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Apple Green
Ash Grey
Ballet Pink
Ballet Pink Light
Blond Wood
Blue Slate
Blush Pink
Brick Beige
Brick White
Brittany Blue
Burnt Ochre
Canary Yellow
Canary Yellow Light
Carmine Red
Carmine Red Light
Celadon Green
Cerulean Blue
Cinnamon Toast
Clay Rose
Cloud Blue
Cocoa Bean
Cold Stone
Colorless Blender
Cool Grey 10%
Cool Grey 20%
Cool Grey 30%
Cool Grey 40%
Cool Grey 50%
Cool Grey 60%
Cool Grey 70%
Cool Grey 80%
Cool Grey 90%
Copenhagen Blue
Crimson Red
Dark Brown
Dark Green
Dark Olive Green
Dark Purple
Dark Umber
Deco Blue
Deco Orange
Deco Orange Light
Deco Peach
Deco Pink
Deco Pink Light
Deco Yellow
Dusty Rose
Flagstone Red
Forest Green
French Grey 10%
French Grey 20%
French Grey 30%
French Grey 40%
French Grey 50%
French Grey 60%
French Grey 70%
French Grey 80%
French Grey 90%
Grass Green
Green Tea
Greyed Lavender
Greyed Lavender Light
Imperial Violet
Indigo Blue
Jade Green
Jet Black
Leaf Green
Light Aqua
Light Blue
Light Cerulean Blue
Light Olive
Light Peach
Light Tan
Light Umber
Light Umber 30%
Light Umber 40%
Light Umber 60%
Light Umber 90%
Light Walnut
Lilac Light
Lime Green
Lime Peel
Mahogany Red
Mediterranean Blue
Metallic Gold Broad Nib
Metallic Gold Fine Nib
Metallic Silver Broad Nib
Metallic Silver Fine Nib
Mineral Orange
Mint Cream
Mocha Dark
Mocha Light
Mulberry Light
Muted Turquoise
Navy Blue
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Neon Yellow Green
Neutral Grey 40%
Neutral Grey 60%
Neutral Grey 70%
Pale Jade
Pale Peach
Pale Vermilion
Parma Violet
Parrot Green
Parrot Green Light
Peacock Blue
Poppy Red
Process Red
Pumpkin Orange
Rhodamine Dark
Salmon Pink
Scarlet Lake
Sienna Brown
Sky Blue Light
Spanish Orange
Spring Green
Sunburst Yellow
Teal Blue
Terra Cotta
True Blue
True Green
Tulip Yellow
Tuscan Red
Ultramarine Light
Violet Blue
Violet Blue Light
Violet Mist
Warm Black
Warm Grey 10%
Warm Grey 20%
Warm Grey 30%
Warm Grey 40%
Warm Grey 50%
Warm Grey 60%
Warm Grey 70%
Warm Grey 80%
Warm Grey 90%
Yellow Ochre
Yellow Orange Light
Yellowed Orange


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Prismacolor Art Markers offer the flexibility of two distinct line widths in one marker. Featuring an innovative double-ended design, the markers have a chisel tip on one end and a fine tip on the other – with perfect ink color match from end to end.

Each permanent art marker has a smooth, intense laydown that will infuse your artwork with intensely rich color. Prismacolor Premier Art Markers provide permanent ink coverage without fading or feathering.

Metallic Art Markers are single tip only and are classified ORMD.

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Product Questions and Answers

Does this Prismacolor Art Marker have a brush tip as one of it's nibs?

