee, MI
Great face paint. Don't let the cheap price scare you off. We used it for a Relay for Life fundraiser and the kids LOVED it!
Rated by: Camille M. in Washington, DC
I diluted the paint with water for airbrush bodypainting. It goes on well, doesn't clog the brush and cleans up easily. Pigments in several other cosmetic grade body paints separated and caused constant clogging. I also tried brush and sponge application and was very pleased with the results and easy clean up.
Rated by: Christine E G. in FORT MYERS, FL
Paints are awesome and easy to use. They layer well. I paint cheek designs and do miniature pictures on faces of adults. An A+++++ product. Thanks!
Rated by: rachel s. in miami beach, FL
i use this to refill some of my bottles or for colors that aren't in my face paint set. it's also great to have with the colors that i use the most of. washes off with no problem.
Rated by: Joshua H. in Baltimore, MD
I recently went to a sporting event and could find a site that sold paint specific for painting your entire body. I ordered this based on the reviews that I read and it worked perfectly. Although they didn't have the specific colors I was looking for, I was able to buy different colors and make my own mixture until I reached the hue I was looking for. The paint dried very quickly and evenly and I would definately use this brand in the future. Also, cleanup was very simple which is a big plus!
Rated by: Danielle L. in Marathon, FL
I use these for a Halloween Carnival They were great as it's hot here and it dosn't sweat off .Takes a bit to dry but they also go a long long way
Rated by: Sheri M. in Davie, FL
The face paints were easy to use. Delivery was fast and reliable. The paints cleaned up easily and all the kids loved them at the Halloween party. Thanks.
Rated by: Matt B. in Hamden, CT
Excellent facepaint. This paint can be used as chest paint as well, which is what I used it as. It is easy on and easy off. Excellent product and Mister Art is very good at shipping on time.
Rated by: sandra m. in Russellville, KY
Great Product, very economical to use did about 150 full faces with 2 oz. bottles and still had plenty left over for next fundraiser.
Rated by: Helen P. in Lake Forest, CA
I have face painted for 4 different outreaches this year and painting over 1200 children and some adults from our church and community. We have discovered the kids are really into this art work...Your face paints work great on the little children and flow easily while painting. Thanks for another great product. I have taught cermics, arts and crafts for over 30 years and am happy my tole painting and other arts can be applied to this new medium and enjoy it so much! We are never too old to learn new ways to do things. Helen Pettit
Rated by: Terry H. in Baltimore, MD
I used this make-up at my summer camp program. It was easy to apply, easy to wash off and very reasonable to buy. GREAT PRODUCT!
Rated by: S I. in Provo, UT
These were fantastic at a birthday party. Easy to use, mixed well, and washed off great. Best quality I have seen for face paints.
Rated by: Debbie L. in Ludington, MI
I bought these to try at my family reunion where we have lots of little ones around looking for something to do. The paints were wonderful...easy to apply. The kids were totally mesmerized. If they werent getting painted...they were watching as quiet and still as can be. It was a huge hit...and so easy to do. The Moms thanked me over and over. And two of them have borrowed my paints already.
Rated by: Sara C. in Chillicothe , OH
We used the Palmer Face Paints for a Family Fun Day Carnival for a local Company. The paints looked great! They are very easy to clean up. I really enjoyed using this product.
Rated by: Diana F. in Atco, NJ
I used Palmer face paints at our library's Summer Reading Kick Off. My lines for face painting never ended and was even featured in our local newspaper! The colors are bright,rich and easy to mix and blend. The product dries quickly and washes off with ease. Palmer is my first pick.
Rated by: Therese P. in Newington, CT
This paint goes on smoothly, stays smooth and is a cinch to wash off. Used at a kid's summer reading kickoff-the most popular booth at the kickoff! Will use it again and again.
Rated by: Ilyd P. in Norwalk / Santa Fe Springs, CA
We do face painting every year at our fiesta. It's a big hit with the kids but sometimes it's hard to find the paint. I was very please with the service and availability of the paints. The kids and the teens loved all the different colors we used.
Rated by: Carren C. in Southampton, PA
Mister Art sent the face paints very quickly, and right in time for our school's Spirit Day. The paints were very easy to use and really held up well on the children's faces even though it was a hot day. Great face paints!!!!
Rated by: Christine O. in Central, PA
I bought the Palmer Face Paints for a church booth at a local festival. They were excellent! The product is very creamy and does not chip or crack like I've seen some face paints do. I would highly recommend these!
