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The Katz family began their business, Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc., out of their garage about 30 years ago. The name was inspired by some interesting and well-loved characters in the lives of the Katz family. By a strange set of circumstances, Michael Katz’s father had received Gibbon apes, and a Spider monkey as a gift. Sometimes these mischievous creatures would escape. Every time that happened, a kind neighbor down the street by the name of Rupert would catch the primates in his have-a-heart traps. As the Katz family discussed what to name their new business around the kitchen table, they chose Rupert, Gibbon, & Spider, to reflect the presence these unique characters had in their lives.

Originally they began as a distributor for Deka products. In the late 1980’s, the company began to start manufacturing their own art supplies under the brand name Jacquard Products. Michael Katz was inspired by the recent silk painting trend, and introduced Red Label Silk Color dyes as the first Jacquard product.

The company now manufactures almost 20 color lines. Jacquard produces an assortment of textile art chemicals, tools, transfer paper, inkjet fabric sheets, and waxes, as well as art supplies. Sold in arts and crafts stores around the world, Jacquard Products has grown in a well-respected, international brand, all beginning from that small garage at the Katz residence.  [ visit manufacturer website ]

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Airbrush Color

by Jacquard

From $5.79

Up to 30% Off


by Jacquard

From $6.45

Basic Dye Set

by Jacquard

From $28.79

Batik Wax

by Jacquard

Up to 30% Off

Up to 42% Off


by Jacquard

From $23.99

From $3.55

Cyanotype Fabric

by Jacquard

From $20.29

Cyanotype Set

by Jacquard

From $10.39

Damar Resin

by Jacquard

From $9.08

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