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The hardboard core of this Mixed Media Canvas Board means that it does not bend or warp at all, it takes layers of wet media and holds flat. This means I can lean my small pieces on a shelf without framing. In addition to the rigid core and the heavy, substantial feeling of this quality product, I really appreciate the fine weave of the surface that is much more like linen than canvas. The linen weave does not show up in photographs as well, unlike cheaper canvases. This very fine weave linen-like surface takes both thin and very thick mixed media like a champ, everything looks BETTER and BRIGHTER on this surface compared to cheap canvas panels. Upgrade today, you won't regret it!
- Elizabeth St. Hilaire in Sacramento, CA
I LOVE using canvas, so I am very excited about a surface I can really play with! I did some initial tests and it's very interesting the way watercolors are released with a damp brush on this surface. I feel there's more to discover with these!
- Michael D. in Atlanta, GA
Order this Plywood item#28249 after attempting to find it locally. Most locally was warped or not in the size I needed, and to costly for what wanted. When I found this item on to web site I order it base on your price and consumer rating. Shipping was good and the plywood meet my needs for the mini chop project saw I was building. Thank you , and I will be using you again.
- John R Stephenson in Sacramento NM 88347
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