- Asked by Debbie S. on 23-Nov-12

This marker has a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other

- Answered by MisterArt on 26-Nov-12

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Marco Fig. in Madera, Cali.
Created a few masterpieces with these, love the way the colors pop! No doubt that prismacolor will do the job!
Rated by: Ren F. in Kentucky
I like these markers, but the tips are a little big for smaller areas. It's workable as long as you're careful.
Rated by: shar in Sugar Land TX
Prismacolor markers are wonderful! Sometimes the colors are not what the name or outside paper describes them as, but still great markers.
Rated by: Darlene H. in Lexington, KY
These pens are fantastic, and the Mister Art price makes the whole package even better.
Rated by: Diane B. in Newburgh, NY
Great product! Needed to decorate wedding favors and this marker was the perfect tool. Great price and quick delivery.
Rated by: c b. in arlington, TX
prismacolor is the best on the market, need i say more? is the best for online art stores on the market too, thanks for great customer service & shipping
Rated by: Kevin W. in Oswego, IL
The Prismacolors are a quality marker that offer a wide array of colors. They are durable and long lasting. I've used them for several years now. And of course, always gives you the best deal in town!
Rated by: Stephanie R. in Indianapolis, IN
Prismacolor markers give great lines and great color.
Rated by: Ammi R. in Belmont, CA
I love these markers! There are so many beautiful colors and they are great to use!
Rated by: Jason T. in Escondido, CA
These are the best markers on the market, and has the best prices. I'll be back for more!
Rated by: Mark L. in Rochester, NY
I love prismacolor art markers. I have been using them in my art for about ten years now. great quality, great color.
Rated by: Joseph O. in Broken Arrow, OK
Best Markers for the money. They work well on canvas as well as construction paper. Several artist friends and family members have recomended these for daily and design use.
Rated by: Maribel R. in Falls Church, VA
I love these markers. They are a great investment. Buying individual colors works better for Illustration than buying the sets. The colors in the sets are not quite as subtle as needed to bring in realistic depictions of clothing, human figures or objects. The muted turquoise color makes a great undertone for illustrating denim fabric. The Buff color is great for flesh tones. There are plenty of gray colors- I really like the cool gray markers and I prefer them to the warm grays in most cases.
Rated by: Joan D. in Houston, TX
Love, Love these markers! Thanks for the good prices and fast service!
Rated by: Darlene C. in Edgewood, WA
These are ideal for signing my paintings. I lost my other one and had to get more!
Rated by: Heather L. in New Orleans, LA
The best in professional markers and inks. Fantastic lay down and ink flow. Haven't ran out of a marker in almost a year! The light colours stay light and perfect. Couldn't live without these.
Rated by: Cheryl A. in Bristol, CT
I purchased the blender marker for watercolor pencils. It was suggest as a great solvent to just add a small amount of subtle coloring enhancement. I didn't really like the way it worked for me. I do not have any colored markers to test it with to see if it works for it's standard application. So i can only rate it for this use.
Rated by: Gina L. in centereach, NY
excellent quality doesn't bleed great color
Rated by: Bjorn L. in Bellingham, WA
These markers are extremely useful for wide to thin lines, while keeping their color consistency throughout their entire usal time. I have used them because my wife recommended them, and have not found any fault, other than the slight chemical smell. Don't use in a basement room w/out ventilation!
Rated by: Toni A. in TONAWANDA, NY
Prismacolor Art Markers are THE best thing to come to art. They are great! And have an ability to really make your use for them right down to the fine line!
Rated by: Beka S. in Waxhaw, NC
I adore these markers they are so worth the money to buy them; they are long lasting and don't have a very noticeable odor while in use. The color doesn't fade and is very vibrant. Over all, an excellent buy...
Rated by: Brandon J. in Stillwater, OK
Good, high quality markers! The two tips are great for keeping a consistent quality on different dimensions of line/shape. Would definitely buy them from again!
Rated by: Judith H. in Telluride, CO
I like to do value drawings before I actually start a painting. These markers are fantastic for that purpose. My only problem is that I find it really difficult to get the tight fitting lids off! But...those tight lids keep the pens from drying out, so I will figure out how to open them, even with arthritis in my hands.
Rated by: Michael W. in thomasville, NC
My daughter is an Interior Design student at a local University so when it came to her supplies Prismacolor was the only choice. All of the students raive about the brand.
Rated by: Janet M. in Raleigh, NC
I really enjoy using brand new Prismacolor markers. The children in our classes love them and, once they learn to use them as a marker and not a crayon...well, the ink lasts longer!
Rated by: Heather B. in Savage, MN
