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Your child's imagination will run wild with this wide variety of paper and fabric pieces all in vibrant patterns and bright colors. The Mosaic Squares are double-sided cardstock squares in a 10,000 piece pack. The 400 piece Fabric Mosaics pack includes a random assortment of 1 1/4 in. squares. The Felt Shapes pack is a 500 piece random collection of shapes and colors in assorted sizes. The Paper Popz pack contains 1500 pieces in random assorted shapes, patterns, and colors. The Alphabet Pasting Pieces includes 2000 1 in. x 1 in. pieces of double-sided cardstock letters in random assorted type and colors. The Crafty Circles 144 piece pack contains 5 in. paper circles in random assorted patterns and colors. Make a mosaic, decorate a flannel board with felt, spell out names and messages in collages, and much more!

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