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Formerly known as Acryla Gouache, Acrylic Gouache is an ideal medium for artists, designers, hobbyists, carvers, illustrators, and students. Made with water-soluble acrylic resin and the purest pigments available, Acrylic Gouache offers a brilliant color range including metallic and luminous finishes. This paint moves, reacts, blends, and feels like traditional gum arabic gouache but without the fragile surface. The formula is compatible with all other water-soluble media regardless of origin, and it dries to a velvet matte finish. Rated for its light-fastness, Acrylic Gouache is adapted to the Munsell color standard for hue, chroma, and value.

It may be used as a successful foundation that won’t contaminate painted layers. It will not shift in color tone from liquid to dried color - what you see wet is what you get dry.

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