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The history of Strathmore Paper Company began on St. Patrick's Day in 1892 when its founder, Horace Moses, opened the Mittineague paper mill in West Springfield, MA. Soon after opening the first mill, Mr. Moses visited the Valley of Strathmore in Scotland. The thistle was in full bloom and the beauty of the site impressed Horace Moses so much that he started using the name and the thistle as a symbol of high quality art and printing papers. The Strathmore brand quickly became known as one of the highest quality art papers used by many leading artists around the world. Strathmore has kept this reputation as a supplier of fine art paper for over a century.

Today, Strathmore continues to provide artists of all levels with the ideal surface for producing beautiful works of art. The symbol of the thistle may have taken on a different appearance throughout the years, but the quality of Strathmore Artist Papers has remained second to none. The choice of papers is one of the most important decisions an artist makes in determining the outcome of their work. Whether your choice of medium is watercolor, charcoal, pastel, pencil or pen and ink you can be confident that Strathmore will enhance your artistic efforts!  [ visit manufacturer website ]

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Announcement Card

by Strathmore

From $4.49

Artist Tiles

by Strathmore

From $3.79

From $1.79

From $3.59

Creative Cards

by Strathmore

From $4.39

Gray Scale Pad

by Strathmore

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Up to 50% Off

From $3.49

From $5.19

From $4.49

Paper Palette Pad

by Strathmore

From $4.89

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