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Manetti is one of the oldest manufacturers of gold and silver leaf in the world. Founded in 1820, it has preserved the ancient craft of gold beating, handed down from generation to generation. Manetti is a key name for quality gold and silver leaf in Italy and worldwide.

Surface gold leaf may have a few irregularities and is often used where double gilding is required or the leaf will be distressed or toned.

Patent gold leaf, also referred to as transfer leaf, is gold leaf mounted to special tissue paper by a pressure process. The gilder can then remove one leaf at a time without disturbing the remaining leaves. Patent gold leaf is removed from the book without the aid of a gilder's tip. The leaf will stay on the tissue until it is pressed onto the prepared surface and the tissue backing is removed. This form of gold leaf is necessary for outdoor work or where conditions would make loose leaf unmanageable. Patent gold leaf is not suitable for water gilding and is best suited for flat surfaces. Patent gold leaf is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and needs to be stored in a damp environment of about 80% humidity wrapped in plastic wrap.

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