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Richard and Thomas Rowney opened a wig powder and perfume shop in central London in 1783. When wearing wigs was no longer fashionable, the Rowneys began producing artists’ colours. They became successful, supplying famous artists such as John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner. Turner became a family friend, later appointing the Rowneys as his official lithographers.

In 1963, Rowney became the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce artists’ acrylic colour. These new Cryla acrylics were widely used in the United Kingdom during the 60s, and were even used by Peter Blake and Bridget Riley.

The Daler Board Company was created in 1945 by Terry Daler. During World War II, towns in England had painted out all their signs so invading Germans would not know where they were. Daler Board, initially a sign painting company, flourished after the war. Canvas was difficult to obtain as a result of wartime shortages. The company then created Daler Board, a canvas substitute made of board and primer.

Daler continued to develop a wide range of artist’s products, and introduced Dalon in 1975, the first synthetic paintbrush. In 1983 the Daler Board Company bought Rowney, and the company became one of the leaders in the artist’s materials market. Daler-Rowney today has three manufacturing sites, and currently exports to over 90 countries worldwide. Despite its current success, Daler-Rowney continues to maintain and build upon its strong reputation.  [ visit manufacturer website ]

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Aquafine Box Sets

by Daler-Rowney

Up to 30% Off

Art Masking Fluid

by Daler-Rowney

From $7.69

Complete Art Set

by Daler-Rowney

Up to 50% Off

Up to 35% Off

FW Artists' Ink

by Daler-Rowney

From $5.09

FW Artists' Ink Sets

by Daler-Rowney

Up to 40% Off

From $4.59

Georgian Oil Colours

by Daler-Rowney

Up to 47% Off

Up to 40% Off

Graduate Acrylic Paint

by Daler-Rowney

From $2.69

Gum Arabic Solution

by Daler-Rowney

From $7.59

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