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Handibond cyanoacrylate adhesive super glue is fast setting, repairs holes even on wet surfaces. Marine-grade water resistant. Has a clean, clear finish.

The Handibond Thin cyanoacrylate adhesive has an instant bonding time. Application: rubber, metals, balsa, plywood, plastics, glass, cracked marbles, hairline gap filling.

The Handibond Medium cyanoacrylate adhesive is a low viscosity, fast curing adhesive that can be used for virtually any type of fastening jobs and is a valuable repair material. Medium is less dependent on surface moisture for cure speed. Application: difficult to bond substrates, wood, balsa, plastic, ceramic, metal, any repair and craft job.

The Handibond Thick cyanoacrylate adhesive has thick viscosity, suitable for big gap filling. Handibond Thick is ideal for industrial usage due to its dense, thick formula and medium cure speed. Application: rubber, metals, aluminum, wood, textile, plastics, filling large gaps.

Handibond Gel can be used for bonding poorly mating components and for porous substrates such as china and other ceramics. A favorite of aquarium makers for bonding coral to rocks. Can be used on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump. Many craft uses bonding wood, cardboard, veneer, fabric, cork and some foams.

The Handibond Accelerator is designed to work with Handibond cyanoacrylate adhesives to speed up the setting process when a faster setting time is necessary. The Handibond Accelerator will prevent the adhesive being absorbed by a porous surface or run out from gaps between the parts. Reduces blooming or fogging of the adhesives. Recommended use with Handibond cyanoacrylate adhesives only. Allows cyanoacrylate adhesive to cure on acidic surfaces, such as wood or aged PVC. Comes in pump spray bottle. Refill also available.

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