Soft Polymer Clay

by Fimo

A versatile, easy-to-handle polymer clay which hardens in your kitchen oven. Brilliant color intensity, fade proof, and odorless. Unhardened, even soft kneaded, it can be used again and again if it is well packed and stored at normal room temperature. Any desired shade can be achieved by kneading together basic colors. White Fimo Soft lightens the tone of individual colors. Transparent Fimo Soft gives the tone a translucent quality. Larger models, or models with delicate projecting parts, should be supported from the inside with an armature. After modeling simply place the object in a preheated kitchen oven set or toaster oven at 265 degrees F (129 degrees C) maximum for 10-20 minutes. Baked Fimo Soft can be added to and baked again, providing it hasn't been varnished. After cooling, baked Fimo Soft can be carved, sawed, filed, cut and painted; is watertight and washable. 2 oz. blocks.

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Lucinda Graham from Cape Cod, Ma says:

My grand daughters and I loved working with the clay. A nice project for them, and fun for me.

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Soft Polymer Clay caramel 2 oz. caramel 2 oz. 8020-7 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay cherry red 2 oz. cherry red 2 oz. 8020-26 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay copper 2 oz. copper 2 oz. 8020-27 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off
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Soft Polymer Clay flesh 2 oz. flesh 2 oz. 8020-43 $3.25 $2.05 25% Off $1.75 35% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay glitter blue 2 oz. glitter blue 2 oz. 8020-302 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay glitter gold 2 oz. glitter gold 2 oz. 8020-112 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay glitter green 2 oz. glitter green 2 oz. 8020-502 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay glitter red 2 oz. glitter red 2 oz. 8020-202US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay glitter silver 2 oz. glitter silver 2 oz. 8020-812 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay glitter white 2 oz. glitter white 2 oz. 8020-052US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay Indian red 2 oz. Indian red 2 oz. 8020-24 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay lime green 2 oz. lime green 2 oz. 8020-50 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay mandarin 2 oz. mandarin 2 oz. 8020-42 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay nightglow 2 oz. nightglow 2 oz. 8020-04 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay Pacific blue 2 oz. Pacific blue 2 oz. 8020-37 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay raspberry 2 oz. raspberry 2 oz. 8020-22 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay silver 2 oz. silver 2 oz. 8020-81 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay sunflower 2 oz. sunflower 2 oz. 8020-16 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay transparent blue 2 oz. transparent blue 2 oz. 8020-374 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay transparent green 2 oz. transparent green 2 oz. 8020-504 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay transparent orange 2 oz. transparent orange 2 oz. 8020-404 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay transparent purple 2 oz. transparent purple 2 oz. 8020-604US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay transparent yellow 2 oz. transparent yellow 2 oz. 8020-104 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay tropical green 2 oz. tropical green 2 oz. 8020-53 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock
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Soft Polymer Clay Windsor blue 2 oz. Windsor blue 2 oz. 8020-35 US $3.25 $2.40 26% Off $2.08 36% Off Email When
In Stock

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Product Questions and Answers

Is Fimo Soft Clay pliable after it's baked or will it harden?

- Asked by Mildred Hilbrich on 29-Jan-13

The Soft Polymer Clay by Fimo will be flexible and pliable at room temperature. Once the clay has been baked, it will harden.

