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Arches Text Wove is a mould made, white 100 percent cotton paper that is acid free and buffered. It has a pronounced grain, four deckle edges and a registered watermark. Excellent for all printmaking techniques. Arches papers manufactured for printmaking offer conservation quality, symbolized by the sign of infinity in the watermark of each. High quality Arches printmaking papers offer both beauty and preservation to all those who depend upon paper to endure. Arches printmaking papers are well suited to lithography, line engraving, and silkscreen. Since these papers are lightly sized, they are very absorbent. When used in offset printing, it is necessary to wash the blankets frequently. Arches papers are distinguished by their handmade deckle edges. Because of them, sheet sizes may vary by as much as 5 mm, or 0.01 in. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee that each sheet is identical to the next, only to guarantee that each sheet is uniquely and beautifully Arches.

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