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Gallery Glass Window Color

by Plaid

Water-based Gallery Glass Window Colors dry to a textured finish that simulates the look of cathedral stained glass. Window Colors are non-toxic, easy to use, and available in a variety of decorator colors.

Colors can be applied both vertically and horizontally and can be used on windows, glass, mirrors, Plexiglas, and styrene. Gallery Glass can be peeled off and re-applied once dry.

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Gallery Glass Window Color

by Plaid

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Betty Rich from venice,fl. says:

I love, love, this product. I have used Gallery Glass Crystal Clear and just love how it looks. Can't wait to start a new project. Amazing product. I can't wait to try some colors now.

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Gallery Glass Window Color charcoal black 2 oz. charcoal black 2 oz. 16018N $2.48 $1.99 20% Off $1.75 30% Off Email When In Stock
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Gallery Glass Window Color crystal clear 2 oz. crystal clear 2 oz. 16001N $2.48 $1.99 20% Off $1.75 30% Off Email When In Stock
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Gallery Glass Window Color glitter silver 2 oz. glitter silver 2 oz. 16441N $2.48 $1.99 20% Off $1.75 30% Off Email When In Stock
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Gallery Glass Window Color ruby red shimmer 2 oz. ruby red shimmer 2 oz. 16850N $2.48 $1.99 20% Off $1.75 30% Off Email When In Stock

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Product Questions and Answers

Ask a Question
Ask a Question

Do I have to bake the glasses once painted, or can I air dry them?

- Asked by Kiyoko on 02-Jun-14

This paint air-dries. Do not bake.

- Answered by MisterArt on 06-Jun-14

How long should a Plaid paint keep in a sealed, unopened bottle?

- Asked by selina on 02-Apr-14

This paint should keep indefinitely if stored properly. Avoid extreme temperatures.

- Answered by MisterArt on 04-Apr-14

How long does it take to dry?

- Asked by Michael on 24-Mar-14

Gallery Glass will dry in about eight hours and cure in about three to seven days depending on humidity and temperature.

- Answered by MisterArt on 27-Mar-14

Can it be used outside?

- Asked by robin barnett on 28-Feb-14

Gallery Glass is not recommended for outdoor use due to uncontrolled temperatures and moisture.

- Answered by MisterArt on 03-Mar-14

How do you remove Gallery Glass Clear by Plaid from a glass shower door?

- Asked by sam on 27-Jan-14

This product, once cured, is a cling-on and should remove easily by lifting up an edge and peeling off gently. If it is stuck, it can be slightly warmed with a hair dryer. Allow the surface to cool and then peel off. Avoid overheating which can cause the window cling to stretch.

- Answered by MisterArt on 27-Jan-14

Does sunlight affect the color?

- Asked by Jeff Thomas on 22-Jan-14

Gallery Glass is designed for lightfastness and lasting color. Plaid rates Gallery Glass paints a 2 on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the most lightfast. Once painted and cured, the work is a cling-on which can be peeled off and moved to another window with less direct sunlight exposure if needed.

- Answered by MisterArt on 23-Jan-14

Can Gallery Glass window art be washed?

- Asked by Jennifer Noren on 08-Jan-14

Gallery Glass is moisture sensitive and may be affected if cleaned with anything moist.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Jan-14

Can the colors be mixed?

- Asked by Kenzilu on 01-Dec-13

Yes, they can be blended together with the other Gallery Glass colors.

- Answered by MisterArt on 02-Dec-13

What's the difference between window and acrylic paint for stained glass?

- Asked by rose on 08-Oct-13

Gallery Glass paint can be peeled off and re-applied once dry. Acrylic paint cannot.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Oct-13

How do these paints weather out in the garden?

- Asked by Diadra M on 22-Jul-13

According to Plaid, Gallery Glass is not for outdoor use.

- Answered by MisterArt on 23-Jul-13

How does one apply Gallery Glass directly to a wine glass?

- Asked by Anne Edwards on 13-Jun-13

The Gallery Glass paints are recommended for windows. These paints are not recommended for surfaces that will be in contact with food, extreme heat, or wetness.

- Answered by MisterArt on 14-Jun-13

If it peels off when dry, how do you clean your window?

- Asked by G j s on 13-Jun-13

Projects usually dry in 8 hours and cure in 3-7 days, depending upon humidity, temperature, and thickness of the application. Once the paint is fully dried, you can clean your window with a mild soap and water.

