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Brilliant colors in soft oil crayons that write on most surfaces. Blend and lift easily to create beautiful pictures using stumps, odorless thinner, and brush or palette knives.

Set of 12 contains red, vermilion, golden ochre, flesh, lemon yellow, white, light grey, sky blue, blue, green, reddish brown, and black.

Set of 24 contains coffee, reddish brown, red, vermilion, golden ochre, reddish orange, yellow, lemon yellow, flesh, deep flesh, light rose, pink, white, light grey, olive green, yellow green, green, bluish green, sky blue, ultramarine, blue, deep blue, purple, and black.

Set of 36 contains vandyke brown, coffee, reddish brown, red, vermillion, reddish orange, dark orange, yellow orange, golden ochre, lemon yellow, yellow, milk yellow, deep flesh, flesh, light rose, pink, rose red, violet, white, light grey, deep grey, olive green, yellow green, moss green, lime green, bluish green, green, turquoise green, sky blue, light blue, blue, ultramarine, deep blue, wine ed, purple, and black.

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