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Daniel Smith’s Introductory Watercolor Sets provide exactly what you need to start painting. Each set includes six 5 ml tubes of the famously bold, bright, and rich Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor paints.

The Essential Set provides everything you need to capture the color of the spring season. Its wide range of paints gives a variety of values and color when mixed. Includes hansa yellow light, new gamboge, quinacridone rose, pyrrol scarlet, phthalo blue, and French ultramarine.

The PrimaTek Set consists of colors made with minerals and carefully selected pigments focused on capturing texture. The mineral pigments help produce unusual granulating effects. The watercolor formula is also heavier in body so the paint settles into the tooth of your paper, leaving behind superb granulation and texture. Includes rhodonite genuine, jadeite genuine, amethyst genuine, Mayan blue genuine, hematite genuine, and piemontite genuine.

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