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Rembrandt Pastels are made from the best quality, finely ground pure pigments in an extra-fine Kaolin clay binder. The result is a velvety smooth softness in every color. Each rich color is thoroughly blended and uniform, end to end. Contain no hard bits or sharp edges which could cause shiny spots or scratches during application. Rembrandt Pastels are hand-checked throughout production to ensure artists the consistency in texture, color and working qualities that they've come to depend on.

Each round full-sized stick has a transparent label imprinted with color name and number, number suffix indicating whether it is a pure tone (.5), a shade (.3), or a tint (.7, .8, .9), and lightfastness rating. Light fastness is especially important when using pastels, since they're practically pure pigment and very susceptible to light. About 70% of the Rembrandt Pastel line has the highest possible degree of lightfastness.

Rembrandt Pastel Sets come in cardboard boxed sets with molded protective foam inserts.

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