- Answered by MisterArt on 14-Jun-13

Will this product resist water? Can I wash it with soap and water?

- Asked by BB on 01-Jun-13

Once the paint is dry, it can be cleaned with mild soap and water. A sealant beforehand is recommended, though.

- Answered by MisterArt on 03-Jun-13

What is the drying process?

- Asked by Rita on 31-May-13

Let your finished Gallery Glass project dry, away from drafts, breezes and dust, for at least 8 hours. Projects will be cured completely in 72 hours. Do not attempt to speed up the drying process—placing a fan in front of your work can cause cracks in the surface. Using a blow dryer can seal the top of the paint and actually trap the wet paint, preventing it from drying in the normal amount of time.

- Answered by MisterArt on 03-Jun-13

How can I achieve a marbled effect?

- Asked by t.rogers on 05-May-13

The Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color paints will give the surface a cathedral stained glass look. These particular paints will not give a marble affect.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-May-13

How do I safely remove these paints from my windows without damaging my windows?

- Asked by Kala on 02-May-13

Gallery Glass paints can be peeled off and re-applied once they are dry. No special remover is required.

- Answered by MisterArt on 03-May-13

Can I use this product straight from the bottle without any outline?

- Asked by Nancy W. on 12-Apr-13

The paint can be applied by bottle or brush. However, it does not have a precision tip for detailed lines. For intricate, detailed designs, use Liquid Leading.

- Answered by MisterArt on 16-Apr-13

Can I mix in a little black acrylic paint to darken what I have?

- Asked by Flora on 04-Apr-13

Since the Gallery Glass paints are water-based, adding an acrylic paint will not mix well and it will change the consistency of the paint.

- Answered by MisterArt on 05-Apr-13

What is the difference between "shimmer" and a regular color?

- Asked by Flora on 03-Apr-13

The shimmer colored paints have a sparkled look to them.

- Answered by MisterArt on 03-Apr-13

Will the colors be affected by the sun over time?

- Asked by Ron on 14-Mar-13

The Plaid Gallery Glass is not fade or UV resistant. We suggest using a sealer with UV protection over the paints.

- Answered by MisterArt on 19-Mar-13

How much area does the 2 oz. cover on a window?

- Asked by Ruth K on 30-Jan-13

This depends on the surface and method of application. A lighter application could do a normal-sized window but a thicker application would need more bottles for the same sized window.

- Answered by MisterArt on 04-Feb-13

I have some Gallery Glass that has gotten thick. Is it useable? If so, how?

- Asked by Judi.G on 14-Dec-12

The Gallery Glass Window Color by Plaid is water-based, and can be diluted with water.

- Answered by MisterArt on 17-Dec-12

I have a full glass front door. Would this work as a stained-glass look and not see through?

- Asked by Betty H on 15-Nov-12

The paint will give a cathedral stained glass finish. You can see through it slightly, but it won't be transparent.

- Answered by MisterArt on 20-Nov-12

What paper do I use when using Plaid Gallery Glass?

- Asked by Anthony on 11-Nov-12

The Plaid Gallery Glass Window paint is not recommended for use on paper. These paints are for use on windows, glass, mirrors, Plexiglas, and styrene.

- Answered by MisterArt on 12-Nov-12

I want to create a color I like to call Royal Purple, which is a deep rich purple. Can you suggest which colors mixed together would make this color?

- Asked by SHELLY on 10-Oct-12

You could mix the plum and a little of the charcoal black to darken the plum color.

