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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors

by Daler-Rowney

Pearlescent inks produce a shimmering pearl effect. These acrylic based inks are water soluble when wet, but dry to a water resistant film. All colors are good to extremely lightfast. This breakthrough in color technology offers almost limitless creative potential in areas not normally associated with inks. Apply to paper, board, wood, leather, and, to a limited degree, glass and ceramics. Use with dip pen, ruling pen, or brush. 1 oz. bottle.

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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors

by Daler-Rowney

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Lisa J S. from Middletown, NY says:

Gorgeous colors, great quality. Couldn't find in local craft stores and price was good on MisterArt.com. I used them to paint wings for polymer clay sculptures. Looks beautiful.

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  Item# Swatch Image color
Manufacturer Number List Price Non-Member Price VIP Member Club Price Quantity
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors autumn gold
Zoom Image
autumn gold 603201126 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors bell bronze
Zoom Image
bell bronze 603201110 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors birdwing copper
Zoom Image
birdwing copper 603201111 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors black
Zoom Image
black 603201032 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors Dutch blue
Zoom Image
Dutch blue 603201127 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors galactic blue
Zoom Image
galactic blue 603201112 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors genesis green
Zoom Image
genesis green 603201128 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors hot cool yellow
Zoom Image
hot cool yellow 603201113 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors hot mama red
Zoom Image
hot mama red 603201114 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors macaw green
Zoom Image
macaw green 603201115 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors mazuma gold
Zoom Image
mazuma gold 603201117 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off Email When In Stock
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors moon violet
Zoom Image
moon violet 603201116 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors platinum pink
Zoom Image
platinum pink 603201118 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors silver moss
Zoom Image
silver moss 603201129 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors silver pearl
Zoom Image
silver pearl 603201119 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off Email When In Stock
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors sky blue
Zoom Image
sky blue 603201130 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors sun orange
Zoom Image
sun orange 603201121 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors sun-up blue
Zoom Image
sun-up blue 603201122 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors sundown magenta
Zoom Image
sundown magenta 603201120 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors volcano red
Zoom Image
volcano red 603201123 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors waterfall green
Zoom Image
waterfall green 603201124 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off
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Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors white pearl
Zoom Image
white pearl 603201125 $7.50 $4.13 45% Off $3.79 50% Off Email When In Stock

