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Free-Style Large Scale brushes are ideal for large scale paintings and murals. Manufactured with blended synthetic, they are durable and suitable for outdoor work. Varying degrees of stiffness allow for movement of color with a broad range of viscosities.

Handles are made of seasoned hardwood, sealed and lacquered with a non-slip finish. Holes on the handle ends allow for hanging storage. Brushed stainless steel rust proof ferrules are screwed and glued to the handle for durability. All brushes, except the splatter brushes, are sold with reusable cardboard or poly cover with hook and loop closure for extra protection.

UNIVERSAL brushes are great for all purpose usage. Each brush has a 7-1/2" handle form tip to ferrule. Available with an angle cut or straight flat cut, depending on your painting requirements.

BROAD FLAT/VARNISH brushes are available in a variety of widths and handle lengths. Short handles are approximately 7-1/2"form tip to ferrule. Long handles are approximately 12" from tip to ferrule.

GIANT brush holds a ton of paint. Designed with a heavy broad handle, this brush is ideal for painting large areas. Unscrew the handle and attach a broom handle to paint those hard to reach places. Metal hooks allow attaching to paint can or bucket edges.

PADDLE brushes have wide handles equivalent to the width of the bristles. They are excellent for painting areas or effects when you need a firm grip.

SPLATTER brushes are designed with approximately 1" wide and 4-1/2" long thick black synthetic fibers. They are perfect for painting a variety of spattering effects. Available in round or flat shapes.

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