- Answered by MisterArt on 10-Oct-12

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Customer Product Reviews
Write a Review
Write a Review
Rated by: Betty Rich in venice,fl.
I love, love, this product. I have used Gallery Glass Crystal Clear and just love how it looks. Can't wait to start a new project. Amazing product. I can't wait to try some colors now.
Rated by: Nancy M. in Ocala, Florida
I like this product very much and have been using it for year's to make all kinds of window clings. I just wish the Plaid company would bring back more of the shimmers and sparkle type paints. However,I have found you can add your own sparkle with glitter..I use many different types of glitters and my window clings are beautiful.
Rated by: Jeanne in Tuscon, AZ
I love the product. It's easy to use, with great results. I love buying from MisterArt.com. They have the best service with prompt delivery. I've recommended this site to friends.
Rated by: Jeanne in Tucson, AZ
I've made real stained glass windows, but it was an expensive hobby. I'm so pleased at the results I get with the Gallery Glass paint. I highly recommend Misterart.com. Their service is fantastic.
Rated by: Jeanne in Tucson, AZ
Love the color! Easy to use. MisterArt.com has the best price and fantastic service. Thanks!!
Rated by: Jeanne in Tucson, AZ
Plaid Gallery Glass paints are easy to use and I love all the colors.
Rated by: Jeanne in Tucson, AZ
I love the colors and you provide wonderful service!
Rated by: Jeanne in Tucson, AZ
I decided to give this a try, and couldn't find the paints locally. I'm so glad I found your website . The color selection is fantastic, and you had the best price.
Rated by: Juliene in Illinois
I was very satisfied with this product and it's color.
Rated by: Elouise D in Krebs Ok.
I loved using this product. Thank you for making it available to us!!
Rated by: Flora in Tennessee
I have used this several times and the results were GREAT. I have had problems with not being able to find colors that are dark enough. They seem to be "washed out". Can I mix the colors and use black to make some colors more intense?
Rated by: Neal F. in Provincetown, MA
I always have great success with Gallery Glass window colors. I use them to create original art works including geometric patterns, and renderings of classic cars.
Rated by: Luz U. in Miami, Fl
I want to tell you, that your products are great. I'm so happy with them, and the colors are beautiful. Before I get my products from you misterart.com, I tried the ones from Martha Stewart, and I really don't like them. Thank you so much. I thought I was going to take long to get them, and I was surprised how fast they got here.
Rated by: Judy in Pahrump, Nv
I have used Gallery Glass for years. We moved into a new house and our front doors are clear french panels.We used Clear gallery glass to fill them in. I have had many neighbors ask where we got the beautiful doors. It works great and looks wonderful
Rated by: Bev D. in Leavenworth, KS
I have an entire wall of windows in my kitchen. Being the kitchen, I really didn't want a wall of curtains or blinds but the view is also not one I wanted to see all the time - the side of our neighbors house. I also didn't want to lose all that natural light coming into the room. It's been between 10-15 years and the windows look just as great as they did from day one. I'm redecorating and plan to redo the windows with a new design that reflects my new updated kitchen. I wouldn't think of doing anything else but use Gallery Glass! I think gallery glass it terrific and I would recommend it to anyone. I also used it to make a folding screen out of two glass paned doors that I love and get many compliments on. I took a stained glass course before using Gallery Glass; the stained glass piece has a cracked section of glass that would be very hard to repair but my Gallery Glass makes my glass windows stronger, safer and more resistant to outside heat and cold. Thanks for a great product.
Rated by: Vera M. in Rifle, CO
I am trying to learn stained glass and this is the best glass window color I have found.
Rated by: Robin P. in Suffolk, VA
I love this stuff! I have been making glasswork for a profit! Wonderful medium to customize a project for a client. Birthdays, weddings, full windows. Trick....while leading a piece out, I find that the bottle is just soo stiff. When product is half-way gone, I throw a simple plastic hand clamp on the bottle as to add pressure. If done right, helps my poor hands tremendously. Hope this helps someone.
Rated by: Lisa J S. in Middletown, NY
This was my first time using Gallery Glass. I used it to make iridescent wings for polymer clay sculpture. Works beautifully.
Rated by: Joey E. in Erwin, NC
Gallery Glass is fun the whole family can enjoy. If you like crafts it is well worth checking into. MisterArt.com has the lowest prices I have found on all the Gallery Glass supplies online and at local stores!
Rated by: Elaine H. in Hutchinson, MN
I was impressed with the prices on the site. They are very reasonable and shipping was expedient. The selection was extensive. Great site!
Rated by: Linda C. in Cheyenne, WY
Excellent hobby and great paints. I love the fact that I can order any color on line. Sometimes craft stores have a very limited color selection. Thank you for a great product
Rated by: Karen W. in Medford, MA
