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IMPACT Translucent Colored Plastic Envelopes

by ClearBags

Clear, translucent and U.S. Postal approved!
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Mixed Media Pad

by Bienfang

versatile paper with an outstanding value

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by Dover

Fine art through the mail.

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Drawing Paper

by Pacon

Works great with any medium

From $1.39

Graphite Transfer Paper

by Bienfang

Always handy to have in the studio
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When most people hear the word paper, they probably first think of the standard 8 1/2 x 11 in. sheets of smooth, white printer paper made from wood pulp, so commonly found in schools and offices throughout the world.

Paper, however, doesn't have to be smooth or white, and doesn't even have to be made from wood. In fact, paper is any thin sheet of material composed primarily of compressed cellulose pulp, and that pulp can come from wood, flax, cotton, or even onion or rice. Depending on the fibers used and the process of...
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