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Model Magic is a fun, unique, air-dry modeling material that allows kids to create keepable arts and crafts. Model Magic comes soft and pliable for easy use but permanently air dries in approximately 24 hours without kiln firing or baking. Once dried, Model Magic can be decorated with markers, watercolors, or acrylic paints.

Model Magic doesn’t flake or crumble, so little cleanup is required. It’s also easily removed from carpets. Model Magic is safe and non-toxic.

Colors are available individually in 4 oz. pouches, in assortment packs or in 2 lb. plastic bucket assortments.

The Model Magic Pack of 3 Resealable Tubs:

  • Primary Colors: red, yellow and blue
  • Secondary Colors: green, orange and purple

The Model Magic 0.5 oz. Assortment packs of 6 colors:
  • Naturals: 2 pouches each of bisque, terracotta, and earthtone
  • Neon: 2 pouces each of shocking pink, laser lemon and neon green
  • Primary: 2 pouches of white and one each of red, blue, yellow, and black
  • Secondary: 2 pouches of white and one each of green, orange, purple, and brown
  • White: 6 pouches of white

The Model Magic 2 lb. Bucket Assortments:
  • Neon: 8 oz. pouches one each of laser lemon, shocking pink, yellow green, and radical red
  • Primary: 8 oz. pouches one each of red, yellow, blue, and white
  • Special Effects: 8 oz. pouches one each of white and special effects colors black shimmer, aquamarine shimmer, and purple shimmer
  • White: four 8 oz. pouches of white

The Model Magic Deluxe Variety Pack of 14 contains two 0.5 oz pouches of white, red, yellow, green and blue and one 0.5 oz pouch each of purple, black, orange and brown.

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