- Answered by MisterArt on 04-Feb-13

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Lucinda Graham in Cape Cod, Ma
My grand daughters and I loved working with the clay. A nice project for them, and fun for me.
Rated by: Patricia T. in Tucson, AZ
We provide a memorial tribute to the grieving families who use our services upon the death of their pet. The clay print is a lasting imprint of their companion animal. I have found the that Polymer Clay is the product of choice for these hearfelt tributes.
Rated by: Sharon B. in Fairmont, MN
Love the colors and how fast I recived all of them. Also how easy it is to work with.
Rated by: Rebecca L. in Slippery Rock, PA
Loved this product! I ordered several colors of FIMO clay to make props for our live action role playing group. It was easy to knead, considering I have to make over 300 little pieces this is a huge bonus and the price could not be beat.
Rated by: Jennifer M. in Hartford, MI
I've been doing clay art for the past few years, see some of it here. fimo is one of my favorites, and it is the only brand to have colored translucent clays. And... for some unknown reason, the stores close to me that carry polymer clays, only carry blue and yellow translucents. is the only place I found on line to get all the translucent colors. Quick delivery and good prices too.
Rated by: Vicki T. in Long Grove, IL
Very easy to use! Adults and children loved using this product!
Rated by: Marsha W. in Cincinnati, OH
Love Fimo! Great company to work with!
Rated by: Sharon B. in Fairmont, MN
I like the fact that it doesn't take long to condition it. And the shipping was real fast!
Rated by: Ben K. in North Bergen, NJ
I have found this to be one of the best polymer clays on the market. They have great colors!
Rated by: Sharon E. in New York City, NY
This is the first time I've tried Polymer Clay - what fun! This was very easy to use (I'd been afraid that conditioning would be difficult because of arthritis, but I had No Problems). A very good product, as far as I can see, and a good price. Quick shipping, too - thanks again!
Rated by: Cynthia A. in Butler, PA
So easy to work with and having so many color choices is great!
Rated by: Debra C. in Xenia, OH
I had a blast playing with these great colors. I am new to polymer clay and this was easy to learn with.
Rated by: Christine K. in Superior, CO
I like Fimo Soft for its ease of use and the number of colors and special effects available (such as metallic and pearl). It would be perfect if "economy-sized" blocks were available to those of us who use a LOT, but MisterArt prices certainly do help my budget! I also appreciate the 100% accuracy in my orders, and the quick turnaround and shipping-you are thoroughly professional.
Rated by: Tabatha B. in Rocky Mount, NC
I have only been working with polymer clay for a few years but i love fimo soft, it isnt as sticky as sculpey and is easier to work with than original fimo, and the prices on this site are phenomenal, my husband is SO glad im saving money, because this stuff is 2 dollars for a 2oz block at our local craft store. I make quite a bit of money from selling my designs, but its great to be able to produce my products for less :D
Rated by: Maria E. in Chicago, IL
I love this clay. The price is execellent and my order arrives quickly. My favorite is the black clay which produces such glorious colors with either pigments or powders.
Rated by: kathy c. in lake placid, NY
Ive tried all the clays and the guessing time of if its ready drove me crazy. Fimo 30 minutes at the right temperature and you know its done and its going to last.
Rated by: Jill I. in New Port Richey, FL
This is my favorite clay. It is the right consistency and easy to use. I have compared prices and with reasonable cost VIP membership, it is the best price. I receive the product sooner than I expect to keep my hobby going. There is a wide range of colors to support creative figures. There are few hobby stores that have a full range of clay supplies, and on-line purchases with Mr. Art has become the method by which I maintain materials.
Rated by: Elizabeth S. in Corydon, IN
The polymer clay is great to work with and your color selection outstanding. The clay gun has given me lots of "arty" things to make up. The embossing ink pad and powders are fantastic. Thank you for your timely mailing and complete order/es
Rated by: Jacqueline R S. in Cudahy, WI
Fimo Soft is excellent for making lifelike snakes etc. I added glass eyes from a taxidermist supplier and you would think we had a real green snake in our diorama.
Rated by: David E. in Albany, NH
I got excellent results with all the colors I tried. The translucents are a bit harder to work with, but came out great.
Rated by: Evelyn R. in Pawtucket, RI
I like this clay because you do not need a kiln for it. You can bake it in your own oven and it is lots of fun to do anything with it.
Rated by: Deborah K. in Tomball, TX
I am a Classic Fimo user for 16 years, however when I teach a class in polymer clay I like to use Fimo Soft. It's much easier to condition than Classic Fimo so students can get right to work building canes, etc. The color selection is wonderful and they mix well. It's very strong after it's properly baked.
Rated by: Cindy H. in Little Rock, AR has the best selection of Fimo clay than any other supplier that I have found.
Rated by: Linda T. M. in Houston, TX
the best ... soft and workable, no fear of it drying out while you're working. Great color selection!
Rated by: Debra K. in Elk Mound, WI