The colors are great, and last so much longer in the sun than any competing product that I have tried. The texture is great if you put blobs on a base and swirl it to give some dimensionality to the "glass". I have used this on ceramic, on plastic sheeting in the bathroom, on glass windows and dishware (vases and such, not to eat out of) and everyone seems to love it! It takes time to dry but it's well worth it and not too difficult to start.
Rated by: Patricia T. in Mooringsport, LA
I recommend MisterArt.com's web site for any of the crafts you might do... right now I'm working on pressed flowers and hand painted stained glass... everything I need is here at this web site (except for the flowers I press myself) and they are quick to ship, products are excellent, and I am very pleased with everything I order from them.
Rated by: Barb V. in Pompano Beach, FL
I thought this looked kind of cheesy. And it will peel right off.
Rated by: Juanita F. in Leesburg, VA
This product is really great. I have been making very pretty window clings with it. It is easy to use and goes a long way.
Rated by: Florence F. in Bristol, VA
These paints give great results. If you are going to do a big project on a vertical surface though, make sure you practice enough before and check the paint consistancy as it varies depending on the color. It does give stunning effects and best of all you can peel it of if you get tired of it.
Rated by: Stony F. in Boise, ID
These work like a dream! They go on in bold and beautiful color and peel off easily when dried. Wet clean up is difficult so let mistakes dry first and then remove. They stay as nice after 1 year as they were on the first day. I get so many compliments. They really do look like stained glass.
Rated by: J B. in Exmore, VA
A quick and easy way to faux stained glass
Rated by: grace l. in melbourne, FL
the paints are wonderful, I used them to stencil on a glass top table.
Rated by: Janet S. in Ruskin, FL
A first time user, this product is just what I have been looking for. I paint Glass Blocks and Plastic Soda Bottles. Thanks
Rated by: Polly G. in Sutton, WV
I like the colors that I ordered very much, the paint was easy to use and the finished project got a lot of positive comments. Would highly recommend this paint.
Rated by: Joanne L. in phoenix, AZ
I have looked at several art and craft sites and MisterArt.com has the best products for the cheapest prices. The orders are delievered quickly and I can't say enough of how pleased I am with the Gallery Glass Paints. They are easy to use and have beautiful colors when dry. I use this product almost everyday.
Rated by: Jane A. in Bisbee, AZ
Easy to use and FUN! I have used plexi and glass and it really does look like stained glass.
Rated by: Joanne L. in Phoenix, AZ
This product is easy to use and creates beautiful color on glass. The crystal clear also puts a glass like finish over other paints on many other surfaces.
Rated by: Debra S. in Altamont, IL
MisterArt.com has the best prices to be found. Great selection. Easy transaction. Thanks MisterArt.com!
Rated by: lori f. in Glendive, MT
I love Gallery Glass. I get so many compliments on the windows I've done.
Rated by: amukta c. in charlotte, NC
these colors are very good and dry very quickly. They are very convinient to be used and the shades are nice
Rated by: B. R. in Hot Springs, AR
This product is a superior paint to be used on glass. I have produced many beautiful windows that look just like leaded glass. Other products I've tried do not compare.
Rated by: Corine W. in Lakeland, FL
This is the coolest stuff. I used it on an old window and it looks so great and it was my first try!
Rated by: Louise N. in Des Arc, MO
I received everything I ordered in a timely fashion and the merchandise was packed very sucurely, We had no problems. My 8yr old daughter and I enjoy decorating our windows around the house. It's a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby. We have been doing this for about 2 years. Thanks again for the great service...
Rated by: Sam M. in Durham, NC
I purchased the Gallery Glass Color for my wife for her projects. She loves using this product and has done several window projects for family and friends. She loves the way the material goes on and the look after she applied the Glass Protective Sealer. Great product say her.
Rated by: Victoria A. in Muncie, IN
I received the items I ordered and was happy with them. They were delivered on time.
Rated by: Mitzi J. in McKenzie, ND
I used these paints for a stained glass class I taught at a youth activity day, they looked awesome when completed.
Rated by: Carol Jean M. in Arlington, MA
Thirteen years ago I used Gallery Glass on a french door at the top of the stairs in my apartment. When I moved instead of removing it the landlord asked me to leave it. I moved away for seven years and got my old apartment back. I was so surprised to see "my" door still looking just as good and just like the real thing. Gallery Glass is the greatest. Everyone thinks its real!!!!
Rated by: Jennifer E. in New Braunfels, TX
This is a great product. I am very happy with the results that I am getting.
Rated by: CarolJean M. in arlington, MA
I can't say enough about gallery glass.In 1993 I had back surgery and was very bored. G.G. was pretty new, and i had a window kit in my closet,so i took it out pulled a chair up to the french door at the top of our stairs, i had a sheer there but this project made the whole room shine and everybody thought it was real. A couple years later we moved and my landlord asked me to leave the gg. up.so three years ago we ended up moving back to this apartment and the gallery glass french door was as beautiful as it was when i did it 14 years later. Not many craft projects or themes etc.etc. can say that.And now you have so many new projects i can't wait to begin "staining"again.thank you for all your wonderful products. I'll be usung them as soon as I save up since now i'm disable and finances aren't great but where there is a will there is a way. Oh, I also made some beautiful window clings.Thanks again.C.Monahan
