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Antique Bronze
Antique Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Apple Green
Aztec Gold
Blue Russet
Bright Yellow
Brilliant Gold
Carbon Black
Dark Brown
Duo Red-Blue
Flamingo Pink
Grey Lavender
Interference Blue
Interference Gold
Interference Green
Interference Red
Interference Violet
Misty Lavender
Pearl White
Pink Gold
Pumpkin Orange
Red Russet
Reflex Violet
Salmon Pink
Sapphire Blue
Shimmer Violet
Sky Blue
Solar Gold
Sparkle Gold
Spring Green
Sunset Gold
Super Copper
Super Russet
True Blue
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  • 2.25 oz.


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Non-toxic, powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colorfastness and stability. They are ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications, and can be incorporated into nearly every art process. Pearl Ex pigments can be mixed into any viscous medium including all paints, varnish, airbrush paints, polymer clay, etc. They can also be applied dry to wood, ceramics, paper, wax, or any porous surface. Neutral pH makes these excellent for stamping or embossing. Temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees.

Use Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments to simulate metallic sheens, shimmering pearlescents, leather, antique metal, raku pottery, hammered copper, and more.

Colors are available individually or in sets.

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Product Questions and Answers

Can this be used on drywall?

- Asked by john landrum bryant on 30-Mar-14

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments may be used on wood or any porous surface. Be sure to mix the pigment with a medium suitable for drywall.

- Answered by MisterArt on 02-Apr-14

What is the difference between Macropearl and Micropearl?

- Asked by kathy on 17-Dec-13

The difference is the particle sizes. Micropearl gives a fine pearly luster while Macropearl gives a highly metallic sheen.

- Answered by MisterArt on 17-Dec-13

Can Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments be also used with resins?

- Asked by Ray S on 13-Nov-13

Pigments can be used with any type of binder, even the pearlized ones.

- Answered by MisterArt on 14-Nov-13

Can I use this product to re-color ceramic that is already finished (i.e. baked)?

- Asked by Colleen Lipp on 14-Jun-13

It is pigment. If it is mixed with the proper medium, it can be used for anything.

- Answered by MisterArt on 17-Jun-13

What medium can I use with this?

- Asked by carole l. on 13-Apr-13

You can mix Pearl Ex with any clear medium over any surface. For example, you can mix Pearl Ex with a varnish, acrylic or solvent-based, as a coating over clay, wood, or paper. Jacquard recommends using the Jacquard Gum Arabic Medium with Pearl Ex Powders and add water for a watercolor paint effect. Mix Pearl Ex with the Jacquard Textile Colors Colorless Extender for use on fabrics.

- Answered by MisterArt on 16-Apr-13

I am new to this product and would like to use it in conjunction with my oil painting. What would be the best medium to blend this product with?

- Asked by Laura R on 06-Apr-13

Pearl Ex pigments can be mixed into any viscous medium including all paints, varnish, airbrush paints, polymer clay, etc. This will work with oil paints.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Apr-13

Can I mix the minerals to make new colors?

- Asked by Laura R on 06-Apr-13

The powders are intermixable.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Apr-13

Is there a reason you don't have a true red and some other colors and how do you recommend attaining these colors?

- Asked by Laura R on 06-Apr-13

Jacquard does not make these powders in standard primary colors. You can go onto the Jacquard website for a color mixing guide at:

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Apr-13

Do you recommend sealing or varnishing, or lacquering on top of this product?

- Asked by Laura R on 06-Apr-13

A sealer is always recommended as extra protection for your painting.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Apr-13

