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A variety of products formulated to customize Americana acrylics to your craft projects, in 2 oz. bottles.

Brush 'n Blend extender medium increases open time and facilitates blending.

Canvas Gel medium makes acrylic paints perform like oils. Extends drying time, keeping paints wet and workable.

Control medium slows drying time without thinning the consistency of the paint.

Varnishes give a tough, flexible and clear final protective finish that dries quickly. Several thin coats creates a professional look. Available in gloss, satin and matte.

Wood Sealer prepares wood to accept paint or varnish. Fast drying, safe and non-toxic.

Multi-Purpose Sealer is adhesive, smooth and durable for preparing and sealing most hard craft surfaces for indoor or outdoor use. Can be mixed with paints to eliminate the need to varnish outdoor surfaces.

Faux Glazing Medium mixes with acrylic paints to create custom glazes for faux finishing walls, furnitre and accessories.

Thickening Medium increases the viscosity of craft paints adding dimensional effects to craft projects.

Pearlizing Medium adds luster to Americana acrylics colors achieving the shimmer of pearls.

Fabric Painting Medium can be added to acrylics to create washable, permanent color for all projects.

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