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This medium masks and protects areas of work from subsequent layers of color. Art Masking Fluid creates a water impervious film made from pigment and latex that can be easily removed by peeling or rubbing. Apply masking fluid over completely dry areas only and allow it to dry before continuing to paint. Remove the water-resistant film to reveal the protected paper or paint underneath. Experiment with an even wider variety of applications to achieve various effects like flicking masking fluid off the end of a brush, washing over the area with color, and then removing the masking fluid for a speckled effect. Whether creating textured patterns or preserving pure white highlights, Art Masking Fluid provides a preventative method of control. Temporary masking fluid should not be left on paper for extended periods to prevent damage or staining; remove within 48 hrs for best results..

Art Masking Fluid is available in pale yellow and colorless form. Pale yellow fluid is visible to see exactly which areas are masked. When masking very absorbent papers, however, the colorless fluid is recommended because it won’t stain.

Unlike Permanent Masking Medium, Art Masking Fluid is removable. It comes in 2.5-ounce (75 ml) bottles.

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