I love this product. I use it for shading live caricatures done in crayola markers. They do loose "juice" after only a few drawings.
Rated by: Erin H. in Edinboro, PA
These are, in my opinion, the best markers you can buy. They come in a large variety of colors, so you can find the perfect shade for you project. An excellent buy.
Rated by: Casandra G. in Richmond, TX
I love these markers. I just tried them on a doll painting project, and they were perfect! I got precision, vibrance and clarity with them, and they don't bleed like other markers. I plan to buy more!!!
These pens are great. They dry and look like paint. I enjoy coloring books as a way to relax and these pens are the best I have used for that purpose. They are also very afordable and they have a wide aray of colors.
Rated by: Deborah G. in Bloomington, IN
I really love my prismacolor markers. I use them to make works that are very organic. I have two complaints, however. One is that they are not light fast. The second is that most colors do not cover a large area evenly. This is because they get darker each time you go over the area, up to four times. So it takes a lot of ink to cover an area uniformily. The colors are beautiful.
Rated by: Marcia H. in Walnut Creek, CA
Prismacolor Art Markers are the answer to my professional needs. They are easy to use, and they cover beautifully without streaking. My finished products look professional like I want them to. I have used a variety of other markers in the past, but none does the job that Prismacolors does. Many thanks to Mr. Art for the speedy delivery, fair prices and great customer service!
Rated by: carmen s. in West Covina, CA
Prismacolor Art Markers are a dream. The array of colors fantastic, the coverage superb. They have become an intregal part of my creative pursuits.
Rated by: Marcia H. in Walnut Creek, CA
I am addicted to Prismacolors! I have a complete set, plus extras I have ordered. To me, they are the ultimate in professional markers. The colors are true; the ease of handling is remarkable; there is no visible streaking or feathering. Shading is easy with Prismacolors, using a light stroke and heavier strokes for shading. Prismacolors have all the qualities I need in a professional marker. I would urge anyone who has not tried them to do so soon! Per usual, Mr. Art delivered these markers in good time. I never have to wait and wonder where my order is. I am so glad I found Mr. Art's website!
Rated by: Deborah D. T. in Duluth, GA
I'm an interior design student & these are the markers recommended. They work great & the price was much cheaper than buying them locally. I'll definitely be buying more...
Rated by: Nat C. in Aviano, AE
Alcohol-based markers make blending and combining colours much easier and effective. Prismacolours tend to last longer than other brands I've used, and are usually a few dollars cheaper. Also, Prismacolours have various flesh-toned markers, which are always useful.
Rated by: Mary T. in Saratoga Springs, NY
For my purposes, this is not the best choice as the ink leaves a slightly darker mark when the stroke begins and ends. The cap on the one I got is hard to get off which is another disadvantage.
Rated by: Jeff F. in Apex, NC
We have utilized Prismacolor Art Markers for years and they are a favorite tool for land planners such as ourselves. The design is nice, having a chisel nib and fine nib at opposite ends. To me, it seems like they dry up pretty quickly, but we do lay down a lot of ink. Also, they bleed very badly, so you really have to be careful what you have under the object being rendered. More than once, I've seen engineering drawings ruined, or a tabletop several discolored due to these markers, but overall, for what we use them for, there is nothing quite like them.
Rated by: Marcia H. in Concord, CA
Prismacolor art markers are the best, in my opinion. There are many reasons for my preferring them. Prismacolors don't leave streaks in my work like most watercolor markers do. The final product looks more professional and smooth. The markers are easy to hold and to use. The colors offer a range of hues within each color catagory, so that one can use the same color in a drawing, and it can be several hues of the same color. I have tried many other markers in the past -- some good, some not so good -- but I really believe the Prismacolors are superior to any of them.
Rated by: Marcia H. in Walnut Creek, CA
These Primacolor markers are the best markers I have used. They are well-balanced, and it's so easy to be accurate when you paint with them. I design my own greeting cards, and I couldn't live without Primacolors. The thing I like most about them is the fact that their colors are true. With so many markers, the color on the cap doesn't match the true color of the marker. Primacolors do. I finally splurged on an entire set of these markers, and it was one of the smartest purchases I've made recently. sends his products fast, and I appreciate the hard work that goes into running a business like this one.
Rated by: Carolyn C. in Long Beach, WA
I bought the colorless blenders, and I am happy with them, I was having a problem finding them anywhere around were I live.
Rated by: Chris R. in Vancouver, WA
I like the improved fine tip on these markers. The old fine point dried out much too quickly, but the new fine tip has a much better flow.
Rated by: Serena S. in Las Vegas, NV
