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Pelikan’s Opaque Paint Box provides excellent coverage with non-fading qualities at an economical price. Designed with education in mind, this watercolor palette is arranged in order to support color theory in school. Opaque watercolor sets include deep rich colors in removable pans with a tube of white. Packaged in a plastic travel case with a removable lid featuring a write-on nameplate for classroom convenience. The lid opens and closes with ease using the push button release.

12 pan set contains a full pan of each orange, yellow ochre, magenta red, vermillion dark, violet, ultramarine, cyan blue, blue-green, yellow-green, burnt sienna, black, and one tube of Chinese white.

24 pan set contains a full pan each of black, carmine red, flesh tone, magenta red, vermillion dark, yellow, orange, lemon, Indian yellow, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, violet, Prussian blue, ultramarine, turquoise blue, cyan blue, blue-green, olive green, french green, yellow-green, burnt sienna, natural umber, gold, silver, and one tube of Chinese white.

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