Drawing Inks

by Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks, formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution, are brilliantly colored, fast drying, fully intermixable, and easily diluted. They can be applied with brush, pen or airbrush, making them perfect for illustrators, designers, calligraphers and artists.

The colors are available in 14 ml glass bottles.

Also available in a collection set of 8.

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Robert S. from Cary, IL says:

I bounce around with media, watercolor, pencil, etc., but always come back to pen & ink. These inks are great! They mix well and make terrific washes. Love them.

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Drawing Inks apple green 14 ml 11 apple green 14 ml 11 1005011 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks black indian ink 14 ml 30 black indian ink 14 ml 30 1005030 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks blue 14 ml 32 blue 14 ml 32 1005032 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks brick red 14 ml 40 brick red 14 ml 40 1005040 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks brilliant green 14 ml 46 brilliant green 14 ml 46 1005046 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks burnt sienna 14 ml 74 burnt sienna 14 ml 74 1005074 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks canary yellow 14 ml 123 canary yellow 14 ml 123 1005123 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks cobalt 14 ml 176 cobalt 14 ml 176 1005176 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks deep red 14 ml 227 deep red 14 ml 227 1005227 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks emerald 14 ml 235 emerald 14 ml 235 1005235 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks gold 14 ml 283 gold 14 ml 283 1005283 $7.49 $5.54 26% Off $4.87 35% Off
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Drawing Inks nut brown 14 ml 441 nut brown 14 ml 441 1005441 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks orange 14 ml 449 orange 14 ml 449 1005449 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks peat brown 14 ml 469 peat brown 14 ml 469 1005469 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks purple 14 ml 452 purple 14 ml 452 1005542 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks scarlet 14 ml 601 scarlet 14 ml 601 1005601 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks silver 14 ml 617 silver 14 ml 617 1005617 $6.99 $5.19 26% Off $4.54 35% Off
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Drawing Inks sunshine yellow 14 ml 633 sunshine yellow 14 ml 633 1005633 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks ultramarine 14 ml 660 ultramarine 14 ml 660 1005660 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks vermilion 14 ml 680 vermilion 14 ml 680 1005680 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks violet 14 ml 688 violet 14 ml 688 1005688 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks viridian 14 ml 692 viridian 14 ml 692 1005692 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off
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Drawing Inks white 14 ml 702 white 14 ml 702 1005702 $5.49 $3.99 26% Off $3.50 35% Off

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Robert S. in Cary, IL
I bounce around with media, watercolor, pencil, etc., but always come back to pen & ink. These inks are great! They mix well and make terrific washes. Love them.
Rated by: Shin Ae G. in Chesapeake Bay area, MD
I got the Peat in this ink, and I use it with my dip pens. I like it because I think it makes whatever writing I do look antique. It just soaks into the paper and looks like it has been there forever. I would choose this again and maybe in some other colors, too.
Rated by: Kenny H. in Bardstown, KY
These are the best inks I have used. Period. I am an experienced scale model builder, and use inks for water-based washes and glazes. These inks have no pigment particles, making them leave a perfect gradient. Perfect gradients in washes and glazes are THE key to perfect scale effects. These inks deliver. They have added an entirely new dimension to my modeling and I cannot say enough good things about them. I should also add MisterArt.com's prices are lower than any of the rest I've searched. Service was prompt too.
Rated by: Patricia B. in Middletown, NJ
As a watercolorist, I became bored and wanted to experiment with something different, yet still liquid. I would not hesitate to order more of these inks. Very pleased with intensity and color saturation. Easy to work with, using soft brush - and they dilute nicely, for a washy-watercolor effect. Used straight from the bottle to produce brilliant, strong colors where needed. Good mixing ability. My older students enjoy the challenge of working with ink; it's kept them interested in long-term projects. All in all, good quality and performance at reasonable price. Highly recommend for crafters, illustrators and artisans of all types.
Rated by: Mathew L. in Tucson, AZ
I have not actually used the white ink yet, and it may/may not be what I need. But I have to say I am pleased that MisterArt.com had the product available, as it is hard to find, and that their service was competent in dealing with problems arising out of ordering by mail.
Rated by: Shauna S. in Queens, NY
Adds a beautiful finish to all my mixed media pieces. A very "full bodied" ink that is versatile enough to write and to truly design with.
Rated by: Pat A. in Springfield, IL
Winsor & Newton inks are a high quality transparent ink that I use for pen and ink drawings. They hold their true color for long periods and have really pleasing warm earthtones to them.
Rated by: Billie G. in Lexington, SC
The gold and silver inks were exactly what I was looking for. I needed to add some metallic highlights, and metallic paints were much too "dull" for my purposes. It seemed impossible to find the silver ink locally, and the gold was only available in multi packs with other colors that I did not need. I was very happy to be able to find this at Mister Art, at such a reasonable price.
Rated by: Lauren I. in Orange County, CA
I like the ability to be able to do ink washes and still have it be permanent...with most inks, I can only get one or the other. And the bottle doesn't tip over, which REALLY helps.
Rated by: Les T. in Piedmont, CA
W & N's drawing ink is the best on the market. It has a solid opaque finish with a beautiful sheen thanks to the lacquer they supposedly put in the ink. You'll find the over-rated Black Magic ink where ever you go, but it's near impossible to find W & N's drawing ink anywhere, online or off. Black Magic may have been a strong effective india ink at one time, but it's been causing me nothing but trouble lately and I've heard the same complaint from other professional artists. W & N's ink is superior all around and I thank MisterArt.com for providing it.
Rated by: Cathy H. in Indianapolis, IN
I love these inks--when my local store stopped carrying this line, I ordered them from MisterArt.com instead of switching to another brand. The colors are deep and vibrant, but have a nice translucence to them. I use them both for drawing (dip pen) and for washes over acrylic colors on sculpted figurines. Couldn't live without Nut Brown... Also, the bottles are nearly impossible to tip over, and they don't have an annoying dropper-style lid--those are no good for using brushes or pens, because then you have to find a place to set the dropper where it won't get ink all over everything while you use the bottle. This is a great product!

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