Rated by: Michelle R. in Grants, NM
For those who are wanta-be stained glass artists but don't have a lot of money or time, this is the way to go! Gallery Glass window colors were easy to use, affordible, and fun to create with. I had no problems with getting them to do what I needed and the outcome of my projects were fabulous! My kids enjoyed creating with them too.
Rated by: Donna D. in Philadelphia, PA
This product is great. I have used it for about 5 years in so many ways. I have done murals on bathroom windows, borders on windows and mirrors, lampshades, suncatchers and so much more. I have also introduced many teenagers to the product in our Vacation Bible School by way of suncatchers and bordered picture frames (it's that easy). The look is great and can be changed easily just by pealing it off, which is the aspect that makes it mistake-proof.
Rated by: Joan C. in Saint David, AZ
This stuff is easy to use and the results look great.
Rated by: george c. in San Diego, CA
I just started using Plaid Gallery Glass Window Colors. They are very easy to use and look FANTASTIC! I decided to use them to decorate my own glass christmas balls (ornaments) The colors look so vibrant. I highly recommend Plaid Gallery Glass Window Colors.
Rated by: yvonne a. in killeen, TX
I love to window color and this web site helps me get all my colors at the same time and its cheap.
Rated by: Deborah L. in Nipomo, CA
I use Gallery Glass to make wings for the fairies I create. I paint wings onto different media (paper, etc.), add my wire, and when it dries I have beautiful looking wings. It's a great product.
Rated by: Joanna B. in Tucson, AZ
I've been having a lot fun using these. I'm using them on my french doors and my usually frugal husband is actually encouraging me to spend more money to finish that project as well as all our other windows.
Rated by: Laurie D. in Tacoma, WA
I have been using Plaid gallery glass for about 5 years on glass panels designed to be hung or fitted into window spaces, or placed outside in the garden. It works fine outside as long as it is installed in a relatively sheltered place, i.e. no very hot direct sun. It's also very important not to put the worked side of the glass directly next to a window where it may be exposed to strong sunlight. I think it's an absolutely wonderful medium and my pieces keep getting better and better. Recently I've tried using it on Plexiglas as well as glass and it works very well that way also, seems to adhere somewhat better. I originally found the product after looking for many years; approximately 15 years ago I did quite a bit of painting on glass and acrylic panels with acrylic paint -- it was effective, but very difficult to create the desired effect and really required a light behind the panel. Prior to that, I have off and on painted directly on windows using watercolor or tempera. After I found this product, I haven't looked for anything else -- I like it and it suits what I want to do.
Rated by: Catherine B. in Sacramento, CA
We had a master bath picture window over our bathtub. I wanted to block it without shutting out the light. I did a huge meadow scene. It was easy and looked great. Now I'm going to do my friend's new house as a housewarming gift.
Rated by: D. D. in Tully, NY
I have wanted to try gallery glass for a while. It is simple and easy and truley makes a design come to life. I am using it to creat life like images of animals. It's gonna take a little more practice to use the liquid lead smoothly, but like any new craft I'm sure I will get the hang of it. The product does take a couple days to fully dry so it's not good for an spur of the moment craft project. Once dry it does easily lift off it's original glass surface to easily be applied elsewhere. I can't wait to get creating more projects!
Rated by: Brooke B. in Franklin, NY
I have wanted to try the gallery glass for a long time now and I wasn't disapointed.They come in beautiful colors and look so real once painted on.
Rated by: Patricia L. in Bridgeport, CT
I work all day solving problems for others, when I get home I really need to do something to relax my mind and soul. These window colors are a true blessing from heaven; I am creating these beautiful pieces of ART, while I am enjoying watching something come to life that used to exist only in my mind. I love them dearly and would like to thank MisterArt.com for delivering a dream come true to my house.
Rated by: Kathy S. in State College, PA
Wonderfull colors! I love the easy to use bottles with the applicator tips. This is my first attempt at this glass painting and so far, things are going great! I have my next project already lined up.
Rated by: Karen P. in McLean, VA
I made a "stained glass" window in my bathroom 4 years ago with this and it has held up beautifully - even cleaning with windex didn't hurt it. It looks absolutely real, especially if you're careful to "connect" all the lines. Didn't know product was online - getting more to do another window.
Rated by: robin s. in Morton, IL
