Modeling Tools

by Colour Shaper

Tools have distinctive black rubber tips and an entirely new approach to working with clay, plasticene, wax, plaster, heavy body paints, and tough adhesives. Specially designed for artists and craftspeople who prefer to work three dimensionally, Clay Shaper features an extra firm tip and cleans in seconds. Long lasting and solvent resistant.

Clay Shapers sets have been especially designed for medium scale work and Polymer clay artists. The set comes with one of each of that follows a Cup Chisel (adjust contours and edges. Carve clay. Remove clay). Taper Point (carve patterns through slips and glazes. Create clean linear strokes. Make broad forceful marks. Flat Chisel (apply and carve clay. Create flat even strokes. Cup Round (smooth throwing and scoring marks. Create soft edge strokes. Angle Chisel ( Create expressive strokes. Works from thick to thin. Makes precise marks).

Size 0 (small) is approximately 1/8 in. in diameter
Size 2 (medium) is approximately 3/16 in. n diameter
Size 6 (large) is approximately 5/16 in. in diameter.

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Nann W. from Marblehead, MA says:

I am not happy that the shipping costs were more than the cost of the small shaper. You could have put it in a regular envelope for much less money. Shame!!

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Modeling Tools angle chisel No. 6 each angle chisel No. 6 each 14506 $16.80 $10.99 35% Off $9.19 45% Off
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Modeling Tools angle chisel no. 0 each angle chisel no. 0 each 14500 $9.69 $6.29 35% Off $5.29 45% Off
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Modeling Tools angle chisel no. 2 each angle chisel no. 2 each 14502 $11.95 $7.79 35% Off $6.59 45% Off
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Modeling Tools assorted shapes no. 2 set of 5 assorted shapes no. 2 set of 5 14902 $57.75 $37.59 35% Off $31.49 45% Off
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Modeling Tools assorted shapes No. 6 set of 5 assorted shapes No. 6 set of 5 14900 $80.90 $52.79 35% Off $44.49 45% Off
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Modeling Tools assorted shapes no. 0 set of 5 assorted shapes no. 0 set of 5 14901 $46.15 $30.19 35% Off $25.19 45% Off
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Modeling Tools cup chisel no. 2 each cup chisel no. 2 each 14302 $11.95 $7.79 35% Off $6.59 45% Off
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Modeling Tools cup chisel no. 0 each cup chisel no. 0 each 14300 $9.69 $6.29 35% Off $5.29 45% Off
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Modeling Tools cup round extra firm no. 2 each cup round extra firm no. 2 each 14202 $11.95 $7.79 35% Off $6.59 45% Off
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Modeling Tools cup round extra firm no. 0 each cup round extra firm no. 0 each 14200 $9.69 $6.29 35% Off $5.29 45% Off
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Modeling Tools cup round extra firm No. 6 each cup round extra firm No. 6 each 14206 $16.80 $10.99 35% Off $9.19 45% Off
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Modeling Tools flat chisel no. 2 each flat chisel no. 2 each 14402 $11.95 $7.79 35% Off $6.59 45% Off
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Modeling Tools flat chisel no. 0 each flat chisel no. 0 each 14400 $9.69 $6.29 35% Off $5.29 45% Off
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Modeling Tools flat chisel No. 6 each flat chisel No. 6 each 14406 $16.80 $10.99 35% Off $9.19 45% Off
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Modeling Tools taper extra firm no. 2 each taper extra firm no. 2 each 14102 $11.95 $7.79 35% Off $6.59 45% Off Email When
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Modeling Tools taper extra firm no. 0 each taper extra firm no. 0 each 14100 $9.69 $6.29 35% Off $5.29 45% Off
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Modeling Tools taper extra firm No. 6 each taper extra firm No. 6 each 14106 $16.80 $10.99 35% Off $9.19 45% Off

