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The C. Howard Hunt Pen Company was founded in 1899 by Howard Hunt. The widely used BOSTON pencil sharpener found in almost every schoolroom was made at this small company.

Mr. George E. Bartol, a Philadelphia grain and commodities exporter, was one of the first 28 shareholders. In 1903, Mr. Bartol was elected president of Hunt Pen. Ross F. George of Seattle, a sign letterer, invented a tipped pen that could make both broad and thin lines, and he called it a Speedball Pen. The Hunt Pen company purchased Mr. George’s idea, and soon manufactured these pens in six sizes. Later on, these famous Speedball pens became the company’s namesake.

By 1925, the Howard Hunt Company was making almost 45,000 pens a day from rolled steel sheets. In 1936, Hunt was America’s first large manufacturer of inexpensive linoleum block printing accessories.

Hunt Manufacturing understands the value of well-crafted tools. The company has a deep appreciation for the people who make these pens and inks. A particular source of pride for the company is their annual award of scholarships to children of employees, a practice which began in 1956 with the establishment of the Hunt Foundation.  [ visit manufacturer website ]

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