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Chameleon Color Tone Pens are much more than a normal marker. A single pen gives you the power to change and blend colors for stunning effects. Build 3D illusions, smooth transitions, shading gradations, and highlights. Amazing blending ability with one pen. Based on applied pressure when writing or drawing, each pen transitions from a light tint to rich deep tones eliminating tonal gaps in your pen collection. These professional quality alcohol-based ink pens are double-ended with a super soft brush nib and a bullet nib. They are permanent on most surfaces, compatible with other alcohol-based inks, non-toxic, and low odor. Their unique performance is ideal for adding color effects to all paper crafts, manga, graphic, and fine art illustrations.

Primary Tones: crimson red, summer sun, royal blue, grass green, and deep black.

Warm Tones: red coral, vermillion, burgundy, mellow yellow, and tangerine.

Cool Tones: aqua marine, sky blue, blue-violet, deep violet, and purple grape.

Grey Tones: neutral gray 4, cool gray 5, cool gray 9, warm gray 3, and warm gray 7.

Floral Tones: dusty rose, peony pink, fuchsia, lavender, and mauve.

Pastel Tones: summer sun, bisque, bubble gum, fawn, and cool gray.

Earth Tones: seville orange, hot cocoa, bark, spring green, and olive green.

Skin Tones: nude, sand, light peach, carmel, and burnt umber.

Blue Tones: baby blue, cornflower blue, indigo, lagoon, and turquoise.

Deluxe Set of 22: bubble gum, crimson red, seville orange, warm sunset, summer sun, olive green, spring meadow, grass green, aqua marine, sky blue, royal blue, blue violet, deep violet, purple grape, bisque, fawn, hot cocoa, bark, cool gray, deep black, and detail pen.

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