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Derwent Color Pencils hold their point and resist the tendency to crumble. Consequently, full color strength is quickly achieved and details are more readily realized. The relative dryness of Derwent Color Pencils enhances their blendability. The wood casing is in matte black with color-coded dipped ends, carefully matched to the actual strip of lead. The hexagonal wood casing makes for greater handling ease. Non-toxic.

Set of 12 includes deep cadmium, orange chrome, deep vermilion, crimson lake, imperial purple, spectrum blue, Prussian blue, mineral green, grass green, golden brown, copper beech, and ivory black.

Set of 24 includes all the colors in the set of 12, plus lemon cadmium, rose pink, light violet, kingfisher blue, emerald green, May green, olive green, brown ochre, terracotta, blue grey, gunmetal, and Chinese white.

Set of 36 includes all the colors in the set of 24, plus straw yellow, scarlet lake, flesh pink, magenta, dark violet, blue violet lake, ultramarine, jade green, cedar green, bronze, Vandyke brown, and raw sienna.

Set of 72 includes all the colors in the set of 36, plus zinc yellow, gold, primrose yellow, Naples yellow, middle chrome, deep chrome, spectrum orange, pale vermilion, geranium lake, pink madder lake, madder carmine, rose madder lake, red violet lake, delft blue, smalt blue, cobalt blue, light blue, sky blue, indigo, oriental blue, turquoise blue, turquoise green, juniper green, bottle green, water green, sap green, sepia, burnt umber, raw umber, burnt yellow ochre, burnt sienna, venetian red, burnt carmine, chocolate, French grey, and silver grey.

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