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Derwent Graphitint Pencils combine a subtle hint of color with the soft gray tones of graphite, providing a totally unique drawing effect. These pencils provide a smooth, rich color lay down, and blended together to produce a nearly endless array of deep, expressive hues.

Graphitint pencils are water-soluble. When dry, they offer the merest suggestion of color. When water is added, their color becomes more vibrant. Their color can also be lightened or lifted with a soft eraser or wet brush.

The set of 12 pencils contains port, dark indigo, aubergine, slate green, chestnut, ivy, cool brown, cocoa, storm, midnight black, cloud grey, and cool grey.

The set of 24 pencils includes port, juniper, aubergine, dark indigo, shadow, steel blue, ocean blue, slate green, green grey, meadow, ivy, sage, chestnut, russet, cool brown, cocoa, autumn brown, storm, warm grey, midnight black, mountain grey, cloud grey, cool grey, and white.

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