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Deluxe Glass Etching Kit

by Armour

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You can add class to your household glass or mirrors with this kit. The kit is packed full of etching supplies, including over 75 Rub 'N' Etch pre-cut glass etching stencils, a 3 oz. bottle of Armour Etch Cream, custom stencil vinyl, design patterns, stencil cutting knife, Super Cleaner Concentrate, Camel hair brush, one pair of re-usable gloves, wooden applicator stick, full color instructions, and 3 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. piece of practice glass for your first glass etching project.

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Deluxe Glass Etching Kit

by Armour

Average User Rating: Based on (3 Reviews)

5 3

Dawn R. from New Plymouth, OH says:

This kit was excellent. My project called for vinyl to be cut by a sign shop, but the info that came with the kit was extremely helpful. My project came out beautifully. I will definitely buy from Mr....[more]

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Write a Review
Rated by: Dawn R. in New Plymouth, OH
This kit was excellent. My project called for vinyl to be cut by a sign shop, but the info that came with the kit was extremely helpful. My project came out beautifully. I will definitely buy from Mr. Art and Armour again!!
Rated by: Eileen T. in Manteca, CA
As a complete beginner I found this kit great. Very easy to follow instructions and great fun.
Rated by: Brenda Jo S. in Beloit, KS
This is the greatest little kit. I have never etched glass before and took on a little project of making four matching wine glasses for a raffle item at a benefit supper. I made my own stencil per the instructions in the kit and followed the rest of the steps and PRESTO. I never dreamed it would be so easy and look so neat. I had lots of compliments and was even asked to make another set. Thanks so much for your speedy deliver and great service.

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