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  • Replacement Blades
  • Paper Cutter
  • Pack of 5
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Marshall’s Personal Paper Cutter is the safer, more precise cutter for home and office. Versatile and affordable, it trims documents, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, oversized computer paper, poster board, and even matte board. The Personal Paper Cutter is precise, professional, and makes straight-edged cuts every time. Because of its unique design, you see exactly where you’re cutting before you make the cut. Other features and benefits: Conveniently stores in a desk drawer or hangs on the wall Weighs only 1 lb. Cuts up to 14 in. Reversed blade provides new cutting edge Built-in extra blade storage Blade housing prevents accidents The Personal Paper Cutter comes with one box of five replacement blades. Other packs of replacement blades can be purchased separately.

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Product Questions and Answers

Can you please tell me how to change the blade?

- Asked by wally on 04-Mar-13

According to the directions on the package, to remove the old blade you need to first unsnap the locking lever over the edge of the blade. Then slip the replacement blade between the blade gripper and snap it down.

- Answered by MisterArt on 14-Mar-13

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: lorien a. in Fort Hood, TX
This was well worth the money. i do many at home crafts. anything from scrapbooking to science fare projects. it doesnt work very well on really thick peices of paper, but for lightweight projects its awesome. the thing that i like the most about it is that is older child friendly. you wouldnt be cutting yourself on it easily any time soon. and once agian its priced very nicely. i belive that you will get your moneys worth out of it.
Rated by: Diana A. in Worcester, MA
I relied on the description of the paper cutter and the many other positive reviews -- and I found both to be reliable. The cutter is compact and does the job.
Rated by: Johnny P. in SAN DIEGO, CA
This is the simplest and easiest paper cutter on the market. mine are in daily use in scrapbooking projects and require blade changes about weekly. Over time (3 years) the paper cutter/blade holder will degrade and the machine must be discarded. This is still an excellent value for the money and makes up for its lack of durability in ease of use.
Rated by: Linda S. in Amherst, WI
The paper cutter is just what I was looking for. It does a wonderful job of cutting and does not take up a lot of storage space. Price was right, also.
Rated by: Julie W. in Simi Valley, CA
After years of frustration with the fiskers paper trimmers not cutting straight, I was thrilled to learn about this cutter. It cuts very straight and is super easy to use. I still need to get the cutting mat recommended for larger pieces of paper, but I'm very happy with my purchase.
Rated by: Cynthia M. in Colorado Springs, CO
This paper cutter is stable and reliable. This cutter is great for small projects in large quantity! Blades are sharp for a long time!
Rated by: NA N. in USA, AZ
Great cutter/trimmer and great price. Cuts straight and blades are cheap and easy to replace. Wish it had a swing arm, but will use a cutting mat to fix that. Much better quality then Fiskars. This one actually cuts straight. Highly recommend.
Rated by: Judy M. in Ledbetter, TX
The Marshall Personal Paper Cutter is the BEST. I purchased a Cutter Bee Paper Cutter & promptly returned it! I also have a Provo Craft paper cutter and it pales in comparison to the Marshall. In addition, the Marshall is the ONLY personal paper cutter that uses easy-to-replace SINGLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES.
Rated by: Wrenae G. in Saint Louis, MO
I have had my Falcon paper cutter (which is the previous manufacturer of the Marshall cutter) for over 15 years. They are the BEST AND CHEAPEST cutter for paper and paper board. The new one isn't as smooth a pull as the old one, but it still works GREAT! I was glad to find them again. The easily replaceable single edge razor blade cutter is simply genius for cost savings. We use it to cut index stock, paper, photos, artwork, etc. at our Party Supply store. It is GREAT for our needs!
Rated by: Janell N. in Provo, UT
This is THE best paper trimmer out there, which is so odd because it isn't packaged "cutsie" or even with bright colors, but it's plain ordinary look and style is anything but! My friend from Arizona has been using the Marshall for years and bought me one and I wouldn't have any other cutter in the house now. The blades are a HUGE benefit, you can pick them up at Home Depot or the dollar store, not having to pay for expensive brand name blades that only fit that "certain" paper trimmer. I just purchased my second trimmer and one for my mother. It is fast and cuts right where you see, no looking between lines or guessing. The only con I can think of is there is no swing out ruler for horizontal measurements. I use this for all my scrap booking, trimming photos, and anytime I need a straight cut. I highly recommend this cutter. It is also safe enough for children to use with supervison!
Rated by: Larry B. in Prairie Grove, AR
We are happy campers after buying this cutter. I am an avid photographer, and my wife does the albums and scrapbooks. This simple and cheap cutter makes trimming prints so easy. I should not have waited so long to get one. Blades are easy to change and very cheap, unlike the more expensive cutters. This is a great product.