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Nann W. in Marblehead, MA
I am not happy that the shipping costs were more than the cost of the small shaper. You could have put it in a regular envelope for much less money. Shame!!
Rated by: Mary in California
This tool is a must for my metal clay projects! I love it so much that it I include it in all of the kits I put together!
Rated by: Sheila L. in Arroyo Grande, CA
Excellent tools for both air dry clay and polymer clay. Easy to work with, easy to clean.
Rated by: S. O. in Chicago Heights, IL
These tools are great for smoothing blemishes in those delicate, hard to reach areas, such as the crevices between hair. They're just flexible enough to prevent damaging finely detailed work in softer mediums like Aves Apoxie Sculpt, yet rigid enough for Sculpey Firm and room temperature medium-grade Castilene. Must-haves for any sculptor, from amateur to pro!
Rated by: Judith B. in Kannapolis, NC
Love these! I use this set on almost everything I do. The best.
Rated by: Donna L. in Columbus, OH
I have looked everywhere for this kind of tool to use in cake decorating. They are a must have for cake decorators who create sugar dough figurines. This is the best tool I have and cannot live without. The overall quality is spectacular. Now I am back to buy a few more for back-ups; I cannot be without my clay shapers, they are perfect for sculpting faces in sugar dough. Thanks for selling quality products that are a must have.
Rated by: Carrie K. in Dayton, OH
I LOVE these tools! Like so many of the others that have reviewed these, I too use them for most of my sculpting needs! I have found them to be invaluable!
Rated by: Daniel T. in Sac, CA
These are GREAT, I use them with GreenStuff for models, and LOVE THEM.
Rated by: Ann B. in Fredonia, NY
I am using this tool all the time now. I love it!
Rated by: Guy Z. in Archdale, NC
Great product, I use them every time I sculpt.
Rated by: kari s. in Belfast, ME
What a great tool! Gets into all the hard to reach places!! Revolutionized my sculpting!! A must have for any clay artist.
Rated by: Shelly S. in Pleasureville, KY
These are great for blending polymer clay and avoiding excessive fingerprints before bakeing. I plan to buy larger tools also!
Rated by: mike m. in port washington, WI
Great for shaping the clay and getting small details to stand out very easy. Like it so much I am going to order in different sizes.
Rated by: Micah S. in Bluff City, TN
What can I say? These little things are amazing. I work with polymer clays and bought two of the clay shapers. They've practically replaced half of my other tools. They're just neat. You can't really know until you use them. I'd definitely recomment buying them and I'm going to purchase more as well.
Rated by: Rhonda P. in Victorville, CA
My Clay shapers are the best. Just getting into polymer clay and I love working with these tools.
Rated by: Leanne T. in Buckfield, ME
I really love my Clay Shaper! I work with Polymer Clay and this works wonders, where my fingers used to leave prints. Blending out seams is a breeze.
Rated by: Daniel H. in Jerseyville, IL
Purchased the size 0 firm flat chisel. This the the best friend to anyone sculpting 32mm(ish) figures. Perfect for sculpitng and smoothing epoxy putty.
Rated by: Nell S. in Westville, OK
A friend pointed me to this set of tools. I sculpt 3 inch figures for a garden train set. I was having trouble getting the fine details as I didn't have any tools small enough. These are perfect for fine, exact, correct facial details working with polymer clay. Thank you for offering this product. I will come back for more!
Rated by: Wendy K. in Ferndale, WA
I love these tools for sculpting in clay. They are the greatest.
Rated by: samantha s. in whitehall, PA
I love these tools they are great working with polymer clay They do not stick to the clay and can get into hard to reach places
Rated by: Marsha K. in Gresham, OR
These tools are fantastic! Great for blending. So glad I finally tried them--they will be a tool staple from now on!
Rated by: Margaret T. in Lakeport, CA
These are the best tools next to fingers for working with clay! I have 2 sizes of them and would not trade them!
Rated by: Rachael S. in Carlsbad, CA
