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With excellent lightfastness and color opacity, Studio Soft Pastels provide smooth color laydown and have great blending characteristics. These sets of half length Studio Soft Pastels are a great value for both students and aspiring artists.

Colors in the set of 24 include: white, cadmium yellow lemon, cadmium yellow, orange glaze, light purple pink, alizarin crimson, magenta, violet, blue violet, ultramarine, cobalt blue, helio turquoise, dark phthalo green, viridian, permanent green, gold green, burnt umber, sanguine, light yellow ochre, cream, cinnamon, cool Grey II, cool Grey VI, and black.

Colors in the set of 72 include:white, cream, ivory, light yellow, light cadmium yellow, cadmium yellow, dark cadmium yellow, dark chrome yellow, cadmium orange, leaf green, orange glaze, dark cadmium orange, light magenta, ultramarine, fuchsia, rose carmine, middle purple pink, permanent carmine, pink carmine, light purple pink, pink madder lake, dark flesh, medium flesh, magenta, light flesh, purple violet, violet, blue violet, delft blue, cobalt blue, sky blue, middle phthalo blue, cobalt turquoise, light cobalt turquoise, helio turquoise, cobalt green, hooker's green, juniper green, earth green yellowish, caput mortuum, May green, light green, earth green, olive green yellowish, Van Dyke brown, nougat, brown ochre, light yellow ochre, dark Naples ochre, Naples yellow, burnt ochre, sanguine, cinnamon, burnt carmine, black, cadmium yellow lemon, alizarin crimson, cold grey I, cold grey III, cold grey VI, cold grey IV, cold grey VI, indanthrene blue, rose fluorescent, pink fluorescent, orange fluorescent, and dark phthalo.

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