Rated by: John M. in Seattle, WA
I love this paper cutter. It can trim very close to the edge of a print and leaves a very clean edge. It's nice that you can see exactly where the cut will be made before you make it. I also like that it uses readily available single-edge razor blades, so it is easy to replace the cutting edge in a hurry if it happens to go dull right when you need it.
Rated by: Dennis D. in Irving, TX
I would like to start out by saying this is the best print trimmer/paper cutter I have ever used. Around 1977 or 1978 I had a lot of photographic prints I needed to trim to size, and I didn?t want to keep doing it by hand with an X-acto knife and a ruler! I wanted one of those guillotine type trimmers, but they were way more than I could afford. I then spotted a print trimmer by Falcon. It was quite cheap, but looked well made. I had no idea how well made. I did have to improvise a stop to make cutting the photo paper to size easier, but that was a minor inconvenience. The need for trimming photographic prints has long been gone, but the Falcon Print Trimmer was one of the few pieces of darkroom equipment I continued to use on a very regular basis. The basic premise of this cutter is simple. The base is approximately 5¼ inches wide and 18 inches long. There is a stop at the top, square to a swing arm you lift up to position the item you need to cut. Let this arm down, depress the cutter on the arm and then just draw the cutter toward you. This paper cutter uses a simple single-edge razor blade, and in its protective cover, cutting yourself would be a trick. Not impossible (as nothing is), but it would not be easy. There is a 14 inch ruler by the swing arm, so measuring is easy. It is also exceptionally easy to position the item you need to cut. With the easily replaceable blades a perfect cut is possible. After the blade gets a bit dull, you can turn it around and have a sharp new blade again. A worn blade does make a fairly ragged cut on the paper. However, there are times this may add a bit of character to your project. While this trimmer makes quick work of paper and posterboard, I also started using it for heavier corrugated cardboard (using this to start the cut and finishing with an X-acto blade as this cutter won?t cut all the way through the thick cardboard). Unfortunately, about a year ago, I noted this heavy-duty use was shortening the life of this amazing product. Knowing it might not last too much longer, I started searching the Internet to see if it was still made. Finding the Falcon web site, I could not see this product listed, so I sent them an e-mail. They quickly replied that they had sold the tooling to a company called BKA. I found their web site on the Internet, but they also didn?t show the paper cutter. An e-mail to BKA brought another quick response, and good news. The print trimmer was still being produced, but was now going under their Marshall brand. I had no luck locating the Marshall Paper Cutter locally, so back to the Internet. The first hit to come up was It was even on sale! Their service was spectacular, and I now had my new print trimmer, to replace my 25 year old unit! In comparing the two, the new Paper Cutter obviously came from the original tooling as all the mold ejection pins are in the same spot. The only difference I can see is the 14 inch ruler on my Falcon is now self-stick paper on the Marshall. It is great having this new cutter, but I will keep using my old one for as long as it will last, but just using it for heavy cardboard. For my needs, I don?t think anyone could ever come up with a more useful paper cutter. Especially at this bargain price.
Rated by: Jo-Anne J. in Cumming, GA
Below I’ve listed the pros and cons of this Marshall’s trimmer as compared to the Fiskars 12” paper trimmer! PROS GREAT price (more inexpensive than the Fiskars) It’s made of extremely sturdy think plastic that does not bend while you are using it (even if the surface you are cutting on is not level.--Uunlike the Fiskars which is notorious for crooked cuts for this very reason) It’s very easy to see where this cutter is going to trim. The edge of the cutting arm is exactly where it’s going to cut. (Unlike the Fiskars Trimmer where you have to look between the two guides to see approximately where the blade will cut.) Replacement blades are plain old ordinary straight razor blades. Very convenient to purchase and extremely inexpensive. (Wouldn’t you like to have a whole box of replacement blades on hand for the same price that you now have only two Fiskars replacement blades?) Can beautifully trim SEVERAL sheets of cardstock at a time. (Huge advantage over Fiskars) The blade is completely recessed and is not accessible to cut yourself or anyone else on. (Okay so the Fiskars blade is miniscule and probably couldn’t even cut butter—but then again, that’s why it only cuts one sheet of paper at a time) It’s lightweight and easy to carry to crops CONS It does NOT have a swing out ruler like the Fiskars trimmer (I resolve this problem by putting it on top of a cutting mat that has measurements when I need to measure) It only cuts in a downward direction. (Unlike the Fiskars with wich you can run the blade either up or down). It’s slightly larger than the Fiskars and it does not fit in the Crop In Style Navigator. With the Fiskars, you can purchas a scoring blade to use in addition to the cutting blade. The Marshall's trimmer does not offer that. YOU BE THE JUDGE Happy Scrappin’!

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