I have seen this product at my local Wal-Mart superstore for several years, and was skeptical, but I finally tried it and it was better than I had dreamed. The look is deeply dimensional, and your eyes trick your fingers into thinking it IS really glass, cut and leaded and imbedded. The Wal-Mart only carried a limited selection of colors, but MisterArt.com has all the colors and textures anyone could wish. I would recommend experimenting with colors first as they look very different on glass than in the bottle, sometimes.
Rated by: Renee D. in New York, NY
You should give this a try! I have used it on several windows and have gotten rave results. As a result I have done several family members' windows as well. Everyone thinks it's real stained glass. As with any paint, there are several things you can do to create texture. Some reviewers suggest using a toothpick to create a certain effect. Well, the tip of the bottle is like a pen so what I do is squeeze a bit out and comb that without releasing any more paint. When that looks good I'm ready to aqueeze and comb some more. Gently tap the glass to release any bubbles that occur. If you take your time and enjoy the process you will probably be quite proud of the beautiful result. Happy Crafting!
Rated by: Jean M. in N. Attleboro, MA
I really enjoy using this product. Put the completed item in the frig for a bit before peeling it off the backing. The liquid leading packaging is poorly designed, which makes it difficult to use and wasteful.
Rated by: Moira B. in Chino Hills, CA
After using Decra Led to create a pattern and outline my kitchen garden window, I am using Gallery Glass to fill in and create a stained glass effect. Application is not as simple as the product manufacturer makes out. It has to be applied on cooler days or at night or it dries before color is spread. I would not suggest applying on a hot sunny day. Vertical application on windows is not an easy process; not enough paint and it dries quickly causing clumping and streaking while trying to spread it out, too much paint and it runs like crazy. Also tends to run onto outline leading. Someone needs to come up with a better application method. This is my first time using this product and I may find it easier to apply after completing a project or two. Although project is slow going, I am hopeful it will look good when completed.
Rated by: Ann R. in Dade City, FL
I used the Gallery Glass on my mother in laws little windows by front door and the glass turned out lovely...first time I have used it..it was so easy and the results are awesome...Now I'm looking forward doing other windows and items...Thanks for such an easy product. Love it!!!!
Rated by: Deborah C. in Mountain Home, AR
My first faux stained glass window is beautiful, if I do say so myself. The colors are excellent and the paint applies easily. I was only going to make one window, but now I'm hooked!
Rated by: Naomi H. in Northampton, England, CA
Brilliant product, which, with practice produces stunning results. I must admit, I generally use this product on vases, sun catchers, tiles, mirrors and candles and not very often on windows, although I’ve painted one large window that was hard work but very rewarding. I would suggest anyone who enjoys crafts gives this a go !!
Rated by: Phyllis M. in Englewood, CO
You know, I really like to work with this. I've done windows on houses with this medium and have never had any of the problems of bubbling. It's all in the application. One of my favorite ways to work with this is to simulate the old glass in churches using a toothpick to glaze atop the Plaid gallery glass while it's beginning to go into its drying stage. It gives it another dimensional look. I've even used this to "fix" up large mirrors that have lost some of their stuff on the back. It's wonderful for many window projects. I LOVE getting commissions........... !
Rated by: Roseanne F. in Temple City, CA
These paints dry out quickly and do not dry as uniformly as I would like. They tend to have lots of bubbles which look horrible when your painted project is completed. I like Deka-Transparent by Decart much better; you can use an eye-dropper to drop the paint onto the glass and it flows into the corners without any effort. Gallery Glass' colors are not as rich and transparent as I had hoped.
Rated by: Phyllis M. in Englewood, CO
I'm an illustrator by profession - but when I need to do something really fun and relaxing then I look forward to painting plexiglass "windows" to go over my existing house windows. Not only do I get praise for the work, but people are surprised at how well Gallery Glass can look like stained glass. One of my favorite techniques to use is to make the glass look wavy by pulling a toothpick through it before it gets gummy and starts to dry. The results of Gallery Glass is absolutely beautiful shining through the windows at night and gleaming during the sunlight. :)
Rated by: Brenda M. in Murfreesboro, TN
It has been only a few months ago that I started doing the stained glass work. I use nothing but the Plaid Gallery Glass paints. They are easy to work with and this craft is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I would highly recommend the Plaid Gallery Glass paints to beginners up to professionals!
Rated by: Judy R. in Fresno, CA
I've been using the plaid gallery glass stains for twenty years. They have really improved on their stains for glass. They no longer damage your liver or panchreas.

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