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Customer Product Reviews
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Write a Review
Rated by: Lisa J S. in Middletown, NY
Gorgeous colors, great quality. Couldn't find in local craft stores and price was good on MisterArt.com. I used them to paint wings for polymer clay sculptures. Looks beautiful.
Rated by: Deborah M. in antelope, CA
i ordered the green and red. while i love the drop bottle and shiny colors, it's hard to find a true red - this red is more tangerine.
Rated by: paula g. in rexburg, ID
It was a great product; really high quality and vibrant colors.
Rated by: Alice C. in Raleigh, NC
The Daler-Rowney inks are the best acrylic inks I have come across....very versatile. The Pearescents perform wonderfully with water coloring. MisterArt's prices on these inks are the best!!
Rated by: Emilio S. in Long Beach, NY
Viscosity matched perfectly for Speedball Steel Ruling pens. I bought all the blues and yellows for use in lettering projects on 70-90 pound paper (scrapbooking projects) and was impressed with the homogenous coverage. Not as thick as a gouache or arcylic but that's okay because they were more manageable in my dip pens. I will buy more of these in different colors now. (Haven't tried them in a technical pen; would like to know more about them before I put them in my Rotrings)
Rated by: Dana C. in Charlevoix, MI
I bought all of these and all of the DecoArt Dazzling Metallics also. The main difference between them is that the Daler-Rowney paint costs 4.5 times as much as the DecoArt. The Daler-Rowney comes in a one-ounce heavy glass bottle (some had eyedropper caps, some didn't) that is 1-11/16" in diameter versus the DecoArt which comes in a two-ounce plastic squeeze bottle (with the handy flip-top cap that allows you to access just a drop or two at a time) that is 1-1/4" in diameter. The difference in diameter doesn't seem like much but in actual practice it means the Daler-Rowney takes up a lot more shelf space (while containing only half the volume). Daler-Rowney seems to have a slightly better "feel" and covering ability. Daler-Rowney has a nice selection of colors but so does DecoArt. Both require multiple coats for complete coverage. My advice would be to get the DecoArt series first, and if they don't have all the colors you want, then try the Daler-Rowney.
Rated by: Barry S. in Mount Vernon, WA
The pearlescent nature of these paints attracted me instantly, and I bought the whole set. Now, if Daler-Rowney could only create paints like these that aren't so much a wash, and are thicker in consistency, I'd buy those even faster!
Rated by: Chrysti H. in Raleigh, NC
What took me so long to discover these? these are absolutly AMAZING! I plan to buy the rest of the colors -- the shimmer is just the elegant, subtle touch i needed.. beautiful!
Rated by: Therese B. in Bloomfield, KY
An excellent paint for universal work... the colors look particularly stunning on paper; no washout
Rated by: Shelley G. in Carlsbad, CA
This is one of my favorite products! I love it. It is like a liquid ink, but paints very easily. The gold has a beautiful shiny metallic quality to it. Very nice.
Rated by: Peggy P. in Germany, CA
The Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors are wonderful bright colors that I use in combination with oil pastels and other acrylic colors on my art pieces, gourds. There is a lot of detailed work on my gourds and it helps very much to have Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Colors to work with. Peggy
Rated by: Mark H. in Prescott, AZ
It is wonderful to be able to get the product I want with no backorder. Packaging was great, and product arrived promptly.
Rated by: Alexis M. in Bozeman, MT
Excellent waterproof inks, great fab. colors, metallic colors add such flare to any piece.
Rated by: Trish H. in Yakima, WA
Very vibrant color. Will return for more. Great product.
Rated by: Mona H. in Bellaire, TX
When searching for something especially vivid, sparkling, and rich to augment my polymer clay work, I accidentally bumped into Pearlescent Acrylic ink. I had some Pearl Ex powdered pigments, but wanted to use a product that wasn't dry(needing a dust mask for safety). The pearlescent powders have provided a wonderful wet medium for accenting polymer clay jewelry components. When cured on Premo Sculpey at 275 degrees Farenheit for 30 minutes, this product retained is color and iridescent properties beautifully. Color variety is everything I could wish for and I can even mix a custom color if I like! Easy to use, great clean up, spectacular effects. I highly recommended these gorgeous inks if you are working up polymer jewelry components for design work! I have 21 colors and love every single one. For a lovely spotted art deco effect, try adding drops to a surface, waiting about a minute or so, then wipe away with a soft damp rag. What is left are lovely rings of color as the edges dry first and the center wipes away!
Rated by: Cynthia Y. in Bonne Terre, MO
I wanted to freshen-up some old beads. This product worked perfectly. I also tried it on ceramics; A+
Rated by: Teri T. in Altamonte Springs, FL
WOW! These are the most beautiful, sparkly withoout being tacky paints I've ever used. Mix with the Daler-Rowney texture paste on MisterArt.com for a gorgeous effect, work beautifully on paper, transparencies, chipboard. Absolutely a favorite! I'm collecting them all!
Rated by: Jeannette S. in San Diego, CA
I don't know what I would do without these wonderful inks. I had to get every single color. They work on just about every single surface I've applied them to. Try them on wet sumi-e paper for a beautiful, shimmer effect that still keeps the paper's soft hand when it has dried.
Rated by: Shirley R. in Kannapolis, NC
I use them primarily for art work with my cards and also have found they are a great double for Dichroic on Polyshrink. I love them. They look great whenever I use them. I ordered them all.
Rated by: Belinda B. in Port Republic, MD
this paint is so vivid and bright in color.It helps when you are adding small amonts of color to a project,it helps bring out the small details and add more flavor to the project
Rated by: Patty K. in Albuquerque, NM
This acrylic paint is wonderful. The colors are as brillant as they appear in the bottle. Wish they made more colors!!!!!
Rated by: paula w. in Kansas City, MO
I saw this product on a craft show to be used on silk fabric as a method to make hand painted leaves or hearts. This paint can be used to decoratively prevent fraying. Since I tried it, I've also had other uses for it. It is quite beautiful and easy to use.
Rated by: M. J. C. in Chicago, IL
Wow, I had no clue thes things existed before I started browsing here. The colors are what attracted me, but once I began to work with them, I was hooked. They're inks and have a thin, inky consistency. But they're richly pigmented, and can be applied heavily for good coverage, or thinly for a glaze of color and sparkle. They mix well with other media, particularly acrylic paints, and they really are dazzling in a mixed media composition. I plan on buying a lot more of these.
Rated by: Michael D. in Houston, TX
Great colors! Can't wait to buy whole set...

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