This is a great tool. I use it for various things like smoothing, shaping and making lines. I like the weight and feel of the tool in my hand.
Rated by: Nancy R. in Chicago, IL
This is a wonderful product to work with -- excellent.
Rated by: cynthia g. in robesonia, PA
What can I say !! I love my CLAY SHAPERS. They make all my clay projects so much eaiser, and I can't wait to order more !! I would recomend them to everybody who does polymer clay. Thank you MISTERART !!
Rated by: Julie A. in Steamboat Springs, CO
These tools are not always easy to find in stores, but they are well worth the search. They create details that could never be made by any other tool I know of!
Rated by: Linda M. in Yucaipa, CA
The Colour Shapers are like extensions of your fingers allowing you to get into very small places. I love them.
Rated by: Peggy Y. in New Berlin, WI
Nice tool.
Rated by: Margaret T. in Lakeport, CA
These tools are great,wish I knew about them when I first started on polymer clay!
Rated by: Pamela T. in Payson, AZ
These are the best quality I've found in shaping tools for polymer clay. I love them.
Rated by: Deborah L. in Nipomo, CA
I stumbled across these tools while searching through the Mr. Art web site. I ordered a couple and LOVED them. I don't know how I did my sculpting without them, and hope to never be without. I've already ordered my second batch to keep as backup. These are a MUST HAVE for polymer clay folk. Truly.
Rated by: Zella S. in Wasta, SD
Am a novice at working with polymer clay and have already used these enough to know that they are a "must have". High quality. Easy clean ends. These are really great tools!!
Rated by: Loretta W. in Monticello, KY
I really like these tools! They work very nicely with the polymer clay that I use to get a lot of details.
Rated by: Barbara W. in Detroit, MI
The clay shaping tool I ordered is a must have tool for all clay crafters,and ordering from mister art was the easiest shopping trip i've made this year. I'm thrilled with my purchase, very happy, thank you
Rated by: Jean C. in Winter Haven, FL
I love these clay tools, but I also use them to blend oil pastels. They are very durable.
Rated by: Nicole W. in Laughlin, NV
These are the best tools I've ever used with clay. I've been sculpting with polymer clay for over 15 years now, I wish I had these from the begining. No more constant smoothing out marks made by metal tools!!! Misterart aslo had the best prices for these that I found.
Rated by: Kathleen S. in Colfax, WI
Very nice tools for working with clay. I was unable to find them at Michaels in Eau Claire or any of the hobby stores here and was so thrilled to be able to get them at Thanks!!
Rated by: Kristin B. in Sacramento, CA
I love, love, love these sculpting tools! I use them with all types of sculpting media - polymer clay, non-hardening clay, epoxy resin, and even modeling paste. I use them so much that I wear the tips down, but I always try to have extras on hand.
Rated by: Don G. in Columbus, OH
These are fantastic tools. I have used them to smooth miniature sculptures done with various two part epoxies with fantastic results. The firm rubber tips allow for a variation in amount of force used to manipulate materials, and I have had no problems with any adhering or sticking from epoxy putties, modeling clay, or terrain modeling materials such as wood putty or clay.
Rated by: Nancy S. in Whitehall, MI
This is a great tool for working with polymer clay. The clay is easily shaped and doesn't stick to the tool.
Rated by: Gabrielle L. in Los Angeles, CA
I love these! They are great for carving designs into clay, and also work as a paintbrush that never loses its point.
Rated by: Doralyn J M. in Fayetteville, AR
These are fantastic and necessary tools for any serious (or wannabe) sculptor. The more sizes in your toolbox, the better.
Rated by: Jana H. in Lynnwood, WA
These things are seriously GOLD for sculptors! The feel to them is absolutely wonderful, they have a nice wieght, a no-slip grip, I find myself reaching for these most often when I'm working on my projects! My personal favorites are the cone shaped ones and the wedge shaped ones, they find all those little nooks and crannies like it's nobody's business - a must for anybody who wants great results!

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