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These C-Thru rulers are standard for the graphic artist's studio, as each is a multi-purpose tool. Rulers shown in picture, from top to bottom, are B-90, GA-86, and GA-96. GA-94 is not pictured.

GA-86 is an opaque plastic 18 in. rule with a variety of data and calibrations on both sides including inches, picas and agate measuring as well as proofreader's symbols, printers' rules, hairline to 12 point, ten percentage screens ranging from ten percent to solid halftone.

GA-96 is a 12 in. tool printed on clear plastic for ultimate visibility and features basic necessities including inches rule, picas scale, leading gauge, hairline to 12 point line gauge and E-scale.

B-90 has pica, inch, and agate calibrations and a beveled edge.

GA-94 (not shown) calibrates inches into 1/16ths and measures picas with an additional centering pica scale.

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