Wow so many wonderful colors and so easy to use. We had 12 young children at my Mother's home for Christmas Eve. Besides laughter, that was all we heard during their project time. Then all the little projects were baked and some lucky Grandpa or Grandma got a home baked christmas item from one of their grandangels. Great clay and shipping was right away thank goodness...
Rated by: Debra K. in Elk Mound, WI
I always used sculpey mainly because that is what is offered at the stores near me. But once I found my favorite art supply website LOL I ordered these. I really like the clay but some of the brighter colours are harder to mold. not that they cannot be used but a little harder to work with. And can't beat the price.
Rated by: Megan L. in Detroit, MI
This product is great! i am advanced in polymer clay , but when i go to a house where there are always at least 8 kids they do a great job at it. Most of the kids are boys too! This is not a girly project indeed! The age ranges are about 2 - 15! The parents now have to take turns buying it. Not one has played video games in over 2 months and these boys and girls love it! Recomended for sure!!!
Rated by: Patricia R. in NY, NY
I love this clay...especially for the beginner. It is easy to work with. I have transferred Lazertran images very easily. Buy a pasta machine. They're cheap and work the clay wuth minimal effort. Trust me...I used the old way with my hands and this is much easier.
Rated by: Vicky L. in Boston, MA
The product was easy to work with, but after putting it in the oven there were little spots I wasn't expecting.
Rated by: Jeri B. in Atoka, OK
Much easier to use than original FIMO for people with trouble conditioning the product. Great variety of colors.
Rated by: Jan O. in Harrison, MI
I love this stuff, such beautiful colors. You don't have to worrie that it will harden while working on your projects. Very easy to work with.
Rated by: Happy S. in Galveston, TX
Easy to work with-wide variety of colors
Rated by: Kate M. in Hi Desert, CA
Great product - easy to use, wonderful colors! And I can't say enough good about the service from MisterArt.Com! Amazingly fast shipping, great packing, all you could hope for and more!
Rated by: Lorie H. in dedham, MA
This clay is wonderful, and it does bake to a nice hard finish!It blends well when you knead the colors together:)
Rated by: Kaija K. in Fort Lauderdale, FL
The clay was great! I will use it for future products
Rated by: Kathleen G. in Milwaukee, WI
I create funky jewelry and was looking for something that was easy to use and shape. Fimo polymer clay to the rescue! It is easy to mix colors (I recommend white metallic to add sparkles to any color) or paint. You can make any shape you want. And it is easy to harden. I just put my clay in my old toaster oven and voila 15 minutes later it is ready. It would be great to use for projects for kids too. I highly recommend it. Oh and did I say the price is right too?
Rated by: Margaret T. in Lakeport, CA
Love the Fimo !! I'm new to this craft and it has been a joy to work with. I am in awe of what I have created so far !
Rated by: Mindy S. R. in Albany, NY
Fimo-GREAT clay, with wonderful colors, and great to work with! And Misterart has by far the best selection of colors! An easy clay to work with and cleans up well! Bakes nicely and results are terrific! Thank you for a wonderful product and quick service too!
Rated by: Christine M. in Murrieta, CA
The Fimo clay at is very soft and fresh. it was so easy to work with and the colors are true to their charts. I am very pleased with my purchase and will be returning at for my clay and clay products...
Rated by: joey j. in San leandro, CA
Fimo clay is one of the best.your can make a lot of things with this clay,but it is hard to work with.It turns out very hard when your put in a oven.
Rated by: Stephanie L. in Wickenburg, AZ
Best color selection anywhere!
Rated by: Judy O. in Huntington Beach, CA
This Fimo clay is the best! It's easy to use and easy to mix with other colors for a marbling effect. With it, I always know the colors will be the same from pkg. to pkg.
Rated by: Susan D. in Allegan, MI
Myself and my 4 year granddaughter just love the Fimo clay. She has made several animals and I have baked them in the oven. GREAT FUN!!! and also provided some real quality time for us to spend together.
Rated by: Brian Y. in Okeechobee, FL
While fimo clay is great, it is even better mix in with some super sculpey. Fimo is very workable right out of the package and comes in a variety of colors mix it with super sculpey and your sculpts will be more stronger/durable.
Rated by: Annie R. in St. Louis, MO
Fimo Soft is so easy to work with!! Less time needed for conditioning!
Rated by: Patricia P. in Dragoon, AZ
Fimo Soft is a great clay to work with. It doesn't require as much conditioning as some of the others. If you have a problem with it getting a little sticky you can chill it in the frig for a while or let it set overnight wrapped in a absorbent paper. The colors I ordered were all very clear and the packaging was handled with a lot of TLC!
Rated by: Ruth K. in Culver City, CA
Fimo soft is softer than the previous fimo "recipe." My high school GS loves it and create all kinds of things with it. My daughter makes adorable figures with it. It bakes nice and hard.
Rated by: Vickie F. in Palo Alto, CA
The colors were great, but "soft" it isn't. It takes a lot of work to soften it up, and is difficult for children to work with.
Rated by: Nakisha V. in Seattle, WA
I made beads and small sculptures molded over tin foil using fimo. It started out a bit crumbly but became more smooth after working it for a minute.The colors stayed vibrant after baking and it came out a lot harder than some other baking clays.

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