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Akua Liquid Pigments were originally developed for monotype printmaking, but can also be used for other techniques, such as Japanese woodcut and painting on paper. By adding drops of these concentrated pigments into Akua Intaglio Transparent Base, you can custom make intaglio or relief inks.

Colors are made with lightfast pigments, pure gum binders and honey. No fillers or dryers are added, so colors dry with a luminous finish. Clean up is fast and easy with just water and a rag.

Akua Liquid Pigments are compatible with Akua Intaglio to create new colors or relief techniques such as multi-plate overlays. The Pigments print beautifully on dry paper because it stays wet on the palette. Prints can be made with the use of an etching press, or by hand pressure using a PinPress, baren or spoon.

Sold in 4 oz squeeze bottles with spill proof twist off cap.

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