Modeling Compound III

by Sculpey

Sculpey III is America’s favorite polymer clay! It’s wonderfully soft and pliable right from the package but bakes hard to a smooth matte finish in your home oven. Sculpey III comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors and is excellent for general crafting of jewelry, figures, and home décor items. Sold on 2 oz. packages.

Now available in NEW - Basic, Pearl, and Metallic colors!

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Judy Alford from Clinton Twp, MI says:

Loved it! Great color and very malleable.

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Modeling Compound  III acid yellow 2 oz. acid yellow 2 oz. S302-534 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III ballerina 2 oz. ballerina 2 oz. S302-1209 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III beige 2 oz. beige 2 oz. S302-093 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III black 2 oz. black 2 oz. S302-042 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III blue 2 oz. blue 2 oz. S302-063 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III buried treasure 2 oz. buried treasure 2 oz. S302-380 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III camouflage 2 oz. camouflage 2 oz. S302-360 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III candy pink 2 oz. candy pink 2 oz. S302-1142 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III chocolate 2 oz. chocolate 2 oz. S302-053 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III deep red pearl 2 oz. deep red pearl 2 oz. S302-1140 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III dusty rose 2 oz. dusty rose 2 oz. S302-303 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III elephant gray 2 oz. elephant gray 2 oz. S302-1645 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III emerald 2 oz. emerald 2 oz. S302-323 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III fuchsia pearl 2 oz. fuchsia pearl 2 oz. S302-1112 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III glow in the dark 2 oz. glow in the dark 2 oz. S302-1113 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III gold 2 oz. gold 2 oz. S302-1086 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III granny smith 2 oz. granny smith 2 oz. S302-1629 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III hazelnut 2 oz. hazelnut 2 oz. S302-1657 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III hot pink 2 oz. hot pink 2 oz. S302-503 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III jewelry gold 2 oz. jewelry gold 2 oz. S302-1132 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III just orange 2 oz. just orange 2 oz. S302-1634 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III leaf green 2 oz. leaf green 2 oz. S302-322 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III lemonade 2 oz. lemonade 2 oz. S302-1150 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III pearl 2 oz. pearl 2 oz. S302-1101 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III princess pearl 2 oz. princess pearl 2 oz. S302-530 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III purple 2 oz. purple 2 oz. S302-513 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III red 2 oz. red 2 oz. S302-083 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III red hot red 2 oz. red hot red 2 oz. S302-583 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III silver 2 oz. silver 2 oz. S302-1130 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III sky blue 2 oz. sky blue 2 oz. S302-1144 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III spring lilac 2 oz. spring lilac 2 oz. S302-1216 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III string bean 2 oz. string bean 2 oz. S302-1628 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III suede brown 2 oz. suede brown 2 oz. S302-1109 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III sweet potato 2 oz. sweet potato 2 oz. S302-033 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III tan 2 oz. tan 2 oz. S302-301 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III teal pearl 2 oz. teal pearl 2 oz. S302-538 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III tranquility 2 oz. tranquility 2 oz. S302-370 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III translucent 2 oz. translucent 2 oz. S302-010 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III turquoise 2 oz. turquoise 2 oz. S302-505 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III violet 2 oz. violet 2 oz. S302-515 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III white 2 oz. white 2 oz. S302-001 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off
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Modeling Compound  III yellow 2 oz. yellow 2 oz. S302-072 $2.35 $1.99 14% Off $1.75 24% Off

Use color swatches as a general guide. Actual colors may vary.

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Judy Alford in Clinton Twp, MI
Loved it! Great color and very malleable.
Rated by: CJ in OK
I love this product, and would recommend it to everyone.
Rated by: Sharon B. in Fairmont, MN
I have a hard time picking what color I want.....they are all nice and fun colors ! Nice to work with! And price is right !
Rated by: Jerry R. in Cody, WY
I love this product. I use it all the time to create charactures and other small crafting things.
Rated by: T C. in NYC, NY
Easy for most people to work with. Stays moist but not necessarily "easy" to kneed. Great colors.
Rated by: Ben K. in North Bergen, NJ
I've been using this clay for awhile and find it to be easy to use, and an all around wonderful polymer clay.
Rated by: Lynn B. in St. Johnsbury, VT
Wonderful, wonderful stuff! Great colors and very addictive!
Rated by: Mimi T. in Monticello, UT
Excellent product. Very pliable and easy to use. The colors are very vibrant and mix well when you need that special color. The selection of colors is fantastic. This will continue to be my place to purchase supplies for my polymer clay projects.
Rated by: Vanessa H. in La Crosse, WI
What CAN'T you do with this product? Just when I think I've seen everything, I see something more amazing done with Sculpey. I still remember when my husband got excited about my buying a pasta maker, only to be very disappointed he would still be eating pastas from a box...
Rated by: Erin H. in Edinboro, PA
When I need modeling clay, I get this brand. They have a lot of colors to choose from, so you can find the best shade for your project. An excellent buy.
Rated by: Nancy R. in Chicago, IL
Great, easy to work with.
Rated by: Debra K. in Elk Mound, WI
These clays are some of the easiest and nicest clays I have found to use. Won over all the Grandkids this Christmas with projects without noise. Well the kids made noise but they all made something special.
Rated by: Cindy B. in Mfld., WI
I have ordered from Mr. Art twice now. Their prices are great, and my orders always come fsat. I'm impressed with them, and will order again! Thanks
Rated by: jude m. in lucerne valley, CA
Exactly what I wanted, fast delivery. excellent prices. Misterart has saved me from a good deal of hassel, grief and wasted time. Highly recommend.
Rated by: Rebecca B. in Denver, CO
Scupley is very easy to use, however its colors seem gray compared to other brands.
Rated by: Kate M. in Hi Desert, CA
Very impressed by every aspect of ordering with! Ordering was easy, prices are great, shipping was very fast, and the Sculpey is nice and fresh! Couldn't be happier, and will definitely be ordering again!
Rated by: Tony W. in Deerfield Beach, FL
Fast and friendly service. I will be buying from again.
Rated by: Brian G. in Coatesville, PA
This product was great! It was very easy to work with and I was extremely pleased with the results.
Rated by: Jeannie O. in Sedalia, MO
Just what I was looking for!
Rated by: JOYCE C. in Mecosta, MI
A really fun product for both adults and children. All the bright colors and ease of preparation let ones imagination run wild.
Rated by: Crystal M. in Berkeley, CA
So fun and great to play with! Can create so many things - try mixing with different glitters or use pearl/metallics to create faux jewels! :)
Rated by: Tracey S. in New York, NY
Sculpey comes in such brilliant colors and the softness makes it easy to custom blend colors and to "spackle" over sandpaper scratches or dents from my fingernails. I made molds with sculpey which I baked so I can press sculpey into the molds and embed findings for pins.
Rated by: Sue Ann S. in Seattle, WA
My daughters, now 11 and 9, and I have been working successfully with Sculpey III for several years. We like its malleability and the range of bright colors available. We've used it to make beads and canes for jewelry, to decorate metal frames and silverware, and for miniature "sculptures".
Rated by: Adrienne W. in New Orleans, LA
Not very durable. Sculpey Premo is much tougher and not much more difficult to work with!
Rated by: Gini B. in St. Louis, MO
I've been using Fimo Classic and Fimo Soft for quite a while, always struggling with the hard task of conditioning it properly. It can get crumbly and difficult to sculpt. The store was out of Fimo so I bought Sculpey III instead...what a joy to use! So much easier to mold and smooth. Maybe for professionals, Fimo is great, but I'll stick with Sculpey III.

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