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Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic paint is a superior range of acrylics, offering a wide color spectrum, maximum permanence, optimum brilliance and intensity of color, and unsurpassed covering power and tinting strength.

The range has been formulated to a soft, buttery consistency and provides excellent retention of brush stroke marks. Professional Acrylics also have a slightly longer open time than other acrylics, giving extra time on the canvas for blending. They dry to a non-tacky, uniform satin finish and show no color shift from wet color to dry finish.

These acrylics can be used on canvas, paper, wood, degreased leather, and any other surface that is not too greasy or glossy. Water soluble when wet and water resistant when dry, their versatility can be further extended by the use of Winsor & Newton acrylic mediums and gels.

The colors come in 60 ml tubes, and 200 ml tubes of ivory black and titanium white

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