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Liquitex Heavy Body Professional Artist Acrylic Color has an exceptionally smooth, thick and buttery consistency. Because it’s so thick, it retains crisp brush strokes and palette knife marks, making it perfect for impasto, mixed media, collage, and printmaking applications.

STARTER SET includes 6 ea 22ml tubes of heavy body acrylics, 1 ea 4 oz. jar of gloss medium and varnish, 2 artist brushes, a palette knife, and canvas board.

CLASSIC 12 SET contains: 12 tubes of 2 oz. heavy body acrylics including 2 titanium white.

ESSENTIALS 12 SET includes 22ml tubes: yellow medium azo, naphthol red light, quinacridone crimson, dioxazine purple, ultramarine blue red shade, cerulean blue hue, phthalocyanine gree blue shade, yellow oxide, transparent burnt sienna, transparent raw umber, titanium white, and ivory black.

COLOR 6 SET includes 22ml tubes: mars black, titanium white, naphthol crimson, cadmium yellow medium hue, phthalocyanine green (blue shade), and ultramarine blue (green shade).

VIBRANT 6 SET includes 22ml tubes: vivid lime green, medium magenta, light blue permanent, yellow light hansa, cadmium orange hue, and brilliant purple.

CLASSIC 6 SET includes 2 oz. tubes: cadmium yellow medium hue, naphthol crimson, ultramarine blue (green shade), phthalocyanine green (blue shade), mars black, and titanium white.

MUTED COLLECTION SET includes 2 oz. tubes: muted pink, muted green, muted grey, muted violet, muted turquoise and titanium white.

MIXING 4 PRIMARY SET includes: 2 oz. tubes quinacridone crimson, yellow medium azo, phthalocyanine blue (green shade), and titanium white.

MIXING 6 PRIMARY SET includes 2 oz. tubes: quinacridone crimson, yellow medium azo, phthalocyanine blue (green shade), titanium white, transparent white, and ivory black.

IRIDESCENT SET of 6 includes 2 oz. tubes iridescent colors: bright gold, bright silver, white, rich bronze, and the new rose gold, and black.

FLUORESCENT SET of 6 includes 2 oz. tubes of fluorescent colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, and green.

ESSENTIALS SET of 24 includes .75 oz tubes in a great trial set of various colors in the heavy body acrylic range.

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