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Fome-Cor is an innovative board that can be used for a wide variety of applications including exhibits, POP displays, signage, photo mounting, screen-printing, and framing.

The polystyrene core is bonded between high-quality papers to create a lightweight, reliably rigid, ultra-smooth board. Foam core boards simplify production, resist warping, and cut cleanly.

White Fome-Cor is laminated on both sides with clay-coated papers and has a white core. It’s perfect for all general mounting applications as well as die-cutting and embossing.

Black-Centered Fome-Cor has a crisp black core that is laminated between high-quality uncoated black papers. It’s ideal for mounting photographs, prints, presentations, and other materials.

Acid-Free Fome-Cor uses papers that are made of high alpha-cellulose virgin pulp. The board is lignin-free and ideal for all conservation-grade mounting applications.

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