Liked the double endedness, very nice.
Rated by: Katie M. in Rolla, MO
The double ended markers save me time and money. The color is consistent throught the marker and the color transfers evenly to my paper. I always create successful and professional designs when using Prismacolor Art Markers.
Rated by: Karen B. in cary, IL
these are just wonderful, I use them for tipping the nails on my dolls and they are fantastic!
Rated by: Charles N. in Lyndhurst, NJ
Great item worked well on my mats and cards!
Rated by: Adiana A. in San Angelo, TX
These are the best markers there is, i use tem for my fashion sketches,and they bring out light & dark features.I recommend these especially for fashion designers
Rated by: Katie H. in columbus, OH
I'm spoiled by these markers. Great colors, blending, price. The dual brush is very handy, but I'm perplexed as to why some markers have smaller nibs than others. They all have the same large side, but some have chisel and some have more brush size nibs. The reason is that I like the larger size better because it is easier to render with but stores don't describe this feature. I just want them all the same!
Rated by: Lisa C. in Montgomery County, PA
I love Prismacolor markers. I've been using them for 15 years or so. I'm not crazy about the new design. The fine nib is too fine in my opinion, and the ink runs out faster now than it used to. However, the ink quality is as superb and vibrant as ever. There are more colors now to choose from; however, a couple of colors that I used years ago have been discontinued or the names changed. If you are using Prismacolor markers for the first time and do not have the old ones to compare them to, you will love them! is a great resource. Always had the colors I needed, and shipment was fast. Thanks,!
Rated by: Eric M. in phoenix, AZ
Prismacolor never fails. what more can I say.
Rated by: Tori G. in Howey-in-the-Hills, FL
I'm an ambitious artist who colors with colored pencils like a kindergartener. Prismacolor markers are absolutely perfect for my coloring, and don't cost very much, so they're perfect! Since I've started using prismacolor markers, people have liked my pictures MUCH more! ^_^
Rated by: ll p. in Kearney, NE
My art class was instructed to use only Prismacolor markers for an illustration project, but the local craft stores ran out of the colors I needed, so I place an order with MisterArt. I was able to order the specific colors I needed and all arrived within a few days. Thanks MisterArt!
Rated by: Eric F. in Petaluma, CA
As a professional artist I use Prismacolor markers almost esclusively. I think these are absolutely the best money can buy! The set of gray colors are what I use for storyboards and layouts. I don't know what I'd do w/o these markers!!
Rated by: Anthro W. in W-S, NC
I absolutely love these markers. After seeing many friends use these markers and seeing the results the had I was convinced I needed my own set. When I tried my first set it was outstanding what they could do! The color was so smooth and even! Despite the fact that I had colored over part of a previous streak, which with other markers would have caused the zebra like stripes, the color was still even! I wouldn't switch markers ever!
Rated by: T.D. H. in L.A., CA
I've been enamored of the Prismacolor line since I was a small child visiting my father's architect firm. Only seldom will I get another brand of marker. Prismacolor markers are the base of my medium of choice, with Prismacolor pencil overlays. As a left-hander, this has ultimately been the best medium as there is no southpaw smearing.
Rated by: Charles L. in Philadelphia, PA
These markers are, for the most part, a very good product...But they do bleed from time to time. Also when purchasing the box of 24 markers you get variations of four or five main colors; If I had the opportunity to re-purchase these markers then I would have purchased the 12 distinct colors and added variations individually. Hopefully this info is helpful to prospective buyers.
Rated by: Joe S. in College Station, TX
These markers are simply the best. No question. The flow of the ink is perfect, and the marker is easy to control. Layering, blending, etc. is not a problem.
Rated by: Heidi H. in West Palm Beach, FL
Prismacolors are simply the best markers. The fine tip is "just right" where the broad tip allows for smooth, flaw free color. Prismacolors blend easily without feathering, and can be layered to achieve outstanding gradations, shadow effects, etc. without becoming "muddy"
Rated by: Jane A. in East Earl, PA
I really like the idea of two differant size tips on the same marker. And the colors are great . Thank you
Rated by: Elizabeth M. in TOLEDO, OH
A wonderful marker! Best I have ever used, colors are beautiful - I will be purchasing more soon.
Rated by: Linda M. in Orlando, FL
I only use the gold and silver markers. They are the best there is. The gold is brighter than most and really makes what you personalize look good.
Rated by: Lauren Paul M. in ROSEVILLE, CA
Prismacolor art markers are in my view the top of the line! They blend well and have a wide range of colors the only trouble with them is that once you buy a few you want more.So if you are looking for an art marker this is the one.

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