Rated by: Kim R. in Fairmount, GA
I used these to face paint for a benefit we had. I really liked it better than the cheap stuff you find at the local stores. It didn't try to dry up before you could use it. Great product.
Rated by: karen c. in Morris Plains, NJ
Easy to use, economical, removable, and almost odor free! Doesn't get better than this!
Rated by: Ben N. in Ararat, NC
Great products and great service! Thanks!
Rated by: linda t. in imlay city, MI
I use these each year at the fair. Not only are the colors great, but they stay on and look good until the kids take them off. I have used other paints, but they do not last as long. And the children love the vast aray of colors these paints come in.
Rated by: JoAnn A. in Dale City, VA
Me again! Well after telling my mom, a professional clown in SC about how great your paints were for years I finally convinced her to give them a try. I sent her a selection of everything as an early Christmas gift. Now she is as in love with them as I am! She said they flow beautifully and are so easy to work with, that she is sorry she didn't try them ages ago for her clowning. Another happy customer!
Rated by: Robert I. in Honolulu, HI
I purchased the face paint with hopes of finding an orange coloring for my cold process soap making. Most of the other coloring options I've used in the past have morphed into a beige or yellow hue, especially when I use milk in my soaps. I used the face paint the other day, and the same thing happened. In the past, I used a powdered paint from Crayola and it worked fabulously. Problem is, Crayola's products are not registered as skin safe, even though they are "non-toxic". I figured your face paint would produce the same great result. I guess any coloring with FD&C stuff will fading during the soap making process. I used the face paint at a ratio of 1 teaspoon per Ib. of soap.
Rated by: Connie P. in Denver, CO
I was absolutely amazed with the paints!! They cover well, the colors are great and they wash off easily when you're ready to remove them. Best part is they are CHEAP! Don't let the price fool you. They are wonderful. I'll never use anything else. Very quickly shipped and very carefully packaged.
Rated by: Virginia T. in Watertown, NY
We bought several two ounce bottles for a large event, and it lasted through two hundred kids with a lot left over for next time!
Rated by: Renee B. in Wilmington, DE
Our Girl Scout Troop does face painting as volunteer service for several organizations and we needed a variety of colors. Palmer Face Paint not only provided us with color variety, but gave us a first rate product in an affordable quantity. Palmer Face Paint is easy to apply, has bright colors, and is extremely washable. I'm glad we found this product!
Rated by: Sandi T. in High Ridge, MO
These are incredible products! The paint goes on smoothly and dries quickly. It comes off easily with soap and water. The colors are bright and vivid. I could not be happier with these products - especially for the price! Couldn't find a better deal in any store or website!!
Rated by: jessica w. in Lancaster, PA
I was really pleased with the quality, consistency, beautiful colors of the Palmer Face Paints I purchased. It was easily and smooth applied and was washed off with little effort.
Rated by: Christina M. in Salem, OR
We face painted for four hours in 90+ weather. The paints dried fast, especially on the plates we used, but were easily resusable by diluting with a little water on the brush! I was suprized at how a little went a long way. The colors showed up great. I wish the orange was a little less redish-orange. I will buy these again. I used both Royal Kids Detail and Beginers brush sets.
Rated by: Linda J. in College Station, TX
The face paints are fantastic for having fun painting grandkids' faces. They are really easy to use and great colors.
Rated by: Ann J. in Tacoma, WA
This face paint is great! Very smooth, easy to apply, and fast-drying. My only complaints are that it dries so fast, it gets wasted if you pour extra and don't use it right away...and the purple and red paints leave a reddish colored stain on the skin after washing the paint off. (The stain does come out after several washings.) Overall, excellent product, and I wouldn't use any other brand of face paint.
Rated by: Gina B. in Trinity, TX
Boy, was it ever HOT the day we used these paints! It was a 1st time event for me, but was with experienced face painter. He was impressed with the ease with which they spread and the coverage. They also blended nicely and dried quickly. We wiped faces with alcohol prep first to eliminate sweat and then dusted with baby powder when finished painting. Faces stayed perfect all day! Thank you MisterArt!! Best prices we found.
Rated by: Courtney K. in Coeburn, VA
We purchased several colors of the face paint for our church youth group. It is a super product; the colors are bright and vibrant, the consistency is easy to work with, and it washes off easily with soap and water. Great product.
Rated by: Susan L. in Dallas, TX
Bought every color in 8 oz. bottles for an annual children's church event-great product! Much better investment than the "kits" found in local arts and crafts stores....we have enough face paint for several events now.
Rated by: Robert C. in Washington, DC
The face paint dried quickly and comes off easily. A solid product.
