Safety & Cleaning - Brush cleaners, hand cleaners, gloves, masks, and more

Safety & Cleaning - Keep your studio safe from high prices
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Heavy Duty Embossed Drop Cloth

by Linzer

Protect against paint, water, and dust

From $1.21

White Lintless Cotton Gloves


No more fingerprints
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by Eco-House

Odorless paint thinner of the highest purity!
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Orange Terpene

by Eco-House

Eco-House's most potent solvent!
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From $3.95

Children's Aprons

by Mark Richards Enterprises

Totally fun, totally fashionable
Best Seller
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Purchase Guide: Safety & Cleaning

As any art lover knows, sometimes creative expression can get a little messy—it's half the fun! But once the paint stops flying, every artist must face the least fun part of creating something beautiful: cleaning up.

Whether you're into painting, crafts, sculpting, scrapbooks, calligraphy, or airbrushing, your work is going to require a lot of tools, supplies, and space that will become useless pretty quickly if they aren't kept clean. may have everyday discounts on paint brushes, easels, drawing boards...
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