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Paasche Model H Airbrush is a popular airbrush recommended for beginners. It is single action, external mix, and siphon feed. Sturdy and flexible, the H airbrush is dependable and adaptable for practically any hobby use. This set has one airbrush with two additional size color adjusting parts so you can use many different color fluids. With the H#1 components, use light fluids to achieve a spray pattern from 1/32 in. to 1 in. Use the H#3 components with medium fluids for a spray pattern from 1/32 in. to 1 1/4 in. Use the H#5 components with heavy fluids to achieve a spray pattern from 1/16 in. to 1 1/2 in. wide. Recommended air pressure from .5 to 1 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at 20 to 45 pounds pressure depending on tip size and fluid being sprayed. Clean, dry air is essential for best results.

This set includes the following: 1 Model H#1L single-action airbrush, 1 H-1/4 ounce metal color cup (7 cc), 1 H-1 ounce Color bottle assembly (29 cc), 1 H-3 ouncecolor bottle assembly (88 cc), 1 H-99 & H-191 1 ounce storage bottle and cap (29 cc), 1 each H-3 and H-5 color adjusting part, 1 each HC-3 and HC-5 air caps, 1 V-62 wrench and 1 F-186 wrench, 1 A-34 hanger, 1 A-1/8 in. x 6 ft. air hose, 1 1/8" BSP Adapter 22 Airbrush Lessons booklet, and parts list.

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