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Basics Mediums & Varnishes are developed for dependable quality at an economical price. Each medium is formulated to add texture, adjust paint flow, and alter the working properties of the color. Varnishes are used to seal and protect your finished work from dirt, dust, and UV damage.

BASICS ACRYLIC GESSO provides a smooth, absorbent, finely textured ground for painting. It works well with most porous surfaces, such as canvas, paper, wood, fabric, or plaster. It is flexible, non-yellowing, and non-cracking. One coat of this excellent base coat primer provides enough coverage to prepare most surfaces.

BASICS MATTE FLUID MEDIUM improves the flow of color for blending as well as creating a non reflective finish. Can be mixed with acrylic colors for an extra matte finish.

BASICS GLOSS FLUID MEDIUM helps to improve the flow of color for blending as well as increasing transparency. Can be mixed with acrylic colors for added gloss.

BASICS MATTE VARNISH is used to protect paintings with a permanent finish. Matte Varnish can be mixed with Gloss Varnish to vary the final finish sheen. Dries to a non-yellowing finish.

BASICS GLOSS VARNISH is used to protect paintings with a permanent finish. Gloss Varnish can be mixed with Matte Varnish to vary the final finish sheen. Dries to a non-yellowing finish.

BASICS GLOSS GEL MEDIUM is a thick, transparent medium for mixing with acrylic paint to improve color blending, extend paint volume and drying time, and increase transparency. Use direct as a glue for paper and canvas. Permanent, non-yellowing, flexible, and water resistant when dry. Dries to a gloss finish.

BASICS MODELING PASTE is an opaque structure ideal for 3D effects. Can be used on all surfaces such as canvas, wood etc. When added to acrylic paint it thickens the consistency of the paint, and produces brush stroke retention in paintings. The paste can be used on its own to build up texture. Water resistant when dry.

BASICS COARSE TEXTURE GEL dries to a coarse "sand" like finish. When dry, it can be painted with Liquitex acrylic colors or mixed with color before applying.

BASICS IRIDESCENT MEDIUM provides pearlescent effects when added to acrylic colors. Will add shimmer to a painting. Can be mixed with acrylic color before application or apply on top of a dry painting.

BASICS LIGHT MODELING PASTE is a lightweight, flexible sculptural gel for use in thick applications where weight is a factor. Light, airy, and easy to use, it holds shape and surface beautifully and won’t exhibit “mud cracking.” Can even be used alone, drying to a matte opaque white that readily accepts staining.

BASICS GLOSS HEAVY GEL dries to a transparent or translucent gloss finish. When mixed with acrylic paint, it increases body, density, and viscosity, creating a consistency that is very similar to that of oil paints. It keeps paint workable longer than other gel mediums and also increases the brilliance of color.

BASICS MATT GEL MEDIUM dries translucent to a satin matte finish. It has a viscosity and body similar to heavy acrylic color, and possesses greater adhesion than most other gel mediums. Also extends acrylic paints and increases their brilliance without changing the thickness of the paint.

BASICS MEDIUMS STARTER SET includes 1 each 75ml (2.5 oz.) tube of Gesso, Gloss Gel Medium, Modeling Paste, Iridescent Medium, and Coarse texture Gel.

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