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DecoFabric Marker

by Marvy Uchida

Personalize your favorite T-shirts, aprons, backpacks, sneakers, dolls, pillows, tote-bags, and much more with these great fabric markers. DecoFabric markers are ideal for both light and dark fabrics! The 3mm bullet point delivers paint that is odorless, lightfast, and acid-free. Apply DecoFabric markers to pre-washed fabric. Use soap and water to clean-up (when wet). Dry flat overnight. Heat setting is recommended.

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DecoFabric Marker

by Marvy Uchida

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Gloria Justen from San Francisco says:

I used the Glow-in-the-Dark markers for a project, and while the ink in these pens does glow, it does not flow out from the pen with the glow pigment evenly distributed, so I had to go over the design...[more]

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DecoFabric Marker black
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black 222S#1 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker blue
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blue 222S#3 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker bronze
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bronze 222S#BRZ $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker brown
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brown 222S#6 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker copper
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copper 222S#CPR $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker fluorescent green
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fluorescent green 222S#F4 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker fluorescent light blue
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fluorescent light blue 222S#F10 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker fluorescent orange
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fluorescent orange 222S#F7 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker fluorescent pink
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fluorescent pink 222S#F9 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker fluorescent violet
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fluorescent violet 222S#F8 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker fluorescent yellow
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fluorescent yellow 222S#F5 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter black
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glitter black 222S#G1 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter blue
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glitter blue 222S#G3 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter gold
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glitter gold 222S#GGLD $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter green
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glitter green 222S#G4 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter orange
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glitter orange 222S#G7 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter red
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glitter red 222S#G2 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter silver
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glitter silver 222S#GSLV $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter violet
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glitter violet 222S#G8 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter white
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glitter white 222S#G0 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glitter yellow
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glitter yellow 222S#G5 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker glow in the dark
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glow in the dark 222-C #GO $3.68 $2.93 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker gold
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gold 222S#GLD $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker green
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green 222S#4 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker light blue
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light blue 222S#10 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker orange
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orange 222S#7 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pearl black
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pearl black 222S#P1 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pearl blue
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pearl blue 222S#P3 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pearl green
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pearl green 222S#P4 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pearl pink
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pearl pink 222S#P9 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pearl violet
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pearl violet 222S#P8 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pearl white
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pearl white 222S#P0 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker pink
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pink 222S#9 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker red
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red 222S#2 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker silver
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silver 222S#SLV $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker violet
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violet 222S#8 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off
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DecoFabric Marker white
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white 222S#0 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off Email When In Stock
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DecoFabric Marker yellow
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yellow 222S#5 $3.69 $2.95 20% Off $2.58 30% Off

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Product Questions and Answers

Ask a Question
Ask a Question

I used a white DecoFabric Marker on a 100% polyester sweatshirt and I am afraid to use an iron on this fabric. Can I heat set the marker by putting it in the dryer on a low setting?

- Asked by Tori on 18-Sep-13

I would try that, or try a very hot professional hair dryer. Results may vary, however.

- Answered by MisterArt on 19-Sep-13

Can these be on material that will be folded and unfolded a lot, such as on a tablecloth?

- Asked by Leah on 28-Jun-13

Fabric markers actually do sit on top of the fabric, so they tend to stiffen the fibers somewhat. You could always try brush-painting fabric dye so that way it seeps in.

- Answered by MisterArt on 28-Jun-13

Do these fabric markers work on nylon?

- Asked by Charlotte on 28-Mar-13

These markers can be used on nylon. Heat setting is recommended to make them permanent.

- Answered by MisterArt on 01-Apr-13

Any advice on how to use these?

- Asked by Mona on 18-Jan-13

Apply to prewashed fabrics. Heat set with an iron according to the fabric's ironing temperature recommendations. Wash / dry on delicate cycle. Use mild detergent.

- Answered by MisterArt on 24-Jan-13

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Customer Product Reviews
Write a Review
Write a Review
Rated by: Gloria Justen in San Francisco
I used the Glow-in-the-Dark markers for a project, and while the ink in these pens does glow, it does not flow out from the pen with the glow pigment evenly distributed, so I had to go over the design several times, which was very time-consuming (turning off the light to make sure I got all areas.) Also, these pens do not contain very much ink, so they run out very quickly, and you just have more plastic junk to throw away. There are better ways to put dye or ink on fabric.
Rated by: ashley h. in Schenctady, NY
White works great like white-out
Rated by: maxine g. in Hanapepe, HI
I had problems with these pens, maybe the ones I got were semi-dried out, because it took forever to get any ink to come out and I haven't been able to get much use out of them and now the pen nub is all squished. frustrating!
Rated by: Orrin L. D. in Melrose Park, IL
I LOVE these. So EASY to use. The colors are brilliant. Would definately recommend thse. They would be GREAT for a child to use as well. Wold buy thse again!!!!!
Rated by: Diane V. in Wilson, NC
I use these when a design doesn't quite work out the way I want to. It fills in the tiny gaps well and since it is permanent I know the repair will remain.
Rated by: Ellen G H. in rochester, NY
i love these markers!!!!
Rated by: vickie g. in middletown, CA
These are the best!! If you are working with dark fabrics, these are a must have.
Rated by: Vincent V. in Clifton, NJ
These markers deserve comment. If you are looking for a marker that will not BLEED!, in dreaded nylon this is it. Make sure your fabric is washed and clean .These markers must be "set" with an iron heat setting suitable for nylon or acrylics. You can also heat press for 15 sec.@ nylon/acrylic temperatures.
Rated by: simone m. in encinitas, CA
i love these pens, i go through so many of them, they are wonderful! i wish i had an endless supply
Rated by: Sharon K. in Brooklyn, NY
We used these fabric markers to decorate t-shirts at my son's fifth birthday party, and all the kids loved them. The colors are vibrant, the markers are neat and nonsmelly, and dry instantly. The parents loved the results too. Also, the markers last through many applications. A great product!
Rated by: Jan M. in Morris Plains, NJ
I do a lot of fabric art and find these to give good opaque coverage on LIGHT fabric. On dark fabric they need more than one coat. Overall they're wonderful for permanent coverage.
Rated by: Tina M. in New Orleans, LA
Good product. My girl scout troop used this to sign each other's camping pillowcases, which we decorated. Now everytime they camp, they can have new friends sign the pillowcase and they will have a record of everyone they camped with.
Rated by: Anne P. in Northampton, MA
I worked with 20 students to make a quilt depicting things they learned in their winter unit on “Discover the Treasures in Your Own Backyard”. The kids used Crayola fabric crayons, Marvy decofabric markers and Uchida fabric markers. All three items were good, but we really liked the Marvy decofabric markers. Their colors were bright and they were easy to use. I'm glad I found your website! Thanks!
Rated by: Kim B. in Central, CA
I am very happy with these markers and will be ordering several more! The color comes out evenly and looks really rich. They are easy to use and the price was pretty good too.

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