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Golden OPEN Acrylics feature a slow-drying formula, and a softer consistency than Golden Heavy Body paints. The slow drying time allows acrylic painters to use more traditional painting techniques than are normally used in oil painting. Natural fiber brushes can even be used with this paint, due to its special characteristics. This paint can also be used for plein air painting, monoprinting, and screen printing.

OPEN Acrylics dry faster the thinner the application. Thin layers will become tacky, allowing additional layers to be applied. Thicker applications of paint can be worked for several hours, and paint over 1/16 inches thick will dry extremely slowly. These paints will also dry more slowly if painted on sealed or non-porous surfaces. OPEN Acrylics can be blended with both other Golden Acrylics and Gel Mediums when a faster drying time is desired. OPEN Acrylics will also dry faster when painting on absorbent surfaces.

If covering your palette, or using a sealed container palette, these OPEN Acrylics will be usable for up to a few weeks! It cuts back on wasted paint, and preserves color mixtures for subsequent sessions. OPEN Acrylics are available in a variety of sizes. Note: It is not recommended to use a faster drying product or layer over a wet slower-drying layer. It can cause film irregularities.

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