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Beth S in The Great State of TN
I paint concrete leaves with a black liquid acrylic and then use the Pearl Ex Pigments to paint them. I just love this paint. try it you will be addicted. I am!
Rated by: Eva K in WI
Love Pearl Ex powders! They give a special sparkle to whatever project you're working on; embossing stamped metal, mixing with polymer clay, use mixed with paint, Modpodge, glue. Haven't tried it with resin yet.
Rated by: Carol R in Pahrump, Nv
I am a polymer artist for over 25 years and I use Pearl Ex Powers for adding color to my jewelry designs and I watercolor paint and add them to my paint too. Great stuff and it lasts a long time. You will enjoy it.
Rated by: Kelley in Florida
Wonderful! I have had no problem using these products. And what a large supply! Mr Art's prices can't be beat and the shipping is very fast!
Rated by: Mary A. C. in Weed, CA
Great creamy powder with vibrant color. I use it as a painting medium as well as a colorant for clays. Cleans off of work surfaces well with rubbing alcohol. Will definitely buy this product again and again.
Rated by: Beth S. in Page, NE
Amazing product! It has transformed my clay making!
Rated by: Liz K. in Los Angeles, CA
I was looking for some new colors for my oil paintings and saw these. I wanted something new and nontoxic, and these powders contain no metal chips. Unfortunately, I could not find much info about how they worked with oils, but I was pleasantly surprised. You can mix with another oil color and have a brand new "shimmery" paint color, or you can mix with a transparent blender, liquin or even safflower, linseed oil and apply as a glaze to give a color highlights. This product has given me a whole new set of oil colors. .. Great product, lots of fun and best of all, nontoxic.
Rated by: Connie B. in Arlington, TX
"powdered paint in a bottle"..this is a great product with so many uses. Can be combined with virtually anything. I smooth onto clay for a "faux" metal look (make sure to seal w/varnish),add to a glue line, mix with embossing powders for a great effect. A most versatile product with a great many colors. Mix with gum arabic & water and paint with them, add to glitters, faux finishing never was so easy... stamp w/ it, backgrounds & watercolor never looked so imagination is running wild...get the booklet if your new to using it...great tips for beginners.
Rated by: Carrie R. in Atlanta, GA
I have tried others, but nothing gives the same rich effect that this product does, and I will not finish a work until I get this product into my studio to finish it!! A++++++
Rated by: gloria g. in Kettle Falls, WA
I love these pigments. Very beautiful colors. Very fine. They mix well with the cold wax, and hot wax medium. I use encaustic medium in my paintings and these are the best. I love the color range, and I give these pigments very high marks!
Rated by: Heather K. in Brooklyn, NY
I love working with these pigments; amazing colors, wonderful in so many applications!
Rated by: Cindy L. in Folsom, CA
I use these powders to teach a faux raku class. I wouldn't use any other and Mister Art has great prices and fast shipping. I will refer my students here.
Rated by: Janice P. in Colorado Springs, CO
This is the first time I've used these pearl pigments and find them to be of exceptionally fine quality. These powders mix easily with acrylic mediums and add a subtle touch of elegance.
Rated by: Janice P. in Colorado Springs, CO
This is the first time I've used these pearl pigments and find them to be of exceptionally fine quality. These powders mix easily with acrylic mediums and add a subtle tough of elegance.
Rated by: Teri T. in Altamonte Springs, FL
I purchase some of these almost everytime I'm on MrArt site; smooth consistency; consistent quality and content; love to mix small amt in spray bottle w/ liquid hairspray & lightly mist cardstock or paper!! Also great w/ the thickening medium sold by Mr Art as well. FANTASTIC, colors stay true & set well.
Rated by: Dawn M. in Falls Church, VA
I am so glad I decided to try the pearl ex powders. They work with all the different mediums I play with-polymer clay, resin, decoupage. My favorite thing about the powders is that their colors are SO vibrant and there are so many to choose from!
Rated by: Belinda S. in Aurora, IL
I love Pearl Ex. I can put it in paint for a great glossy color. I especially love the mink color with Microglaze. It adds a wonderful sheen to my finished artwork. I also love to use bronze, silver, and gold since I work with a lot of metals.
Rated by: Maria E. in Chicago, IL
I love these pigments, I use them with gloss and the colors are fantastic. It gives the appearence of depth.
Rated by: Teri T. in Altamonte Springs, FL
VERSATILE PRODUCT!! Mix w/ texture pastes,acrylics,hot glue for embellishments, awesome colors, very smooth and beautiful coverage everytime!
Rated by: Victoria B. in Wichita, KS
These are what gives your art that Pow! They are wonderful metalic powders. Nice and shiny. Add them to all your artwork! A must for any artist!
Rated by: Maureen S. in Tucson, AZ
I love the effect that Pearl Ex creates. I have used on marblizing projects as well as with Sculpey. Loved it so much I bought about 8 different tints!
Rated by: Madell R. in Endwell, NY
I really liked the bright colors.
Rated by: Diane L. in East Palestine, OH
I love the bright colors and the many different ways they can be used. They add a whole new dimention to my projects
Rated by: Eschwan W. in San Miguel de Allende, MX, OR
These powered pigments create magic when I add then to the hot encaustic paints and then move then with the hot air gun.
Rated by: Sharon R. in Brighton, AL
these are fantastic, the colours are exquisite. You can use them for so many things too!
Rated by: Debi K. in Palestine, TX
Pearl-ex Is highly superior to other similiar products. Great coverage! Beautiful results. I am very please with my purchases from and will buy more products in the future.
Rated by: Hans v. in Provincetown, MA
I can add a bit of sparkle here, some shimmer there...depending on what I"m working on. It's a great way of adding texture and dimension to your artwork. Use a waterbased gloss varnish/medium or a waterbased satin varnish.
Rated by: Christine M. in Murrieta, CA
I bought the 32 set of pearl ex and to say the least was not disapointed in doing so. The prices at are much lower then many places on line as well with in my community. these powders can be used with milti cfarts and projects.
Rated by: Joanne N. in Gladys, VA
BEAUTIFUL! Using with paints, glazes, they are incredible!
Rated by: lauren c. in moorestown, NJ
wonderful, creamy powder with excellent coverage...a great product
Rated by: Kathryn S. in Woodstock, IL
Pearl EX powders do fantastic things for glass beads. The color effects are very beautiful.We are now experimenting with using them on clay peices. I searched many online sites before finding them on, and the selection blew me away. The prices couldn't be beat either. Great product!
Rated by: LouJean F. in Hubbard, OR
I use Pearl Ex straight from the jar applied to polymer clay before baking. It makes great effects. Some colors must be sealed or they can rub off after baking. A matte sealer is best for preserving color integrity of the Pearl Ex.
Rated by: Melissa R L. in San Antonio, TX
These are absolutely FANTASTIC and after spending an entire day checking prices on the net had THE BEST!!!!!!
Rated by: Janette K i. in Las Vegas, NV
THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Everything people tell you is true! AWESOME PRODUCT!
Rated by: Sue K. in Indianapolis, IN
I have used irridescent powders for years and just recently heard about these from a friend. I tried them and they are far better than the others I was using. I use them mixed with oil paints to give certain feathers irridescent looks in my painting of birds. They really give them a great look. Other powders oxidize over time, these do not.
Rated by: jeanne s. in Oxford, NJ
I have always used bronze metallic powders and was skeptical about using the Pearl X powders. i was truly surprised that they worked so well. The Ronan Japan Gold Size that I use with the powders was super.
Rated by: Mildred M. in Kingston Springs, TN
Who doesn't love Pearl EX???? No one I know...And I know a lot of artists and read a lot of art magazines! Here is one product that lives up to its promises! I don't believe one could rate Pearl Ex too highly.

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