Rated by: Melissa H. in colchester, VT
Body painting was my senior thesis and Palmer worked great. It was easy to use, and stayed on the body. I was very happy with the effect.
Rated by: Stephan G. in RF, WI
Palmer face paint is perfect for any face painter or sports fan! It goes on well, stays on well, and comes off easy!
Rated by: linda t. in imlay city, MI
plamer face paints are great they go smooth andwash right off the children. colores are bright and blend well with each other. i just wish they made more colores.
Rated by: Susan W. in Anaheim, CA
I absolutely love the Palmer Face Paints! The colors are beautiful, the paint flows smoothly and stays on. The paint works well with glitter and looks great on adults as well as children. MisterArt.com delivers quickly and the prices are the best!
Rated by: Melanie B. in Santa Barbara, CA
I bought these paints for my son's b-day party. They were very easy to use. The colors are vibrant and opaque, although coverage with the yellow was a bit more difficult to create than other colors (we had lions). I will definitely buy the product again.
Rated by: Cheryl A. in LATHROP, CA
These paints were extremely easy to use. They blended well for other colors needed. They dried quickly, did not wipe off or smear but washed off easily. I paid ALOT less for these paints than any of my other face paints and they outlasted them all! The event I used them at was an outdoor event held the entire month of October. It often rained and the faces looked great and stayed painted, the kids were happy. I highly recommend.
Rated by: Connie H. in Ocala, FL
I have used the face paint in the stores and they smear so easly. The Palmer face paint does not smear at all. It also will last a long time. It is not exspensive.
Rated by: Sabrina J. in Alma, MI
I am so impressed with these face paints. They are extremely inexpensive, yet they are smooth and workable like expensive paints. I was so excited to find such a good deal.
Rated by: Kelly C. in Camden, NC
I was skeptical at first because the prices were so reasonable. Let's face it, (haha) facepaints are EXPENSIVE! I plan to order more, they covered well and the colors are satisfactory. Thank you for a great product!
Rated by: Mary Jo G. in San Jose, CA
I was thrilled to find liquid facepaints as opposed to the cake form! They go on with ease and last forever.
Rated by: Lea k. in Nothridge, CA
it was a fundraising event that i had to do face painting for the first time in my life.Palmers is so easy to apply and remove,comes out beautiful when they are mixed together.Just ad a drop of water when dries and you are ready to go again.Which means no waste.My stress was gone in 5 minutes and kids had a bless in the picnic.Of course this was all possible with on time delivery and great service by MisterArt.com. THANK YOU.I'll for sure come back again in the future.
Rated by: linda t. in imlay city, MI
I use this at fairs and found it to be the best face paint, it goes on very nice and comes off easy. I just wish it came in more colors.
Rated by: Charlie T. in Evanston, IL
I ordered face the Palmer face paint for sporting events here at Northwestern University. The colors are very good, and the paint shows up well. It also comes off pretty easily.
Rated by: Renee O. in Chicago`, IL
I used these paints at a church fundraiser. They were very easy to use. Easy to blend and apply. A little bit goes along way too. I would definitely reccommend them.
Rated by: Diane G. in Natchez, MS
These paints were such a great buy that I had to buy two complete sets! I'll let the church have one set, and I'll have the other for Halloween, or just for fun.
Rated by: Diane G. in Natchez, MS
We used these at a church carnival for the kids. Wow, they were awesome! The teens had so much fun using the paints, that they didn't want to go home! And, cleanup was easy! These are great and convenient.
Rated by: Donald J. in Beckley, WV
These are great paints! During a very hot state fair, we were able to apply them directly to stamps and then to the face or arms without issue. The colors held up without bleeding, and dried quickly. However, they sometimes dried in the palette dish too quickly, causing waste if not used in a few minutes, and the paint was sometimes a bit too thick to get out of the bottle, also causing waste when little was left.
Rated by: Annie J. in Tacoma, WA
I looked everywhere, and this is the most inexpensive face paint I could find. It was delivered promptly without one leak. The paint is perfectly smooth and doesn't run. Its only drawback is that it dries so quickly that you have to pour only what you will use in about 2 minutes. I'll be buying all my face paint from MisterArt.com in the future.
Rated by: JoAnn A. in Dale City, VA
I have been using these paints for about 6 years now to do face painting at church and at school fairs. It washes off easily and has never caused even a sensitive skinned child to have a reaction. I am so glad I did a search to get bigger individual bottles of it! My white runs out faster than the other colors in the small containers, now I can get more of just what I need.

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