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The Cirrus frame is a shallow (1/2 in. deep) shadowbox frame. The aluminum molding is 1 3/16 in. deep with a 1/4 in. wide face in satin black finish. It comes completely ready to use, with a warm white, 3/16 in. archival foam-core backing, clear glass that has had the sharp edges ground smooth, and removable, acid-free, 1/4 in. thick mounting tabs. Smaller sizes include an easel for table top use.

Cirrus can be used to frame a three-dimensional object but it is especially useful for "floating" an image. This is a presentation where the image is placed against the backing with an allowance for space around the image not covered by either frame or mat. Since the glass does not touch the image, a mat is not required for conservation, and the edges of the image are left exposed. This adds a dimension to framing where the media--for example, a deckle edged piece of paper--becomes an object within the frame as well as the surface that holds the image

To add to the "floating" effect, Cirrus frames include acid free, 1/4 in. thick foam, adhesive backed tabs that securely, yet they are removable, mount an image to the backing, while creating a from the a shadow line--a separation between the image and the backing--that adds further dimension to your framing.

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