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Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils make drawings look like watercolor art. Just add a few drops of water and blend, or dip a pencil into water and then draw on paper. The pencils can also be used with a wet clean brush or alone, just like traditional colored pencils.

Made from reforested wood, the pencils have thick (3 1/3 mm.) strong leads for smooth color laydown.

Box of 12: black, blue, brown, green, magenta, orange, red, sky blue, violet, white, yellow, and yellow green.

Box of 24: aqua green, black, blue, brown, blue violet, cool gray, gray, green, green blue, magenta, orange, peach, pine green, raspberry, red, red orange, red violet, salmon, sky blue, violet, white, yellow, yellow green, and yellow orange.

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